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Thursday, November 01, 2012

FCKH8ers gonna H8: another anti-skeptic murder fantasy

Don't worry, like the exploding children, this is all uproariously funny! Unabashed bigotry is always such a knee slapper. Besides, climate skeptics really are brain-eating zombies who need to be slaughtered comic-book style, so it really is funny, right?

RepublicanZombieDefense.com has now removed the head-bashing of the climate skeptic "zombie," which should make the deleted scene newsworthy enough embed here as fair use:

Others who need to be machine-gunned, chain-sawed, chopped and grenaded according to the self-proclaimed enemies of hate (FCKH8ers): anyone who opposes Obamacare or gay marriage or wants to "privatize Social Security," or "have a problem with the person in the White House, bitch."

And just to make sure nobody gets confused about their really being on the anti-H8 side, notice that both of the killers of the "Republican zombies" in this short snippet call their victims "homo." Nice touch.

Like the video of the children singing hate for their insufficiently eco-religious parents, will this piece of blue-green bigotry also turn out to have actually been funded by Obama?

Full original video here, plus some video of how these people behave in real life: "Black Bloc" members of the Obama-endorsed Occupy Movement attacking police (who watched the whole thing) and committing random property crime in San Francisco, April 2012. If they could identify their political enemies they would switch from smashing windows to smashing heads in the blink of an eye.

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