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Friday, August 05, 2005

"Smart" in San Francisco: homosexual "boy toys" calling The Passion a snuff film

Get this, from San Francisco Chronicle television reviewer David Wiegand. He is reviewing Weeds, a new Showtime series about a pot-selling suburbanite soccer-mom who deals drugs to, amongst other people, a high-school drug dealer named Josh who is, in Weigand's words, "the new boy toy for a wealthy older man." Here's a snippet of Weigand's rave review:
... Josh, hits Nancy up to replenish his stash because there's a new movie at the mall and his supply "hasn't gone this fast since 'The Passion of the Christ.' "

"I thought that was a religious film," Nancy says.

"Religious my ass," Josh replies. "It's a straight-up snuff film."

"Weeds" may indeed be the best-written new show of the year so far, but the performances are superb as well...
Oh yeah. That's some real first class writing! I'm no prohibitionist (well, except about selling drugs to high-schoolers, and about homosexual men having high-school "boy toys"). If leftists want to make cracks about smart people doing stupid things (i.e. about themselves) that's fine. But that bit about Gibson's Passion is bigoted and clueless in so many ways I don't know where to begin.

Inhabit their blue-state-bigot world-view for a minute and suppose that The Passion really is "a straight-up snuff film." That would drive marijuana sales? Of course the implication is not supposed to be that Christians who went to see the film were getting high. It is that drug-addled secularists were seeing it for a thrill, getting high first. What??? Marijuana makes people paranoid and want to be mellow. Coming up in the 70's, I saw plenty of pot smokers, but I never met one who would get high and want to see a violent movie. "Weeds" isn't just slandering Christians, it is slandering pot smokers! Never mind the depravity, the sheer STUPIDITY is mind-boggling.

Then of course there IS the depravity. The Passion is about the faith of Jesus and all that it accomplishes. By fulfilling prophecy, up through the critical act of having enough faith in God's love to die on the cross, Jesus ushers in a new covenant, where the law of love now takes priority over the Mosaic law of "sin and death." Where the letter fails to capture the spirit (love), Christians are free to follow the spirit. If we follow the faith of Jesus, if we have faith in love, as he did, we can in that way get right with God. Thus was ushered in the world's first fully moral religion.

Of course our left wing bigots know nothing about any of that. They have no idea what is happening in that central moment of choice that Gibson built his whole move around, the moment when Jesus stands back up, and the Romans start murdering him. They have no idea that that moment opens the door of trust between man and God, so that we can live by the spirit of the law. But is ignorance any excuse for spitting on Christ's sacrifice in the most cretinous terms? To Weigand, nothing could be more amusing.

Weeds is by blue-state-bigots, of blue-state-bigots, for blue-state-bigots. This is something to celebrate? Maybe the show IS smart. I haven't seen it. But the snippets that Weigand picks out to demonstrate smartness are moronic and despicable.

Interestingly, just as positive Chronicle reviews can be taken negatively, negative Chronicle reviews can be taken positively. I wasn't expecting Dukes of Hazzard to be any good, but the Chronicle's leftist stinkbomb movie-reviewer Mick LaSalle gave it an empty chair today, so maybe it will be worth seeing after all. Collaborative filtering experts say that you can't get much information from negative correlations in ratings preferences, but LaSalle has so far been an exception for me. When I saw he gave Team America an empty chair I knew it was going to be great, and it is.

Your religious beliefs have allowed you to conveniently not see what is perfectly obvious to everyone else outside your religion -- and even to a few within.

You and your terrorist buddies on the other side of the planet share the same disturbing ability -- the ability to teleologically suspend the ethical/rational.
Please elaborate. What is it that is "perfectly obvious" to everyone outside of Christianity?
Not only was the "snuff fim" comment not funny, it was ripped off from South Park. Shortly after the Passion came out, they did an episode where Cartman convinced Stan to see it. After watching it, Stan asks the theatre for his money back because it was a "snuff film". The rest of the episode involved him tracking down Mel Gibson to get his money back.
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