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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Moore's dishonesty about the war is traitorous

The leftists are inundating the NYT movie reviews with praise for Michael Moore's lies about the terror war in Fahrenheit 9/11 so I decided to add my 2 cents. Here it is:

Intentionally misrepresenting the evidence about the nation's war efforts in an attempt to undermine those efforts makes Moore a traitor. Numerous Democrat reviewers acknowledge Moore's relentless disinformation, but approve his propaganda film as effective politics. That is just as traitorous. One's motivation for being a traitor in no way excuses or mitigates it.

My question for Moore fans, NYT fans, and 2/3’s of the Democrat party: if truth to you is whatever lies serve your presumptions about what is right, what in the world makes you think your presumptions about what is right can possibly BE right? You are witnessing one of the great good deeds in human history, masterfully accomplished. Iraq is free, and is now taking up arms to, with our help, purge itself of the vermin--the collection of Baathists and terrorists--who seek to kill both us and them. Yet you.... you grasp at every conceivable lie to slander this great deed.

Saddam was no threat to us? Morons. He almost brought the Trade Towers down in 93! Halliburton is profiteering? Forty-one Halliburton employees have been murdered in Iraq as they struggle to rebuild that country so that it can succeed and be denied to the terrorists. They are fighting and dying for Iraq and for us every bit as much as our soldiers are, and you slander them. You were lied to? Only by yourselves.

Every stinking lie anyone can come up with, you glom onto like a hope, so long it as expresses your anti-conservative bigotry. Yet you remain sure that your hearts are in the right place, as if this is somehow automatic, rather than dependent on an honest accounting of value. It is NOT automatic, and you aren't there.

Rawls, apply your logic to yourself: you have no more direct information than Michael Moore does about Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Do you expect readers of your blog to believe your claims blindly but disbelieve Michael Moore's?
And above all, you don't give Americans enough credit for being able to think for themselves. Come on, this is 2004. Michael Moore isn't fooling anyone: his biases and clever edits are obviously manipulative. We watch Fox News, we watch CNN, we read the New York Times, we read the Sun Times, and guess what: we decide for ourselves what to believe and what to disbelieve. The vast majority of the people who see "F-9/11" give it a positive rating. Are you saying that the people who don't agree with you are stupid?
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