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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to read a fortune cookie

Christmas party lunch at Chef Chu's today. The gals from the office srarted playing fortune cookie games. One game: add "between the sheets" at the end.

My fortune: "Unveil your ideas. Then act on them."

Got some holiday movie recommendations too. Over the Hedge. Slum Dog Millionaire.

My recommendation: go see Bolt, in 3D if you can. A really fun movie for adults and kids.

You fool! Don't you know that Bolt is Islamofascist propaganda! Can't you spot the crescent on the logo?!
I think the comment above, by anonymous, commits the "straw man" fallacy: http://www.fallacyfiles.org/strawman.html
Leftists are always trying to see how stupid they can be, as if this is somehow a reflection on other people.
your mom is a leftist
"A debater commits the Ad Hominem Fallacy when he introduces irrelevant personal premisses about his opponent."

I'm starting to think that "anonymous" is not so much a debater as a troll, here to stir up trouble and be entertained. He has no interest in the topic of this blog, like a 3rd grader sitting in the back row in class, eager to disrupt the teacher's lesson any way he can.
your mom is a third grader as well, and I'm making out with her in the back row.
Okay, no more feeding the trolls, even the cute fuzzy ones.
Your mom's a cute fuzzy troll.
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