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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gibbs cites al Qaeda's criticism of Gitmo as a reason to close it

Thirty-two times since 2001 and four times this year alone, senior Al Qaida leadership in recruiting videos have used the prison at Guantanamo Bay as a clarion call to bring extremists from around the world to join their effort.
Is Gibbs aware of what else al Qaeda criticizes? Abu Musab al-Zarqawi:
We have declared a bitter war against democracy and all those who seek to enact it.
Should we get rid of this "recruiting tool" too? What about the World Trade Center, which al Qaeda so hated? Are Gibbs and Obama relieved that this longstanding irritant to the enemy is no longer causing trouble?

These Democrats just don't accept that we are at war. Even with the war long since started, they are still trying to appease. Antebellum, appeasement leads to war. In the midst of war, it equals surrender. Like his master Obama, Gibbs is not looking for victory but for an exit strategy, which in the absence of victory means defeat, and the faster the better apparently.

Alec . . .you gotta see this post from creeping sharia:
Imam paid $4.85M for Ground Zero mosque – in CASH!
Where did imam Faisal, who called America and Christians the first terrorists and whose wife is on an advisory team for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, come up with $4.85 million in cash? And where will he get the $150 million to build an Islamic mecca planned two blocks from Ground Zero?

A reporter at Hudson New York has new information and asks, or says the people of New York should be asking, much tougher questions than the New York Times posed to the Islamic groups involved and the Mayor of NYC.
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