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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confirmed: false flag racists at Sunnyvale Tea Party, 7-09

With our Democrat dominated media accusing Tea Partiers of shouting the N-word at two black Congressmen in D.C. on Saturday (shouts which cannot be heard on video of the scene), it is worth noting that a cadre of leftists were seen shouting racial slurs at a Sunnyvale CA Tea Party last summer.

I posted at the time about this cadre's "pretend false flag" operation, where they shouted things that cleverly identified themselves as false flaggers. That is, they were being honest about only pretending to be Tea Partiers, somewhat in the vein of the conservative Protest Warrior group:

Sunnyvale dirt-bagger, brandishing homosexual slurs at the crowd (never newsworthy).

But it turns out they went beyond this "honest" false flag operation, as reported in the comments of last summer's post:
I was at the San Jose Tea party and these two assholes were yelling deport all brown people at anyone that stopped in front of them, trying to alienate the mexican-americans driving by or in the crowd.
I can confirm the "deport all brown people" shouts. I wasn't in position at the time to see who it came from so I left it out of my post, but apparently it was the dirt-baggers in the photo above.

The Iranian fellow in front is named Karim Mansouri. The blonde fellow with him was calling himself Derek Andrew when I first encountered him and his cohorts outside the Marine recruiting station in Mountain View. Now he calls himself Derek Andrew Kalim (or Kalimi):

Derek was upset at what he claimed were my mis-characterizations, which is ironic in the light of what turns out to be his genuine false-flag operation. In retrospect, I was much too easy on the whole group.

If there was any racial slur shouted in Washington the other day, it was almost certainly a Derek Andrew type false-flag: one half of an implicit conspiracy between activists and the media to slander their political opposition. More likely there was no epithet at all, just a lie by Representatives Cleaver and Lewis that was amplified by our dishonest media. (The Hill's air-headed social-scene reporter, Christina Wilkie, added a spitting charge and called the inaudible N-words an "assault.")

Our Democrat Congressmen do not need the assistance of activists to conspire with the Christina Wilkies of the world in slandering conservatives, but they will gladly make use of whatever help they can get. Thus Tea Partiers should try to positively identify any false flaggers they come across. The more we document, the less they can lie.

I can confirm the "deport all brown people" shouts. I wasn't in position at the time to see who it came from so I left it out of my post, but apparently it was the dirt-baggers in the photo above.
Man, for somebody who attempts to put a lot of emphasis on rationality, there is A LOT of assumption here. Maybe you should change the name of your blog from Error Theory to Non Sequitur. I am embarrassed for you, this crap wouldn't fly in a basic high school rhetoric class.

What is it you wish to deny Derek? I have credited how most of your gibes were "gotchas," luring unsuspecting Tea Partiers into reading your signs, only to be slapped in the face with insults or obvious leftism. I even gave you a pass for your “Commit genocide! Kill all the Palestinians!” slogan, figuring that was obvious enough to count as a self-revealing false flag.

Even this last is problematic, however, when the media is out looking for things that they can misreport as bigoted statements coming from Tea Partiers. We all know how bad it has gotten. Last night every 11 o'clock news show reported it as a threat when Tea Partiers prayed over a coffin that was used to symbolize the victims of Obamacare. The coffin was prayed over outside of Representative Carnahan's house, which was reported as the coffin being left for Carnahan. A flat lie, on every news station across the country.

If media people heard your "anti-Palestinian" remarks, they didn't need to quote you. They could just paraphrase you as making "anti-Palestinian" remarks. That wouldn't be on you, so I didn't accuse you of a genuine false flag for it, but the "deport all brown people," shouted at passing cars, clearly went too far. You ought to own up to it. You ought to apologize, and you ought to explain yourselves.

I understand that it was on a continuum with your self-revealing remarks, just not as self-revealing. You were being "edgy" and "pushing the envelope" and you pushed it into something slanderous that you ought to be embarrassed about.

Are we to trust that if your slurs were reported in the newspaper as coming from Tea Partiers, you would have corrected the record? Then prove it. I am reporting your remarks. Admit what you did, and if you don't agree that it was wrong, say why.
What would the headline read? "Brown man makes slanderous remarks against Brown people?"

To claim it was yelled to alienate Mexicans, is untrue, and an assumption, like most of this. It was shouted at a car of Pakistani kids that we know from college.

The fact is, the news paper would not have to quote Karim's comment to paint you guys as being racist.

Enough people were "self revealing" in those regards with the comments that were leveled on us.

What about the woman who held up her anti Islam sign in the window of a mini van full of young hijabi girls who were just trying to go to the mall? Is that not intimidation based on religion?

What about that man who yelled "terrorist" at Karim with the squirt gun that almost ruined the game boy of that little boy by your side?

And my ALL time favorite was the Scottish man that called Karim a sand nigger and tried to punch me--multiple times.

And, because of the multiple times I was called a "faggot" that day, the Barney Frank thing doesn't surprise me.

Not violent? not racist? We didn't complain once about it. We didn't go to the press. We didn't blog about it, because honestly I don't think it reflects the views of everybody there, but these actions definitely reflect the views of some. And to deny that, and blame conspiracies is dishonest.

If you want to bring racism into this discussion at least a shred of honesty, stop looking for scapegoats and get your own house in check.

You can come after us, but we've never denied anything, and been straightforward in everything we do. I have nothing to hide.
Derek: Thanks for being forthcoming. Your explanation for the "deport all brown people" comment sounds plausible (that you yelled it at a carload of your friends). I only heard it once, and the other source may just have been assuming you were shouting it at a lot of cars.

I remember the squirt-gun spray, but did not witness or do not recall any of the other incidents you mention. If you and Karim did meet with some vulgar opposition, surely you are aware of what you did to instigate it. Your sign was calling people teabaggers and waving hairy-ball drawings in their faces. My standard response to the teabagger epithet is to ask: "So you think it okay if I call you a buttfu@&er or a @0@%sucker?" If somebody called you a "faggot" in response to Karim's teabagging slur, that was not an escalation.

If you actually managed to rile someone into taking a poke at you, well, that response is indeed to be condemned, but you're out there calling a bunch of moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas @0@%suckers. When the older generation was young, that was a socially sanctioned automatic fight. Was the Scottish guy an old guy?

In general you've got to be a little careful about directing intimate insults towards one stranger after another. (Go try it in Oakland and see how your experience compares.)

As for the anti-Islam sign, I did not see any, but I can think of a few that would be perfectly legitimate, like: "Orthodox Islam is a murder cult." Simple true fact. Notwithstanding a few small sects like the Ahmadi, every major Islamic sect, Sunni and Shiite, demands the death penalty for apostasy and blasphemy and they all accept verse 9:29 of the Koran as a universal command: "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."


Exposing the extreme religious intimidation called for by orthodox Islam is not "intimidation based on religion." It is an exemplary practice of free speech, and no, there is no principled reason to hide it from passing hijabed children who are being brainwashed into this murder cult. That's what the hijab means: it means orthodoxy, which in Islam means being taught to approve, demand, and ultimately commit murder.

Not all Muslims are orthodox, and orthodox Islam has little claim to be "true" Islam. After all, the Koran insists many times that those who forget the law of Moses will burn in Hell forever and the law of Moses does not get more fundamental than the Sixth Commandment (thou shalt not murder).

Murder is defined as killing other than in self defense against violent attack, or conspiracy to violent attack. Killing apostates, who only want to be left alone, is an epitome of murder. So is killing blasphemers, who are challenging ideology, not committing or threatening violence. Similarly for waging jihad to force submission. Any true Islam would have to reject all of these Islamic orthodoxies.

Moral Muslims are those who are trying to reform Islam, to bring the orthodoxy in line with the Ten Commandments that it is supposed to uphold. If you are a moral Muslim (you haven't mentioned your religion), then maybe you have been figuring that out. Unfortunately, you don't seem like that kind of big-picture guy, like with your hypocritical objection to a supposed anti-Islam sign. You think it is okay to stick Karim's teabagger sign in the faces of ordinary folks, but criticism of Islam is beyond the pale. That is not America. That is sharia law.

Next time, why don't you put down your sign for a bit and walk around incognito, so you can see what everyone else in attendance sees: a crowd of polite, friendly, Americans of all ages who are genuinely concerned about the imminent financial collapse of our great country. The idiot left is spending us into bankruptcy, pushed over the edge by their bid for affirmative action home ownership, and their answer to this ongoing catastrophe is the biggest expansion of government spending ever seen.

Kind of hard to see what people are really about when you and your friends aggressively alienate yourselves with those hostile signs. Well, your "Jesus hates poor people" sign was not hostile, just idiotic, as if wanting to keep government from destroying the economy is bad for poor people. Poor people don't need the economy? It is hard to even fathom the childishness of your views.

I suggest setting aside your ridiculous pretence of superior understanding. Nobody achieves real understanding without humility. Your sense of your own wisdom is grossly premature. Let your mind have a little freedom. You fixated too early on a pile of garbage, but you can still question those choices. You don't have to remain fixated on childish ideas.
Those are activists from an anti-American/ anti-democracy group called "South Bay mobilization". They are acting as "provacateurs"- a move straight out of Cointelpro. they do it all the time. they call it "street theatre". i call it fundemental dishonesty.
Alec: regardless of how some one feels about Islam, I still don't think it's right for grown adults to harass and scare children.

Anonymous: Neither me nor my friends have/had anything to do with any group called South Bay Mobilization. I think to make on founded claims shows a degree of... "fundemental (sic) dishonesty"
unfounded* great I point out your spelling error and make one of my own. FML. At least I caught it.
I have not found Derek to be at all dishonest. The reason to report on his provocative behavior is the lengths the press is going to right now to tell slanderous lies about the Tea Parties. Unscrupulous reporters (pretty much all of them) could paraphrase such incidents so as to tar the Parties, so we have to be alert to that, and make sure we document what is really happening.

Derek's innocent enough explanation for the "deport all brown people" shout makes me regret naming him and his friends here. I did not have to identify these folks in order to make my general point about the need to document anything that can be misrepresented.

As Derek says, he has nothing to hide, so hopefully that makes the exposure not too unpleasant on his end.
More provacateurs documented here

wow, good job anonymous. once again somebody managed to catch impostors who were neither assuming false identities nor being deceptive. y'know, the dictionary criteria for an impostor. i hope you feel as proud as those people in those pictures for figuring out... well... nothing.

<3 derek.
Interesting, I think you're doing an important initiative. It's all about rights! We can't ignore this issues, specially if we are democrats, as an Americans we need more initiatives like this one.
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