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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confirmed: false flag racists at Sunnyvale Tea Party, 7-09

With our Democrat dominated media accusing Tea Partiers of shouting the N-word at two black Congressmen in D.C. on Saturday (shouts which cannot be heard on video of the scene), it is worth noting that a cadre of leftists were seen shouting racial slurs at a Sunnyvale CA Tea Party last summer.

I posted at the time about this cadre's "pretend false flag" operation, where they shouted things that cleverly identified themselves as false flaggers. That is, they were being honest about only pretending to be Tea Partiers, somewhat in the vein of the conservative Protest Warrior group:

Sunnyvale dirt-bagger, brandishing homosexual slurs at the crowd (never newsworthy).

But it turns out they went beyond this "honest" false flag operation, as reported in the comments of last summer's post:
I was at the San Jose Tea party and these two assholes were yelling deport all brown people at anyone that stopped in front of them, trying to alienate the mexican-americans driving by or in the crowd.
I can confirm the "deport all brown people" shouts. I wasn't in position at the time to see who it came from so I left it out of my post, but apparently it was the dirt-baggers in the photo above.

The Iranian fellow in front is named Karim Mansouri. The blonde fellow with him was calling himself Derek Andrew when I first encountered him and his cohorts outside the Marine recruiting station in Mountain View. Now he calls himself Derek Andrew Kalim (or Kalimi):

Derek was upset at what he claimed were my mis-characterizations, which is ironic in the light of what turns out to be his genuine false-flag operation. In retrospect, I was much too easy on the whole group.

If there was any racial slur shouted in Washington the other day, it was almost certainly a Derek Andrew type false-flag: one half of an implicit conspiracy between activists and the media to slander their political opposition. More likely there was no epithet at all, just a lie by Representatives Cleaver and Lewis that was amplified by our dishonest media. (The Hill's air-headed social-scene reporter, Christina Wilkie, added a spitting charge and called the inaudible N-words an "assault.")

Our Democrat Congressmen do not need the assistance of activists to conspire with the Christina Wilkies of the world in slandering conservatives, but they will gladly make use of whatever help they can get. Thus Tea Partiers should try to positively identify any false flaggers they come across. The more we document, the less they can lie.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crocodile tears from the parents of Jihad Jamie?

Ms. Paulin-Ramirez's interest in Islam "came out of left field," said her mother, Christine Holcomb-Mott, in an interview at her home Friday, wearing a blue sweatsuit with a silver cross around her neck.
How out of left field?
Mr. Mott, a convert to Islam himself, says he went to Denver to find his stepdaughter but couldn't track her down.
This woman is married to a Muslim, but neither she nor her husband can grok where in the world their murder-plotting daughter/step-daughter ever got exposed to this worrisome religion that subducts so many of its followers into terrorism.

Their disgust at daughter Jamie sounds sincere, but their blatant dishonesty about how she could have gotten interested in Islam suggests otherwise. It is possible, however, that The Wall Street Journal's paraphrase is not precise. If put on the spot, Holcomb-Mott would likely clarify that she has no idea how her daughter ever got interested in murder-cult Islam.

There is a way that this could actually happen: if Mr. Mott is some kind of multiculturalist do-gooder who converted to Islam in sympathy with the idea that "Islam was hijacked too" on 9/11. Such a person could have converted without comprehending the well established Islamic pedigree of violent aggressive jihad.

Don't scoff. This same "Islam is a victim too" sentiment is right now allowing a giant Mecca oriented crescent to be built on the Flight 93 crash site. After all, it would just be too horrible to reject the Crescent of Embrace memorial simply because it is in the shape of a giant Islamic crescent, not when Islam itself was amongst the victims on that terrible day. No, we must do the opposite and embrace Islam.

If Mott is thinking the same way, he has hardly gone any further than the Memorial Project. But then it seems that his step daughter took one step further still and actually read the Koran, with its endless commands to slaughter the unbelievers. Thus did an unhappy misfit finally find a home for the vicious vindictiveness that the religion of her birth had kept in check.

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