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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Time for Jews to sell Israel, and buy Araby

The Jews are one of mankind’s greatest treasures, especially valuable now for their scarcity. It is a mistake to keep so many of these eggs in one basket. Zionism was a beautiful ambition, but a Jewish state greatly increases the chances of another Jewish genocide. This is not a risk that the Jewish people, or the world, can afford to take.

Israelis got their land the moral way. They bought it, then they defended it (if only they had driven their Arab attackers hundreds of miles back, instead of tens of miles). It is time now for our Jewish brothers and sisters to cash in the equity they have built up, and move to safer climes. Please, return to Diaspora, where you cannot be murdered en masse again.

No need for all to leave, and no need to sell to Arabs. It is time for non-Arabs to start buying up and taking over Arab lands. Just as the Jews need to go back into diaspora for their safety, Arab lands need to be riven by foreigners for the safety of the world, and what better foothold than Israel. There are plenty of Russians, Romanians, Philippinos, Chinese, Africans, Mexicans and others who would gladly move to Israel to work for Jewish companies, buy land, and become citizens. Then just keep buying outwards.

Soon enough the river Jordan will be inside the new Israel, then Jordan itself. Buy Egypt. Own the Nile. Find something useful to do with Saudi Arabia. Those Arabs that can devote themselves to productivity rather than racist evil will be absorbed. The rest will be pushed back to what miserable dirt they can afford. Their labor will never be needed. The rest of the world can supply the workforce for an expanding Middle East economy until, like the Jews, the Arabs are everywhere in diaspora (everywhere but Iraq, perhaps), which will be an incidental bit of cosmic justice.

States used to be formed by force. Israel has pioneered a new form, where states are created by buying the land. Let this new form march across the Muslim world the way the United States marched across the North American continent. It can and should happen, but it will take time, time that the Jews do not have, as Iran and Syria and Hamas and Al Queda feverishly try to get their hands on just one Pakistani, North Korean, Russian or Chinese nuke to wipe out the one people who most directly thwart their racist ambitions. Christian Arabs ought not to be included in this indictment. It is a Muslim thing, spanning Persian, Pakistani and Indonesian boundaries. Eventually, all Muslims who are devoted to bigotry will be bought out, but first things first. The Jews must live.

Spread yourselves out in the safe havens of Australia, the Americas and Eastern Europe, leaving plenty behind to run your businesses and hire people from outside of the middle-east until non-middle easterners become the new Israeli majority. If non-Middle-Easterners do not become the new majority, then not enough Jews will have left for the Jewish race to be secure, and not enough foreigners will have come for the expansionary state be enabled.

Whether or not Jews leave Israel for safer homes (I can't fault people for being too brave), Israel should pursue policies of economic and population expansion by opening the door wide to non-Jewish, non-Muslim immigration. Let this be the new Zionism: not a Jewish state per se, but a Jewish creation: a United States of Israel, spreading over and moralizing what was the Muslim world.

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