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Friday, May 21, 2010

Large numbers of Muslim terrorists coming over the southern border

Evidence documented by WSBTV in Atlanta. The whole country needs to see this:

Part 1 (4 minutes, no ad)

Part 2 (ditto)

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(Hat tip, bigg bill.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Muhammad: The Ten Cartoonments

Fourth Cartoonment
Koran 4.24: "Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess."

In February 2006, when Muslims around the world were at the peak of Murdering people over the Motoons, I offered a set of Ten Cartoonments, depicting Orthodox Islam's systematic violation of the Ten Commandments.

Third Cartoonment

I was hoping I could use the jihadists' propensity for outrage to trick them into making an issue of this exposure of their constant violation of the proclaimed foundation of their own religion, undercutting them and using their own perverse energy to advance Islamic reform. My effort got no exposure, but the principle is sound.

Ever since 9/11, people of good will have been trying to distinguish between true Islam and the "false Islam" of al Qaeda. Few are willing to state the obvious: that this false Islam is ORTHODOX Islam.

The Sixth Commandment (sorry King James) translates from the Hebrew as: "Thou shalt not murder." There is no clearer murder than Orthodox Islam's death penalties for blasphemy and apostasy. Murder is any killing that is not in defense against violent attack or conspiracy to violent attack. Blasphemy and apostasy are mere ideological non-conformity, not violent threat. Then there are the Koran's numerous commands to wage jihad (2.216), to slaughter (9.5), and to subjugate (9.29), all interpreted by orthodox Islam as universal edicts.

Orthodox Islam is a murder cult, pure and simple, but orthodox Islam and true Islam are very different things. No contender for "true Islam" can possibly escape the Ten Commandments. Dozens of times the Koran condemns those who "forget the laws of Moses." This is the founding stone of the religion, the point where the Koran both claims the God of Abraham and condemns the Jews for supposedly being unfaithful to that god. But the Jews were only accused of twisting the "allegorical" parts of the books of Moses, not the "basic parts" (Koran 3.2-7), and nothing is more basic than the Ten Commandments.

Orthodox Islam, with its systematic violation of the Ten Commandments, can only be a grotesquely false Islam, as complete a perversion of true Islam as it is possible to imagine. It is orthodox Islam that attacked America on 9/11, and it is orthodox Islam that must be reviled by every decent person.

My picture of Muhammad? Go ahead you orthodox jihadists, prove the falsity of your Islam by erupting in outrage. Prove that you are "fuel for the fire," as the Koran names the idolators:

Tenth Cartoonment

My Ten Cartoonments piece is quite long, but worthwhile if you are interested in the possibilities for using Islamic texts to haul Islam up from a pre-Ten Commandments religion to a Ten Commandments religion, which is all that morality requires of Muslims. Stop committing murder, theft, covetry, adultery, false witness, idolatry, and every other Mosaic crime. Then we are fine. You can come on in, and please feel free to use your new-found freedom to waken your moral sense and start using your god-given brains.

Only by punishing all criticism with death has orthodox Islam been able to keep the lid on its systematic violation of the most fundamental laws of the God of Abraham. The twin death penalties for blasphemy and apostasy are orthodox Islam's Berlin wall. The west can expose the un-Islamic perversity of this murder, but it is up to Muslims to "tear this wall down," because THEY are the bricks. They must abandon orthodox Islam for true Abrahamic religion, one by one, or else burn, if there really is a Hell, and there should be a Hell, with special torment set aside for those who do evil in the name of God.

That is what it means to "take the lord's name in vain." You didn't think orthodox Islam would miss violating one of the ten did you?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Newsweek Newspeak

If you believe that people should be judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin—if you resent no one because of their race but only resent people being granted special consideration because of their race—then you are guilty of "racial resentment" according to Newsweek.

If you do harbor racial resentments—if you believe that "over the past few years blacks have gotten less than they deserve"—then you are not guilty of racial resentment.

This is what it takes to smear the Tea Party as racist.

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