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Friday, September 03, 2004

Kerry finds his Nancy

The unceasing adoring look, beatific in its purity... who would have thought we would ever see its like again? Laura gives George a nice look, but her eyes are innately full of laughter. Yet there it is. Kerry has found his Nancy, not in Theresa, who has no more interest in looking at her husband than at a housecat, but in John Edwards, who pays endless beatific attention to his running mate.

In the Kerry speech immediately after President Bush’s convention speech, the camera angle captured the full duration of Edwards' gaze as he channelled the muse of womanly fulfillment. Edwards was right behind the podium, just behind Kerry's shoulder, where the camera was able to captured his constant Kerry appreciation. (Video available here.)

At first sight, I just thought: “Hey, they’re doing it again, that lovey-dovey thing, where Edwards unintentionally gets stuck with the woman’s role.” It was a little funny, to see Edwards watching the back of Kerry’s head as if he was looking at Kerry’s face, but that is nothing new. They’ve done it a hundred times. Then Kerry started pacing about, back and forth in front of Edwards, and it became hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing, to see Kerry’s pacing bring un-missible attention to Edwards adoring role. Edwards looked like Oliver North’s secretary Fawn Hall, who everyone said looked like a queen, and who admitted later that she was taught in beauty school to move her head, not her eyes. Queen Edwards, adoring his king.

But that was only the beginning of the hilarity, because Kerry was absolutely butchering his speech. “Then there’s this Iraq issue…” says Kerry, as he starts into a viscious slam about how we have been misled into war in Iraq, how the whole thing is a sham, and how the situation there has devolved into “a mess.” Then with absolutely no transition at all, he concludes, as if this logically followed from his denigration of the Iraq war: “I pledge to you: I defended this country as a young man and I will defend it as president of the United States.” How, by finding excuses not to fight? (See Video part II, starting about a quarter of the way through.)

Kerry then goes into what seems to be his version of defending America. He would get the war “out of the pockets of the American taxpayer” by getting our reluctant allies to pick up the slack! In other words, he wants to cut defense spending and pass the baton!

Edwards is smooth talker. He knows how to put a together a connected stream of expression that is convincing. That is how he got rich. Think of all the opposing attorneys whose fumbling he gloated over. What must he think as he watches Kerry’s self-contradictory rant, in supposed answer to President Bush’s finely crafted speech?

Kerry's speech was outdoors in the street, not just physically, but also metaphorically. While the adults are running the country, Kerry places himself physically and verbally on the outs with the jeering childish rabble that constitute the idiot fringe of the American left, putting together a pastiche of gibes whose lack of sense can only be missed by fellow ideologues. This was not a contribution to a larger debate, but a solipsistic rant amongst a political cult that does not even know what a real conversation is. This was like a Chris Matthews interview, where he rants a question, then rants over the answer. (Matthews via Wizbang, who comments on Kerry's speech here.)

A couple of times questioning shadows did cross Edwards’ face, but quickly he regained his lawyerly/queenly composure. If he were the Presidential candidate, he might be formidable, given his obvious talent and self-control. He doesn’t understand anything, but if someone put a real platform in front of him, he could sell it as good as it could be sold. Ironically, Edwards is the real man in the relationship. Kerry has to take the man role, not just because he is the presidential candidate, but because he is the insecure one. Kerry is a Theresa, an uncontrolled and uncontrollable force of self-centered will.

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