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Thursday, September 16, 2004

I frighten Cathy Young!

I cuffed Eric Muller upside the head in an e-mail, which he posted. His comment size limit cut off my response, so I am posting my comment here.


Wow. Thanks for the links. And look, Cathy Young is frightened! She thinks my "Vagina Monologue" piece is misogynistic! Let's do a straw poll. Read the piece and vote here. Misogynistic yes or no. I think Cathy must be allergic to reason (small r).

Don't bother with the "Edwards as Nancy" piece though. It is trivial (though fair). Check out some of my more important stuff. Like how come I am the only person in the world who seems to know that Joe Wilson was exposed as a liar, not just in this year's 9/11 Commission report, but a mere 5 days after his slanderous attack in the NYT, when CIA Director Tenet revealed that Wilson had actually CONFIRMED the British intelligence? (My post here.) NYT ran 70 stories and editorials on Wilson in the next year, never noting that he had been exposed as having lied on their op-ed page. They don't care about the truth. They only care about their agenda.

Which brings me to why I thought Eric needed to be cuffed upside the head.

I have been reading Eric's and Michelle's debate and while I don't accuse Eric of being factually dishonest, like the NYT, Dan Rather, etcetera, I see him as what I call a "backwards thinker," starting with his presumptions about what he thinks is right and grasping at any route that allows him to arrive at that conclusion, no matter how much he has to ignore to do it. But I am not saying Muller does this in general. All I have seen is his debate with Michelle. (See for instance, the Muller critique of Malkin posted right under the post about me, and Malkin's reply (in the update at the end of her post.)

Personally, I think that in these cases a little shock therapy is called for. If we are all civil about backwards thinking, it becomes Dan Rather, who now wants us to accept forged documents because, gosh darn it, people just weren't paying enough attention to mere innuendo. It doesn't matter if they are fake, so long as they are accurate. It wouldn't matter if the Swiftvets were to forge documentation for their accusations against Kerry, because the accusations are true! As J.R. Ewing put it:"Once you give up integrity, the rest is easy." It is not just lying that is a problem, but also the backwards thinking that spawns it. The two are not equated, but they are related.

And yes, I do think our law schools are absolutely dominated by brain dead bigots, backwards thinkers to the core, chess playing case-makers who don't follow reason and evidence but try to manipulate it to their agendas, though I am always very pleased to discover lawyers who figure out how to think frontwards (Instapundit, Powerline and Volokh for example).

Anyway, thanks again to Eric for the links. He has proved to be an amusing fellow. Now get on with that straw poll!

UPDATE: My comments on internment here.

My internment cartoon here.

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