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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hamas-supporting NY pol defines racism the way Islam defines blasphemy

Racism used to be defined (and should be defined) as opposition to people or things because of their racial origins. How the times have changed. From Outside the Beltway:
Former Black Panther Charles Barron, city councilman from Brooklyn, says only racists would ban vuvuzelas. Which he’d never heard of 30 seconds earlier.
Barron's reasoning? IF the vuvuzelas have a black origin, THEN opposition to the vuvuzelas is racist. Nothing about whether the opposition has anything to do with race:
Absolutely it's racist, because if that's something that comes out of our culture, it's in our country South Africa, then we have a right and you have to adopt to tue culture ande the traditions of the country that's hosting the games. Absolutely it's racist. Outrageous. Let 'em blow.
Barron is being jocular, but his definition of racism is dead serious. To oppose anything black-associated or of black origin is racism. You know, the same way opposing anything white people do is racist. Hasn't that been the Black Panther position since the 60's?

Apparently the most racist ban is on shooting pistols in the air on New Year's Eve. It's racist against Mestizos, since they are the ones who do it. And it's racist against whites, because whites invented the pistol.

Of course opposition to the vuvuzela has nothing to do with race. The idiotic noisemakers are literally deafening:
The researchers said the average sound exposure during the near two hours was 100.5 decibels and peaked at 144.2 decibels. National standards for occupational noise require hearing protection for workers exposed to 85 decibels and above.
For comparison, a circular saw produces 90-100 decibels, jackhammer produces 112, and a jet engine at 100 feet produces a sound pressure of 140 decibels.

Similarity to the Islamic definition of blasphemy

In Islam, criticism of any orthodox Islamic doctrine is interpreted as criticism of Muhammad and is charged as blasphemy (which according to Sharia law is to be punished by death). Makes for an interesting parallel. Criticism of anything Muslim is blasphemy. Criticism of anything black is racism.

Is ex-Panther Barron a Muslim? He doesn't say, but he certainly has many Islamic associates. Black Panthers were Black Muslims and Barron (along with other semi-hidden Muslims like William "Abu Zayd" Ayers) is one of the organizers of the Hamas-supporting Gaza flotilla . In any case, Barron acts like a Muslim, viewing all criticism of his side as essentially criminal. Note the confidence with which Barron asserts his perverted definition of racism. The blatant double standard comes out joyously, even innocently. To him, it is perfectly logical:

This is the confidence of Islam, with its unabashed double standards. Islam is to reign supreme. To even criticize it is a crime. Similarly now for anything black, as we have seen for the last year and a half. If you oppose Obama's socialist agenda, or even the vuvuzela, you're a racist.

UPDATE: eaglewingz over at FA offers the right example:
If slavery came out of black/african culture, then opposing slavery would be racist. Makes perfect sense.
Welcome to Heaven

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