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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dear RNC: Amnesty bill = not one red cent.

T.K. over at Michelle Malkin's place sent in his RNC donation form overwritten with a pointed message:

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I don't have an RNC form handy, so I went to the RNC website where I found an email link on the donation page.

My message?
Dear RNC:

If you EVER want another cent from me, this damned amnesty bill had better not pass.

Secure the border FIRST. Then we can talk about a lot of things.

I am in favor of greatly increased LEGAL immigration. Bush, on the other hand, is a stinking racist, wanting to put unlimited illegal Mexican immigration ahead of law abiding immigrants from China, Europe, India, Vietnam, and every other nation. For this racial favoritism, he is willing to abandon both the rule of law and national sovereignty. I am the president’s strongest backer on the war, but if he succeeds with this bill, there is no more Republican party. Dead. Gone. Committed suicide. Rest in Hell.


Your so-far loyal voter and occasional contributor, ...
It is just important, when leveling such threats, to remember that it is largely bluster. Wrath against the party has to be limited to votes against incumbents in the primaries. In the general election, everyone's duty is to choose the lesser of two evils, and as bad as the Republicans can be, they are nowhere near as bad as the Democrats.

But not everyone gets this logic. When the incumbents alienate their base, they don't just get opposition in the primaries. They get rebellion in the general election too. If that happens on as core an issue as phony immigration reform, the party will indeed "rest in Hell," even though it is only the incumbent representatives who deserve it.

Most conservatives won't want for Republican complicity in an amnesty-first bill to kill off the party. It just will. A party that nukes its base is history. So bluster up. Scare the bastards with the doom that the party is indeed facing, no matter how much some of us will still try to save it.

No bluster in that money threat though. Gun groups offer far more electoral bang for the buck anyway. If the party organization can't even put the border enforcement horse ahead of amnesty cart, then the party is better off without the organization.

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