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Friday, March 25, 2005

Another awesome find by Eaglespeak

I have been wondering when the United States would come out with a statement that our objective is not just to spread democracy, but republicanism (the system of liberty under law). Now we have this from Rumsfeld’s newly released National Defense Strategy of The United States of America:
The United States and its allies and partners have a strong interest in protecting the sovereignty of nation states. In the secure international order that we seek, states must be able to effectively govern themselves and order their affairs as their citizens see fit. Nevertheless, they must exercise their sovereignty responsibly, in conformity with the customary principles of international law, as well as with any additional obligations that they have freely accepted.

It is unacceptable for regimes to use the principle of sovereignty as a shield behind which they claim to be free to engage in activities that pose enormous threats to their citizens, neighbors, or the rest of the international community... (From part I.A., hat tip Eaglespeak.)

Spot on baby. We believe in democratic institutions, but if a democracy chooses to act in unrepublican/criminal fashion (if it uses its liberty to attack the liberty of others) then we may have to have a war. Freedom entails responsibility.

So far democracies have an admirable record of not aggressing, but as democracy comes to the Muslim world, it is very much in doubt whether this record will continue. In Algeria, the Islamists won elections and the democracy had to be suppressed. Now we have decided that we have to let Muslims elect who they want. Of course we have to warn them that they are going to be held responsible for their choices.

Rumsfeld is the most reliable man in government. Rumsfeld for President in ’08! (Condi for VP.)

Eaglespeak looks at a lot of stuff that most people miss. Definite value added. Give him some visits.

Quite agreed.
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