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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crescent superintendent was lied to by Murdoch

I sent the following email to Joanne Hanley, superintendent of the Flight 93 memorial:

Joanne Hanley, told reporters that there is no connection between the Crescent of Embrace and the Islamic crescent:
"Crescent of Embrace" is the name of the design, not the memorial, and can be changed, she said.

"The name is irrelevant, really," she said. "There's a lot of misinformation out there and conjecture and hidden meaning that just isn't there."
She is mistaken. The hidden meaning IS there, and several bloggers have proved it.

The site plan admits of two different methods for determining the orientation of the crescent. One is to take the furthest extents of the red maples as the tips of the crescent. The other is to assume that copse of trees in the mouth of the crescent is intended to represent the star that appears on the typical Islamic flag, directly at the mid point of the crescent. Both methods yield the exact same mid-line. This mid-line lies on precisely the qibla for the memorial's location. (The quibla is the line facing Mecca, along which Muslims say their prayers.)

The blogger Voice of Reason, over at the web-site Politicalities, has calculated that the orientation of the Crescent of Embrace falls within one degree of its qibla. This fact, together with the fact that the copse of trees is in the exact position of an Islamic star vis a vis the crescent, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Murdoch, or one of his employees, intentionally created the structure as an Islamic symbol. Very likely the conspirator is a Jihadist sympathizer, trying to secure a Jihadist coup, duping the Park Foundation into erecting a monument to the hijackers. In any event, Joanne Hanley has clearly been lied to, either by Murdoch or via Murdoch, and needs to investigate. You can find my post on this subject, with links to the relevant information, at www.errortheory.blogspot.com/2005/09/crescent-of-outward-embrace-jihad.html.

Sincerely, Alec Rawls

Hanley's contact information here.

After submitting my email on the Park Foundation's contact page, I was directed to a "page not found" message, so I don't know if Hanley's office got it or not. That prompted me to call Hanley's office, and the person I talked to gave me a few minutes. I think I convinced her that someone in the office needs to look into this, and I gave her this web address. Hopefully someone from the Park Foundation will study what has been uncovered.

UPDATE: I managed to get my graphic to upload. Below are SarahW's original graphic, and my modification of it.

Sarah overlaid the Crescent site plot with a graphic of the site's qibla line (which she got from an online qibla calculator). The qibla line starts at the center of the circle partly enclosed by the crescent and points towards Mecca. You can see that the qibla line roughly bisects the somewhat uneven crescent, going roughly through the center of the mouth.  Posted by Picasa

SarahW's graphic with my additions. The Mecca line is extended back through the mouth, where you can see that it goes through the copse of trees (above the 4). I also put lines from the copse to the ends of the red areas on the circle of the crescent (Voice of Reason's method for locating the crescent points, and thereby orienting the crescent). These two lines (from the copse to the upper crescent tip and from the copse to the lower crescent tip) are the same length. I used my paint program to copy the upper line, then rotate it and move it to become the lower line, without adjusting the length.

I would have preferred to flip the line instead of rotate it, to demonstrate that the angles from the copse lines to the qibla line are the same, but my paint program won't do flips. No matter. Anyone who really wants to be satisfied that the Crescent points directly away from Mecca (a crescent of outward Islamic embrace, as the highjacker's aggressive Jihad must be categorized), should do the calculations for themselves. Just print out your own qibla line, print out a blow-up of the Park Foundation's site plan PDF, and get out a ruler and a protractor. Verify the lines, the angles, the distances. I find that the qibla line is equdistant from the crescent tips and goes through the copse about 2/3rds of the way up. The Crescent of Embrace IS an Islamic flag, oriented on Mecca.  Posted by Picasa

Wretchard has also verified the Crescent's orientation on Mecca. His post has links to lots of calculational resources. Wretchard credits a poster at Free Republic for first noting the orientation towards Mecca.

Bad Hair passes on information from Zombie about how to contact Secretary of the Interior Gail Norton, who has the final say.

It's not even about the name. These people in PA and the NPS are being played for backwoods suckers. No way they try this on New Yorkers. Too many artists there would have figured out the design concept.
Good news. It looks like Murdoch is willing to alter the design because of all the critisism.

Yeah, we need to create a blogswarm on this one. I posted on this issue today on my site.
Has anyone sent this to a *ell-raiser at Fox? Several of them would help get this out to the public. (Excuse me if you find them offensive, but this time they could be on the same side)
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