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Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama's laughter: amused by the win-win uncertainty of what kind of hero he will turn out to be

Obama's laughter about the financial crisis could be "gallows humor," as he contends, but it looks more like genuine amusement. Real gallows humor is morbid, not mirthful.

Michael Goodwin recounts a comment from a fellow journalist during the presidential campaign: "I know Obama is a Manchurian candidate, I just can't figure out what for." Obama might not know yet either. Depending on whether his policies crash the economy or not, there are two ways he can be a hero, and indifference between them would explain his laughter. Teetering on the edge of the abyss is a win-win situation for Barack Hussein Obama.

Will he be an eco-leftist hero, or a Muslim hero?

All of Obama's mentors are communist or Islamofascist, with a few, like William "Abu Zyad" Ayers, being both. If these are his loyalties, then Obama is just waiting to find out what kind of hero he is going to be. If America can successfully transform in the socialist-green direction that he is taking us, then he will be a leftist hero. If this attempt to remake America destroys America, then he will be a Muslim hero.

The laughter shows how open he is to being the Muslim hero. He recognizes that there is a theater-of-the-absurd aspect to it, but if this is the kind of hero he turns out to be, this is the kind of hero he turns out to be, eliciting a big "whoud'a thunk it" laugh that bubbles straight up from inside.

If this is the source of Obama's mirth, we won't have proof until it is too late. As I have said more than once before:
This is why it is a mistake to elect someone with extensive Islamo-fascist ties in the first place.

Pretty much ALL of Obama's mentors and confidants are not just Muslim, but Islamofascist

1. William Ayers, who put Obama on the board of the Annenberg Challenge (where the two of them funneled education funds to Afro-centric racists like Obama's pastor/mentor Jeremiah Wright), gave himself the Nation of Islam name "Abu Zayd" (a reference to his naming his son after Black Panther/Nation of Islam thug Zayd Malik Shakur, who murdered a NJ policeman Werner Forrester in 1973).

2. Kenyan Prime Minister and Obama "cousin" and confidant Raila Odinga, who like Obama calls himself a Christian, but was outed by Muslim leaders in Kenya for secretly declaring himself to actually be a Muslim and promising to impose Sharia law on Kenya. (Odinga recently removed his rationalizations for the Memorandum of Understanding from his Odinga for President website, but I saved a copy.)

3. "Ex-Muslim" Jeremiah Wright, Obama's "Christian" pastor (the Koran urges Muslims in infidel countries to hide their true faith, verse 16:106), who champions Louis Farrakhan and teaches the Muslim version of the law of love: to love members of your own group and to hate outsiders (in particular, he teaches hatred of white people, as NOI leader Louis Farrakhan does).

4. Khalid Al-Mansour, who managed Obama's admission to Harvard Law, is another radical Nation of Islam racist, who once declared that God wanted blacks to go around cutting white people's noses off.

5. Obama best dinner buddy Rashid Khalidi is a PLO terror supporter.

6. The only identifiable mentor/confidante of Obama who is not a known Islamofascist is Frank Marshall Davis, the communist pedophile who shepherded Obama as a boy in Hawaii. (Davis wrote in his memoirs that he didn't want to "disappoint" a 13 year old girl by not having sex with her.)

7. Then there is Obama's Muslim/Communist/racist father, who Obama never met, but does dream about. Barrack Sr. was a member of a Kenyan opposition party when he slammed the sitting regime for not being socialist enough or Afro-centric enough, calling instead for "Europeans" and "Asians" to be stripped of their property.

8. Last and probably least is Michelle, whose Princeton thesis favored a black-separatist viewpoint, and is lauded by her husband as a "fellow traveler."

Of course they are laughing.

Darn! Alec, I thought that now that Bush is out of office I would find myself agreeing with your comments on the current president once more. Your claim re BHO's allegedly intense "Islamofascist" ties seem very strained to me. Consider that he is now much, much closer to David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel than to any of the above people (exc. for Michelle, who you wisely do not claim is an Islamist). Both of these people are Jewish, and RE is an ardent Zionist. He has served in the Israeli military and is reputed to hold dual US-Israeli citizenship.
Lester! Good to hear from you.

Of course Obama has a lot more associates now than he did a few years ago. My list is of his longstanding and formative associations.

So far, there is no sign of Emanuel and Axelrod doing anything to moderate the clear Arab-Muslim slant of the Obama administration.

In any case, there is no denying Obama's long list of strong and deep Islamofascist connections. If ANY of this had been properly reported he never would have been elected. Surely you don't disagree with my basic contention: "That it is a mistake to elect someone with extensive Islamo-fascist ties in the first place."

That Obama has acquired some non-Islamofascist connections as well does nothing to reduce the folly of electing a person whose long-time associates all sought the destruction of American liberty and American capitalism.

Wait a minute... Are you telling me you voted for this guy? Okay, don't answer that. Let's just say I hope that one day you end up chiding me for my concerns, instead of me chiding you for your lack of concern.

Debka just posted this:

Obama is weighing military, diplomatic cooperation with Tehran

DEBKA-Net-Weekly Exclusive

March 25, 2009, 8:08 AM (GMT+02:00)

The additional "gestures" Barack Obama's spokesmen promised Iran would follow on the presidential new year message may presage a dramatic U-turn on Iran, including even an astonishing offer of US-Iranian military and diplomatic cooperation - that is if the Islamic Republic decides to play ball.

you may be right.
This looks worse this week. Debka-Net-Weekly, the subscription
Israeli intelligence publication, posts that Obama is planning to switch the overland supply route that our military convoys use to supply our troops in Afhganistan from Pakistan to IRAN !!!!!
Iran would get two benefits, firstly some much needed cash. More importantly, with Iran being the "ally" of America, they are fully protected against any preemptive strike by Israel. Iran would agree in turn not to test a nuke,
(unless of course they really really want to, on Tel Aviv).
So now what?
Israel has a new more hawkish government
taking over this week. If they look at the open doors of the gas chambers, with a smiling Obama at their mouth, they may decide they have no time left to act.
Obama is giving his islamic welcome speech April 7. From Istanbul.
We now are in the realm of pure speculation.
Would Obama use our strategic weapons against Israel, justifying their use because Israel used their strategic weapons in a first strike? Or just wink at Putin?
I don't know. This is the laughing Obama.
This the evil Americans stupidly voted for.
As they say, one nuclear bomb can ruin your whole American Idol evening.
I missed that story about Obama trying to switch from Pakistani to Iranian supply routes, but it sounds plausible, given that Hillary has been talking explicitly about trying to involve Iran in the resolution of Afghanistan. If Obama's goal is to insure that the Muslim world gets well stocked with nukes, this would be a perfect way to do it. Just make security agreements with Iran, committing us to defend them rather than stop them.

The stupidity explanation remains possible, as demonstrated by Bill Clinton's Nork deal, which handed nukes to the Norks "on condition" that they not develop nukes. At least with Clinton we KNEW it was stupidity. Now that we have a probable Islamofascist in the White House, intent to insure that Iran gets nukes is a real possibility.

As for weather we might even use force against Israel in defense of Iran, Obama advisor Samantha Power has already been contemplating force against Israel in the Palestinian conflict.

My prediction is that the first Iranian nukes do not target Israel, but get salted away in American cities, so that we won't be able to stop them from continuing to expand their nuclear arsenal until they are ready to destroy all their enemies at once.

Our best hope is that Netanyahu makes rapid use of the narrow window he has for taking out, at the very least, Iran's nuclear program. Even better is if they go for regime change. Iran is not like Iraq, which was somewhat educated, but not westernized. Iran was westernized, and has been trying to throw off the Mullah's for 15 years. It is the easiest regime-change prospect out there, which is why it is so disappointing that Bush never got on with it, despite numerous Iranian acts of war against us in Iraq.
Hi Alec,

The only reason you would have missed that story is because Debka only released it on
http://www.debka-net-weekly.com which you have to pay about 200 bucks a year to access. Surprisingly the NY Times didn't pick up on it! (Ha-ha)
I am not allowed to cut and paste, but I can at least give the general gist of what is happening.
With all web based stuff, you judge whether they are of any use by their prediction accuracy over time. In this case,
debka said that Iran would be let off the hook and only this week, Gates has gone on record saying there is plenty of time to convince Iran to cease it's nuclear program. Nothing to worry about here. Move along.
I very much appreciated your post on "the maximum likelihood Obama" that you
published after that New Yorker cartoon.
I say that what Obama really is is getting clearer by the day.
Our Muslim prez-o-dent.
Figure it out please and be quick about it
We don't have much time left.
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