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Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's Sunni Sheehan!

Ha ha ha ha. Sometimes something is so funny it just makes you happy.

Check out this Sunni Cindy Sheehan, miserable over the trial of Saddam Hussein:
I felt sorry. I almost cried. Every country in the world has terrorism. All the presidents of this region torture their people. Why, of all the countries, do they come after us?
How come we have to lose OUR torture-master? Ohhhh, I want to cry.

I wonder if he killed her own family members. Then she would really be a Sheehan clone. But at least she doesn't call Saddam a freedom-fighter. None of the American Cindy's dishonesty for Gramma Sunni. She knows Saddam wasn't for any freedom but his own freedom to torture, rape and enslave, and gosh-darn but she misses it.

Grand-daughter Sunni, age twenty, shares the family bathos:
He's a hero, he's a tough leader. If he came back, I'm sure he'd provide us with security.
Where now will she find an Uday or a Qusay? All the psychotic murderers are being annihilated. What is a girl to do?

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