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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Chavez threatens to invade Honduras, Obama says Honduras is on its own

Never a word from the Obama regime about Venezuela's threat to invade Honduras and restore Chavez crony and fellow usurper Zelaya to power, but there is no lack of volume in Obama’s actions. Instead of facing Venezuela with a palm turned “stop,” Obama is pointedly walking away. AP headline: “U.S. halts military operations with Honduras to protest coup.”

This is not just some planned military exercise that has been cancelled. Honduras is a close military ally and a base of operations for the United States in Central America. We will continue to use our bases, but as of now, the Hondurans are on their own.

Obama knows better than anyone that the arrest of Zelaya was completely legal and was not a coup

When AP calls the military arrest of Zelaya a “coup,” they are just following Obama, but the Obama regime was fully informed all along of the details of Zelaya's attempted usurpation and fought vigorously to forstall his arrest:
The official, who spoke on the condition that he not be named, said the U.S. Embassy in Honduras was “consistently and almost constantly engaged in the last several weeks working with partners” and that U.S. officials were “in contact with all Honduran institutions, including the military.”
What were the Hondurans telling Obama? That the Honduran constitution REQUIRED the arrest of a president who tries to engineer a second term, and that it specifically empowers the Honduran Supreme Court to issue to the Honduran military an arrest warrant in such a case. Honduran Supreme Court justice Rosalinda Cruz describes how Zelaya had already started illegally shutting down checks and balances and how his arrest was immediately necessary to stop him from usurping the Honduran democracy:
“The only thing the armed forces did was carry out an arrest order,” said [Honduran Supreme Court Justice Rosalinda Cruz] in a telephone interview from the capital, Tegucigalpa. “There’s no doubt he was preparing his own coup by conspiring to shut down the congress and courts.”

Cruz said the court issued a sealed arrest order for Zelaya on June 26, charging him with treason and abuse of power, among other offenses. Zelaya had repeatedly breached the constitution by pushing ahead with a vote about rewriting the nation’s charter that the court ruled illegal, and which opponents contend would have paved the way for a prohibited second term.

She compared Zelaya’s tactics, including his dismissal of the armed forces chief for obeying a court order to impound ballots to be used in the vote, with those of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

“Some say it was not Zelaya but Chavez governing,” she said.
Having been “consistently and almost constantly engaged" for weeks "with all Honduran institutions," the Obamaistas knew that Zelaya was trying to end the rule of law, yet they fought furiously against his removal, and when he was removed, dishonestly called Zelaya's arrest "not legal"; declared Zelaya to still be the legal president of Honduras; and insisted on his immediate return to power.

OAS extended membership to communist Cuba last month

To ratchet up the pressure on Honduras, Obama is joining the call for Honduras to be ousted from the Organization of American States if it does not knuckle under to Zelaya. Exactly one month ago, the OAS voted to grant membership to the communist dictatorship in Cuba. Usurpers in. Rule of law out.

Check out AP’s picture of Hillary and Zeyala laughing over Cuba’s rehabilitation:

Here is Zelaya's actual commentary:
"The Cold War has ended this day in San Pedro Sula," said Honduran President Manuel Zelaya immediately following the announcement.
Yes, we are all communists now.

UPDATE: Chavez broadcasts his efforts to arrange a real coup in Honduras, Obama still silent
Hugo Chávez said that he supports the return of deposed President Zelaya to Honduras by means of "a set of actions," including contacts with military officers. Zelaya could return home "by land, air or water," said Chávez in an address on Thursday in a state-run TV station, AFP reported. ...

"We are supporting his return to Honduras and we are planning several actions. (We are) contacting social leaders that are heading the resistance movements. We have contacted military leaders who disagree with what is happening in their country," Chávez said.
If chavez succeeds in creating violent chaos and undermining the Honduran congress and supreme court, expect Obama to continue to support Zelaya's return to the presidency, regardless of popular opposition. Restoration of Zelaya is already Obama's declared objective, and as with Chavez’ initial threat of to invade, Obama is saying nothing to counter this latest Chavez threat.

That’s the amazing thing. Longshot as it would be for Chavez to pull off a coup in another country, he is openly talking about it, and Obama is saying nothing in response. He has already terminated cooperation with the Honduran military, clearing the way for Chavez to create a violent path to power for Zelaya.

La doctrina legal del fruto del arbol envenenado aplica en este caso. Si el Sr. Micheletti reconoce que al secuestrar, aterrorizar y desterrar al presidente Zelaya bien pudieran haberse cometido delitos, TODO LO QUE SUCEDA BAJO EL CONTROL DE SU GOBIERNO ESPURIO SERIA FRUTO DE UN ARBOL ENVENENADO.
Notable es que los medios de comunicacion estadounidenses apenas hayan mencionado el micheletazo; y que Obama no haya actuado con la firmeza del supuesto lider de la "democracia" mundial. Ahorita es momento de ponerse a la cabeza y defender los derechos civiles del pueblo hondureno--o sea su soberania. Respetar la soberania no significa abandonarlos a su suerte en manos de los que no quieren compartir su pobreza y trabajar al lado del pueblo para ganarse la vida dignamente. Esta podredumbre no debe continuar. Paises tan ricos no tienen que mendigarle a nadie nada. Todo es cuestion de dignidad y trabajo y el respeto al derecho del pueblo a elegir su gobierno en las urnas.
Hi Alec,

I found this interesting theory that Obama
is actually a British citizen, but I tried to research it using the British Home Office website for their rules on British subjects and citizens and found them clear as mud.

Here's the short version. Obama's father was a British subject as Kenya is part of
the British commonwealth. At the time of
his birth, Obama also was a British subject. In 1983 the Brits gave citizenship to all their subjects, Obama was about 21 at the time.

The link:

Not quite convinced of the legal accuracy of his or her argument.
You are one of the best researchers on the web. I hope if this interests you you
will write a post about it.


Dave M
There are credible reports that Obama's grandmother claims to have witnessed his birth in Kenya. There is actually a recording of her saying so, and the provenance seems solid. It comes from an Anabaptist minister or bishop from Johnstown PA named Ron McCrae, who I talked to a couple of times regarding the Flight 93 Memorial.

McCrae was the only local person to publicly protested the Islamic symbol shapes in the Crescent of Embrace memorial. When I first talked to him he was about to go on a mission to Africa, which he apparently does regularly, getting to know some of the Christian ministries in Africa quite well.

Through these contacts, he heard that Obama was actually born in Kenya, and was able to get Obama's grandmother to testify to this in a recorded phone call. You can find a copy of his affidavit here.

I haven't talked to Ron about this matter, but in my discussions with him about the memorial, I found him to be a scrupulous, fact-oriented man, and his African connections are well established.

A second "Grandma Sarah" statement, this one on video, offers some corroboration, where she tells a reporter that Obama "is a child of this village," or that "he was born in this village." (The word is "nate," as in natal, meaning born.)

I have never understood those conservatives who dismiss the eligibility issue on the grounds that the scanned image of a Hawaiian certificate of live birth that was released by the Obama campaign seems to be authentic, rather than faked, as some originally alleged. This still leaves two huge issues outstanding.

First, Hawaii's certificatation of live birth apparently does not imply that Obama was born in Hawaii, since the state reportedly issued such certificates to babies born outside of the United States.

Second, there is as yet no established procedure for enforcing the constitutional provision that candidates for president be "natural born citizens." In general, it is quite difficult to win a case on constitutional grounds, because our court system is designed to dispense with cases on every other possible grounds before considering constitutional issues. It took decades of careful strategy to find viable cases for adjudicating even fundamental civil rights.

That doesn't work in a situation where an important constitutional issue only arises with great infrequency, as with the citizship eligibility of presidential candidates. The Obama eligibility case needs to be pressed and heard so that the Court can affirm the necessity of a timely process for resolving these questions within an election cycle. This is important for our system of law REGARDLESS of what one thinks of the merits of the case against Obama's eligibility.

Apparently there is a very strong case that McCain is not a natural born citizen either. This is the idiot who refused to actually run against Obama because he thought trying to win was beneath his dignity. If there were a process in place for keeping these ineligibles out, we could have had a decent candidate on the Republican side, instead of disasters on both sides.

McCain should be OUT. He is not eligible. But if the Obama case doesn't get heard, McIdiot might well be back to bollux up the next presidential election too.
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