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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Janice Rogers Brown

Because we've just seen how damaging a nomination that splits a party's base can be. A knock-down-drag-out that pits white leftist Democrats against a super-competent black woman would permanently double the Republicans' percentage of the black vote.

She's not the bedrock originalist of a Luttig or a McConnell, but she is 100 times the scrupulous lawyer that O'Connor was, and she is one of the only judges around who is solidly behind increased protection for economic liberty. See, for instance, her invocation of the "takings" clause in this San Francisco property rights case. She is also a fantastic wordsmith and an outspoken fighter. It will be such a shock to a P.C. witch like Ginsburg, who likes to see herself as patronizing black people, that she just might quit.

Like Brown herself, I am utterly against taking race and sex into account for affirmative action purposes, but am all for it for political effect. Brown would smash the Democrat party like a vase.

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