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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laughing at Barbara Boxer's inadvertently pro-Fiorina ads

She's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs....
Really? It's oil drilling that is destroying California's economy? Not the state's draconian restrictions on oil drilling?

Fiorina couldn't ask for better publicity. She'll actually uncork our energy resources? Lowering gas prices and bringing jobs to the state? Some attack ad:

All of Boxer's attacks are like this: assuming that voters are too stupid to see how ass-backwards her insinuations are. The first line of the above ad says:
She's against banning assault weapons, and that's reckless and dangerous...
What a hoot. She actually thinks pushing gun control is going to win her votes. Increased gun control polls terribly even in California, and in these hard times, not letting people defend themselves can only grow less popular. With every level of government going broke, people are smart enough to know that they will face a greater need to take care of themselves.

That won't jar California's legions of the politically correct, but calling oil drilling a job killer could be a real preference cascade initiator. Even Boxer's leftist base has to do a double-take, and anyone at all middle of the road will certainly revolt at the sheer cognitive dissonance of it, setting them up to question Boxer's other talking points as well.

Fiorina want's to "slash Social Security" and other government entitlements? Implausible, but hey, maybe not such a bad idea, when faced with trillion dollar deficits. "She'd make abortion a crime"? No one is going to belive that, even if they don't know that Fiorina's "pro-life" stance explicitly rejects imposing her abortion beliefs on others.

Fiorina is "Endorsed by Sarah Palin." Wait a minute. How can this be an appeal to the middle, when the Tea Party has much higher positives than either Democrats or Republicans?

I get it. It's not that Boxer thinks other people are that stupid. This is an honest expression of Boxer's own stupidity, as she tries to rally other like-minded (stupid) people. She is throwing what she regards as red-meat to her leftist base, and is too clueless to grasp that her logic-free attacks will alienate the middle.

Blaming Fiorina for jobs lost to the Democrats' anti-business climate

My favorite Boxer ad is her recounting of Hewlett-Packard's California job losses during Fiorina's ten year stint as HP's CEO (half the length of Boxer's tenure as senator from a state where Democrats have dominated the state legislature forever):

Again, Boxer just assumes that viewers are too stupid to grasp the obvious, even as she rubs their noses in it. As the litany of HP's California job losses is recounted the listener is forced to wonder why. What was the context? Why wasn't it good business to keep jobs here? Isn't someone else a part of this story too? Then with perfect timing, "I'm Barbara Boxer, and I approve this message." Hilarious.

It's not like California's anti-business climate is some big secret. It takes the willful blindness of Boxer and her minions not to get it. More of the same:

"I was supposed to retire there," says the entitlement-addled Cheri, as she shills for the party whose entitlement mentality is actually responsible for her HP job being shipped to China.

This glaring obliviousness to California's anti-business climate pegs Boxer as a paleo-leftist dinosaur, as does her ludicrous pretense that oil drilling is a job killer. The willful blindness here is not just dishonest, but advertises how flat out stupid Boxer is, the absolute last person you'd ever want making decisions for you. Just a brutally incompetent woman. And she puts it neatly on video for all to see. Awesome.

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