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Friday, September 12, 2008

Print newspapers published the Kornblut slur WITHOUT the psuedo-correction

ABC interviewer Charlie Gibson tried several times last night to pin gaffes on Sarah Palin when it was HE who had his information wrong. The Washington Post did the same this morning, asserting in the lede to their page one coverage of Palin's interview that she was wrong to say that we are fighting al Qaeda in Iraq. Unfortunately for Post reporter Anne Kornblut, everyone else in the country (or at least everyone who is not a Democrat) knows that our primary enemies in Iraq are al Qaeda and Iran.

The Post has edited the online version of Kornblut's story to include the information that her smear is wrong, while still leaving the smear in place. Print newspapers, however, ran the original not even half-corrected smear. Here is the top of today's page one from The San Jose Mercury News:

Merc-WAPO Palin smear, 9-12-08, 70%

I'm especially taken with the gist of that continued paragraph:
The dishonest attack dogs who have been slandering Palin all week are letting this slander opportunity escape out of some misguided respect for the 9/11 anniversary, but not to worry, I Anne Kornblut am glad to pick up the slack!
Notice also how the Mercury's headline writers pitched in with a nice juxtaposition between Palin's "I'm ready," and Kornblut's "oh no you're not."

Every editor at the Merc. knew that Kornblut's lede was a flatly dishonest smear. The left is not ACTUALLY unaware that we have been fighting al Qaeda in Iraq. After all, one of their longest standing talking points (itself dishonest, but their own position nevertheless) is that there were no terrorists in Iraq until we drew them there. Yet the editors still signed off on running a denial that we are fighting al Qaeda in Iraq at top of their page one story, and this after a full week of dishonest smears against Palin have caused Obama to tumble in the polls. Apparently they are so unhinged they just can't help themselves, even when they know these smears are suicidal for their Democrat side.

How in the tank are the Bay Area newspapers for Obama? Here are three front page banner headlines I saved from convention coverage:

Merc DNC banner, 8-28-08, 40%
Mercury News, 8-28-2008.

No it WASN'T unanimous, you dirtbags. The delegate count was was so close and contentious that the Democrats had to PRETEND to be unanimous by forgoing the roll call in favor of vote by acclimation. Even the acclimation vote was a fraud, with Pelosi inventing a new word, “noetwothirds,” as in:
All those opposed please say no-2/3rds of the delegates having voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted.
In MSNBC's coverage of Pelosi's performance, Olbermann can be heard chuckling at Nancy's rush job, as if to say: "well played." The sentiments of the Mercury's editors exactly, who dutifully played the charade straight for Bay Area readers. As usual, anyone who wanted to know what actually happened had to get their information elsewhere. The Merc is all propaganda all the time.

So is the San Francisco Chronicle. Here is their banner headline about the next night of the convention:
Chron DNC banner 8-29-08, 45%

"I have a dream, that one day William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright and Raila Odinga will be judged NOT by the content of their characters--not by their terrorism, their racism, and their Islamofascism--but by their ingenuity in concocting claims of victimization and due."

If only they can come up with enough smears to bring down THESE guys:

Merc RNC banner 9-3-08, 40%

Talk about projection!

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