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Monday, June 15, 2015

De Blasio brings in NRA's Operation Exile to offset the massive damage he has done to NYC law enforcement

CBS New York headline:

"ATF To Join NYPD In Fighting New York City Gun Crimes"

Getting Democratic presidents to enforce existing federal gun laws has always been near impossible. Bill Clinton fiercely resisted the NRA-promoted "Operation Exile," which calls for systematic enforcement of the federal mandatory-minimum 5-year sentence for felons who are caught in possession of firearms, or use firearms in the commission of other crimes.

Everywhere Operation Exile was employed it led to immediate and drastic reductions in violent crime, which is precisely why Democrats refused to enforce it. Operation Exile proved that the way to stop crime is to disarm the criminals, not the law abiding citizens, exposing the Democrats' wish-list of gun-control policies, all of which focus on disarming law abiding citizens, as both unnecessary and wrong.

So what changed in NYC? Mayor de Blasio has so undermined his own police department that crime is skyrocketing. To limit the political damage he has prevailed upon the feds to bring in the one enforcement strategy that everyone has known for 25 years will radically reduce crime almost overnight.

So there is a small silver lining to de Blasio's monstrous immorality. He has done so much damage to NY that he is forced to resort to at least one rational policy to keep himself from being impeached. Still not right as often as a broken clock, but at least it's something.

He isn't calling it Operation Exile. That would give too much credit to the NRA, but de Blasio's turn to the NRA's longstanding call to enforce existing federal laws shows that the left has known all along that the way to reduce crime is to go after convicts who possess guns and crimes committed with guns, which proves that their longstanding opposition to the enforcement of these laws is because they need dead bodies that they can use to try to demagogue citizens into turning against their own gun rights.

Fast and Furious was also about creating gun crimes that Democrats could use to demagogue against gun rights

I wrote about Fast and Furious a couple of years ago, and yes there is proof that the plan was to use the crimes committed my Mexican criminals using Fast and Furious guns to attack the gun shops that the ATF had enlisted to make the otherwise-illegal gun sales. The proof is that, before the Fast and Furious lid was blown off by the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, the ATF had already used their information about crimes committed with Fast and Furious guns to attack a number of the ATF-allied gun shops.

ATF leaked the data to the Washington Post, which then ran a long piece blaming Mexico's high level of gun crime on the supposed easy availability of guns in the United States (as if Mexican drug gangs are really buying their guns over the counter from highly regulated and very expensive U.S. gun shops when they can buy them wholesale from the Eastern European black market gun runners they are are already connected to via the drug trade).

In sum  Obama ordered the systematic violation of American gun laws in order to create a body count in Mexico that he could use to attack the constitutionally protected gun rights of his fellow citizens here at home. Richard Nixon's crimes were minuscule in comparison.

We now have full blown Fascism in NYC thanks to that idiot Werner Wilhelm, AKA DeBlasio the Fool.
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