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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Ali vs. Riverbend

There is a very simple explanation for why conservtive bloggers are creating a revolution while Democrat-left bloggers have little impact at all. The new medium allows for massive, efficient, redundant documentation of facts. Conservatives follow reason and evidence, so this medium powers their influence. Leftists think backwards, starting with preferred conclusions and looking for how to evade any reason and evidence that is in conflict with their ideological preconceptions. As a result, the advantages of the new medium are actually a liability to leftists. The best they can do is look for comfortable backwaters in which to be irrelevant. They can read Kos, and Talking Points, and the Fever Swamp Underground, and Riverbend, which will cite them in turn, until they form their own big solipsistic NOTHING, while the rational world marches past.

I was prompted to these thoughts by Ali’s wonderful piece on American-Iraqi brotherhood. In this piece, Ali is pained to discover how easily a sincere left-leaning American blogger has been duped by a smooth anti-American Iraqi woman at Riverbend. After reading Ali’s Fisk of Riverbend's "facts," I went to see what the American dupe had written. What struck me was her denial that the reason she reads Riverbend is "because she confirms the negative view of the occupation that I want to have; what is happening in Iraq breaks my heart."

But of course the attraction of Riverbend is precisely that she tells an ideologically comfortable story. It will help her about as much as it helped Dan Rather. Ali has already posted some of his documentation. Can even a leftist doubt that when the facts are all in, Ali's credibility will be unstained and enhanced, while Riverbend will only retain favor within the bubble of people who protect themselves from reason and evidence?

To our lefty-bloggirl I say: “look at yourself!” What is happening in Iraq breaks your heart? It is joyous liberation! Those who were condemned not only have a chance to fight for their lives, they are kicking ass, passing on the intel that blows up their tormentors daily while rapidly growing the bones and muscles that will soon allow their nation to stand like a new-born wildebeest, running free at 10 minutes old.

How can their eyes be so bad? Mudville has a great quote (slightly edited for brevity): "Next time someone tells you that we're losing the war, be sure to ask them which side they're on." The side that the leftist’s are on is obvious. They are anti-conservative bigots. If this were Bill Clinton's war they would absorb the propitious reason and evidence along with the bad and the scales would be lifted from their eyes, but as soon as their partisanship runs against the truth, they abandon truth. It is form of brain damage, freely chosen. The failure is moral.

Hugh Hewitt keeps saying that the mainstream media doesn't realize yet that it has lost its power and is rapidly becoming irrelevant. Lefty bloggers are in the same situation, and they don't realize it yet either.

To be honest I am fed up of watching the leftist media and their perverted lies. I have found the Internet a much better resource and actually found out things are going pretty well in Iraq.

Even though there are problems bring these backward Muslims out of the dark ages and into civilised society. We all know the leftist press will jump on only the negative aspects of what is going on there.

Your right if this was Bill Clinton's war we would only hear the good things about what is going on there. They're hipocracy never ceases to amaze me.
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