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Monday, November 08, 2004

Funniest video ever, plus, at least one strike for these guys

First the bad news. We have to hunt the makers of a certain "advertisement" down and put them in jail. WARNING. You might not want to watch this. We do not have to see our terrorist enemys chop off heads to know that we want to incapacitate every one of them, one way or another. The criminals who made this tape are a near cousin to the Islamo-fascist be-headers. All you need to know is that the cat in the video could not possibly have died in the particular way that it did unless the relevant parts of the car had been sharpened to a cutting edge, which no part on a factory car ever is. This car was modified to kill this cat in this way, and the videographers need to be put in jail. One strike at least.

Antidote here (though it may make you want to give the perpetrators of the above something more like 3 strikes.) Recommend dose: watch until you are laughing as hard as the people who were there (about three times).

UPDATE: Apparently the cat snuff video ad was actually made by the British advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather, working for Ford UK. Managment of both companies claim they nixed the ad idea when it was first proposed, but that employees made the video anyway. (Story here.) They also claim that the cat in the video is animated rather than real, which is most implausible. If law enforcement would confiscate Ogilvy's tapes, the veracity of animation claim could be easily determined. If the cat is real, the fact that such an ad was discussed beforehand proves that the cat was not killed accidentally. Ogilvy should be pressed to make its video-tape and computer data available so that independent experts can determine for themselves whether Ogilvy employees committed a crime.

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