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Monday, October 06, 2014

CDC Director Tom Friedan is a dishonest political hack

My "how to stop Ebola" post is about how to keep possible carriers from fleeing hot zones but the Obama administration is a million miles from even beginning to address such basic issues. Instead, Obama's CDC Director Tom Friedan is in full demagogue mode, pretending that a ban on travel from the Ebola hot-zone countries would block aid workers from traveling to those countries, as if it isn't in the administration's power to set up whatever restrictions, with whatever exemptions, are seen to make the most sense:
The approach of isolating a country is that it’s going to make it harder to get help into that country.
He is effectively declaring that any travel restrictions the Obama administration implements will be intentionally obstructionist so that they will have an excuse for not imposing any travel restrictions. Even the headline of the linked Puffington Host report contains the answer to the supposed problem with a travel ban:
Travel Ban From Ebola-Hit Countries Would Be 'Quick, Simple And Wrong,' CDC Director Says
A ban only on travel from Ebola-hit countries is outside the grasp of our CDC director, but obvious to a random Huff-Po headline writer.  Yeah, it's not really beyond Friedan's grasp. He's just a political hack intentionally blowing smoke.

Another infectious disease expert, Phenelle Segal, rides easily over Friedan's proclaimed stumbling block:
“I think as soon as we started seeing West Africa go out of control with Ebola, that was the time” to halt air travel from the region, said Segal, who supports exceptions for relief workers and aid missions.
Friedan is obviously aware of the possibility of exemptions for aid workers too. He's just a typical Obamaton, lying about anything at the slightest perceived rationale. It's what they do.

Establishing appropriate restrictions with appropriate exemptions would take some doing but that is the only hurdle: Friedan would have to actually do his job and implement appropriate rules. Of course such rules would impose some costs which, like all the other costs of mounting an effective medical response, would have to be met by the governments and NGOs that are seeking to mount an effective response. In particular, airlines will have to charge more if they are not allowed to take passengers back out of the hot-zone countries and if they are required to provide isolation for their crew members when they are on the ground in-country, but again, those costs only block aid if Friedan doesn't do his job.

As Director of the CDC he is supposed to design and implement our medical response to the health threat. Just as a matter of already-existing contingency planning he should have quarantine plans on the shelf that include all necessary exemptions, yet here he is making blatantly phony assertion that he can't impose a ban on travel from Ebola hot zones without blocking the flow of aid to Ebola hot zones.

Friedan also pretends that the Dallas contact-tracking example is confidence inspiring

The Duncan case demonstrates clearly the extreme outlay of highly competent manpower that is required to contain even one of the easiest  to contain cases, but instead of using this as an example of how easy it would be for containment to get away from us Friedan spins it as reason not to worry:
[W]e have no doubt that we will stop [Ebola] in its tracks in Texas. It's worth stepping back and saying how Ebola spreads. Ebola only spreads by direct contact with someone who's sick or with their body fluids. So the core of control is identifying everyone who might have had contact with them and making sure they're monitored for 21 days and if they develop symptoms to immediately isolate them to break the chain of transmission. ... [T]he work of the state and local departments with CDC assistance has been terrific. They have been able to assess all 114 individuals who might possibly have had contact. They were able to rule out that 66 did not have contact. They identified ten who appeared to have had contact with the individual when he might possibly have been infectious. Of those ten, seven are health care workers and three are family or community contacts. In addition, there are about 38 other people in whom we could not rule out that they had contact. So all of those 48 people will be tracked for 21 days to determine whether they have fever and if any developed fever, they will be immediately isolated, tested and if they have Ebola, given appropriate care and determine whether there were any additional contacts to their case. That's how we have stopped every outbreak in Ebola in the world until this one in West Africa. That's how we stopped it in Lagos, Nigeria and how we will stop it in Texas.
And what if just one infected contact slips through, say a drug user who vomits up a crack house, and Ebola starts passing from crack house to crack house? Enough with the idiotic "hope." The dire "changes" that are immediately possible need to be war-gamed and effective responses readied.

The first layer of protection is the border, which Obama has been working systematically to bring down. Now Friedan is lying that we can't restrict people from coming in without blocking them from going out.

Democrat lying is a fundamentally ingrained cognitive style

These a$$holes are going to get a lot of us killed. In Barack Hussein Obama's case that is very likely his intention, having been taught by his mentor the "ex-Muslim" Jeremiah Wright that Muslims living in infidel countries are supposed to lie about their religion, and for Muslims who follow this instruction, we know what kind of Muslims they are: they are followers of orthodox Islam, the religion that attacked us on 9/11, the religion of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS and Khomeini too (Sunni and Shiite are the same on this).

But what is Friedan's motivation? I think it is just the habitual dishonesty of Democrat half of our political spectrum, the same habitual dishonesty that has allowed them for seven years to cover up Obama's mature racism (again under the tutelage of the out-and-proud anti-white racist Jeremiah Wright), along with his history as a paid professional Alinsky communist, to say nothing of his strongly evidenced Islamofascism.

Democrats control all of our information industries and they use that control constantly, habitually, and without exception, to advance Democratic party talking points. Their objective is never to tell the truth, it is always to support their partisan narratives, and anyone who lives within that Democrat-controlled information bubble comes to operate in the same backwards-thinking way, starting with preferred conclusions. It is a cognitive style.

This is what the term RINO refers to: Republicans who get their information from the Democrat-controlled media and are not even aware that there is a whole different alternate media available that doesn't edit information in support of an agenda but thinks frontwards, following reason and evidence. They don't even know what conservatism is. Their minds are controlled by the backwards-thinking Democrat opposition.

Friedan, being an Obamaton himself, is even more deeply a creature of the backwards thinking cognitive style and examples the extremity of its hold. Even as he confronts the facts about the extreme danger Ebola poses he is trying to spin them away in support of Obama's open borders agenda, pretending with complete dishonesty that we can't formulate travel restrictions that would still allow aid to flow to Ebola-hit African countries. Would a doctor really suppress medical necessity in favor of a political agenda? The answer is clearly yes, if he is a Democrat.

It's just like with the global warming scare where a whole cohort of Democratic Party voting scientists, receiving 100% of their funding from the climate bureaucracy set up by Vice President Al Gore, have promulgated blatantly a phony "science." Anyone who makes any effort to look at the facts for themselves quickly discovers that there virtually no evidence that CO2 causes more than a very small amount of warming. To account for late 20th century warming the small forcing effect of CO2 would have to be multiplied up several times by water vapor feedback effects, but there is no evidence that water vapor feedbacks are even positive.

Even the lowest IPCC-based assessments of the feedback effect are based on the assumption that late 20th century warming was caused by CO2, but the evidence actually points overwhelmingly to solar-magnetic activity. The IPCC dismisses this evidence on the anti-scientific grounds that we don't understand the mechanism by which solar-magnetic activity drives climate. The CO2-alarmists are using theory (their dislike of available theories of how solar-magnetic activity drives climate) to dismiss evidence, the exact opposite of the very definition of science, which demands that evidence trumps theory.

Our Democrat "scientists" are engaged in pure definitional anti-science on the grandest scale imaginable, demonstrating that once the backwards-thinking cognitive style takes hold there is no subject on which it cannot operate. Science and medicine are no barriers and this habitual dishonesty now defines our Democratic Party, leaving us without any effective leadership on anything, including Ebola, where Friedan is not even looking in the right direction.

What the African countries need is not outside personnel (who just end up getting infected) but strategy. We should be creating "negative atmospheric pressure" by paying the now-immune survivors to isolate and treat the sick and possibly sick (the subject of my first post), and we'd better get it figured out quick because the same imperatives are only a plane ride away from the United States itself. Thanks to the malignancy of Obama and the fecklessness of minions like Friedan there is a good chance we will not be able to keep our own Ebola outbreaks contained and will need to rely here at home on "negative atmospheric pressure" to limit the damage.

Crazy update

Story today from the U.K. Mail:
Dallas Ebola victim's stepdaughter - who took him to hospital as he was 'vomiting wildly' - is given all clear to return to work as nursing assistant
They are ignoring the 21 day quarantine period for people with known risk of exposure! The stepdaughter herself knows this isn't right and is insisting she will not go back to work yet. What the hell is wrong with the CDC?

Are they saying that there is no reason even for a person who had close contact with an infected person not to mingle with the general population unless and until they develop actual Ebola symptoms? "Don't worry about it, you're not communicable yet"? That's insane.

It means they are making no distinctions at all between different levels of "contact" with an infected person. Someone who directly attended to an externally hemorrhaging hemorragic fever victim only has to be monitored for fever for 21 days, the same as someone who only crossed the victim's path when he was beginning to show symptoms. No way.

If this woman comes down with Ebola they are going to have to do a whole new round of tracking. Who did she have contact with after they released her? Imagine if she really did go back to physical contact with numerous sick people every day, half of whom probably already have fevers from other causes. There would be no way to tell whether they were reacting to Ebola or not. They'd all have to be kept in isolation.

All for what? To give the impression that there is nothing to worry about? Look how lightly we are treating his, so you should too? On the contrary, they give us more to worry about every day.

More madness

West African family travels from Ebola hot-zone to Miami for family vacation, teenager quarantined with fever. Sure, we don't need no travel restrictions. What could go wrong.

3 weeks ago Obama said it was "unlikely" that someone with Ebola would reach our shores and that the chances of an outbreak here was "extremely low," all while following policies that make it all but certain that Ebola-infected people will be showing up here with substantial regularity.

The aggressive dishonesty and malignancy of this racist communist Islamofacist a$$hole of a president is astounding to behold.

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