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Monday, December 05, 2005

Crescent betrayal of Flight 93 for 2005 Dhimmi Award!

Dhimmi Watch is taking nominations for 2005's most egregious instances of dhimmitude (infidel submission to Islamic demands). One prize will go to the most shameful American act of dhimmitude and one will go to the most shameless French, I mean international, act of dhimmitude.

What a great way to bring some focused heat, and what better place to focus that heat than on the phony "redesign" of terrorist-worshipping Crescent-of-Embrace Flight 93 memorial. In September, outrage over the crescent shape of the memorial, and its orientation almost precisely on Mecca, forced the Memorial Project to withdraw the plan. What did the Project members do? They sent the plan back to architect Paul Murdoch and his colleagues for another go. The hijackers, caught by gate security, were told to back outside and try to sneak through again.

Which is exactly what they did. All the features that turned the original Crescent of Embrace an Islamo-fascist shrine remain completely intact. For those who have not been following my posts, a brief recap:

The features that defined the tips of the original large crescent of red maple trees (and hence the orientation of the crescent on Mecca) are still in place exactly as before. Only a few trees are added to blend the crescent into the background. The Tower of Voices section of the memorial is still an Islamic prayer-time sundial, equipped with its own alignment precisely towards Mecca, which believers can reference when prayer time arrives. There are still 44 translucent blocks on the flight path to death, exceeding the forty inscribed with the names of our murdered heroes by the number of their murderers. Three of these blocks are in a separate section of upper memorial wall, sitting precisely on the bisector of the huge red maple crescent, precisely in the position of the star on an Islamic flag. You don't even want to know where the 44th block is, and what it does. But look anyway. Evil has to be faced: precisely what the Memorial Project refused to do.

I was contacted on Thursday by the public relations manager for the Memorial Project. I figure a nice pile of spicy emails landed in his lap after LGF linked my exposé last week. He is a nice guy (and not just because it is his job), but utterly clueless. "Did anyone on the project check out the orientation to Mecca?" I asked him. "Well, everything faces somewhere" he answered. And what else could possibly explain the Memorial Commission allowing the intact original crescent back in? They obviously never even investigated one of the primary outrages that forced the withdrawal of the original plan.

Those entrusted to memorialize "the flight that said 'no' " are allowing the hijacking of their own vehicle to continue. They got their cell-phone calls from those on the ground and instead of saying "Let's Roll," said "I think we must have a bad connection." That leaves it to the rest of us now to say "no," and the 2005 Dhimmi Awards provide one way for us to coordinate. If you want to pitch in, drop by Dhimmi-Watch and, in a comment on this post, second the nomination of the Crescent/Bowl-of-Embrace for the American award. [UPDATE: Nominations are closed.]

No word yet from Dhimmi-watch whether the contest will be judged, or put to a vote, but the nominations are a vote of sorts, are they not? I was going to say "nes pas?" and then tell a French joke, but we can't alienate these dhimmies too much if we want to save them from themselves. Keep that in mind when it comes time let the Memorial Project members have it. We have to be hard, but we can still be compassionate. If we shame them, it is to save them from a lifetime of shame. I learn from our military. Those guys humble me every day. I know it can't be true, but it almost seems as if their anger is never misdirected. Their AIM is true, even if they don't always hit their aim, and I think that is what allows them to fight so relentlessly.

If posting a nomination does not slake your own thirst for battle, how about adding a different kind of vote? You could hop on over to Wizbang’s 2005 Weblog Awards and give this Error Theory blog a daily vote for top Wiggly Worm (or is it Flippery Fish?):

The 2005 Weblog Awards
Clickable graphic.

Shameless self-promotion indeed. Normally I am guilty of shameful under-promotion, but if I can be top Flippery Fish, that will be a widely broadcast link that I can use to fight against the terrorist memorial. By that time there will be an online petition and letter writing campaign in place (MORE of a letter writing campaign I should say) and every little bit will help. (But check out the other blogs too. It is an honor just to be selected a finalist, and there are many under-appreciated worthies in the fray.)

Thanks to the boost from LGF, my exposé was the most linked new post in the blogosphere on November 30th, but attention span is one of the blogosphere's Achilles' heels. We have a realistic chance to get something going here, but it is going to take a continued push.

The 2005 Weblog Awards

Oh yeah. I'm getting good at this.

Got any favorite blogs you want to throw in a plug for? Comment below. Also, Dhimmi Watch is taking nominations for Anti-Dhimmi Awards too. (Leave comment on the same post as for the Dhimmi Awards.)

And if you just have to fire off a couple of letters about the crescent travesty right now, A. M. Siriano has a letter and mailing script here. (The form is pre-filled out with his letter, or you can write your own.)

First Blog Award plug goes to EagleSpeak. THE Navy-piracy blog. (Dodo's and Eagles too.)
I'm trying to understand how the Flight 93 Memorial is an infidel submission to Islamic demands. Did the Islamics of the world get together and demand that we build a mosque into the design of the memorial?
You don't even want to know where the 44th block is, and what it does. But look anyway.

What is awesome about the Law of Fives is that the harder you look, the more fives you see.
What is awesome is how leftists can think that 44 is a random number at the Flight 93 crash site.

As for Joseph's question about how such a thing could have come about: the Park Foundation hosted an OPEN COMPETITION in time of war. They fielded over a thousand entries. Of course we should expect that our enemies would enter this competition, and try to emplace a monument to their heroes rather than ours.
Okay, I'm trying to understand this. You're a terrorist. You can either
A) Blow shit up & kill people
B) Design a memorial, but a really sneaky memorial, that secretly "points" towards Mecca--or almost towards Mecca (missing by about 2 degrees, which adds up to, you know, hundreds of miles).
But anyway. Why aren't the terrorists just blowing shit up? Are they actually designing memorials now? And how did they get a non-terrorist-architect to do their evil, evil bidding? Did they, like, hypnotize him with their evil terrorist googly eyes?
Seriously. I want to know. Are we dealing with a Manchurian Designer here?
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