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Monday, November 03, 2008

Lesson for the Obamamedia: threats you try to cover up will be inevitably be realized

The Obamamedia is acting exactly like the Memorial Project. Both are avoiding and suppressing massive evidence of hostile intent. The willful blindness of the Memorial Project will only give us a humiliating but very survivable terrorist memorial mosque. An Obama victory will give us a president who is committed to rapid retreat from victory in Iraq, to unilateral disarmament, and to making energy prices “skyrocket”; a president whose mentors are the Reverend “God DAMN America” Wright and domestic terrorist William Ayers, who is already engaged in systematic election fraud and who maintains extensive ties to Islamofascists while lying about his Muslim upbringing. All of this is easily documented, and all of it is suppressed or whitewashed by America’s mainstream media.

The lesson of the flight 93 memorial is simple. Whatever dangers people try to wish away they are going to get smashed over the head with, for the simple reason that they have closed their eyes to the threat. They are ALLOWING it to proceed and smash them over the head. It is the negative version of the lesson of Flight 93. Heeding information from the ground that their plane was being used as a missile, the heroes of Flight 93 were able to stop the hijackers from reaching the nation's capitol. At the opposite extreme, efforts to hide the truth have turned the Memorial Project and the Obamamedia into enablers of evil.

The election fraud example

While the blogosphere is afire with the discovery that Obama accepts false-name and false address credit card donations, allowing foreigners to donate and allowing everyone to evade campaign finance limits, the Obamamedia makes a front page "scandal" over the Republican National Committee buying a campaign wardrobe for Sarah Palin. When the Washington Post can no longer justify ignoring the donation fraud story, they run a blatant white wash, pretending that the McCain website has the same issues. Then they run a second whitewash, pretending that Obama is only accepting false-name and address donations from pre-paid credit cards, which everyone following the story online knows to be false.

Similarly for the massive and systematic ACORN vote fraud, and Obama's years of close association with ACORN. The press desperately tries to cover up extensive evidence that Obama will aggressively try to steal elections so that this information won't keep him from reaching the presidency, where he will have the POWER to steal elections. If this reality would only smash THEM over the heads, it wouldn't be so bad, but it is ALL of us who are going to end up under the thumb of a Hugo Chavez style election stealer if the media keeps suppressing the evidence that Obama IS a Hugo Chavez style election stealer.

They don't MEAN to usher in a usurper. They just want a Democrat to win, and because they refused to report Obama's negatives during the primaries, Hillary Clinton lost and they are now stuck with a Democrat that only Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright would vote for if the facts were known. By the same token, the Memorial Project does not mean to build a terrorist memorial mosque, but because they have decided to avoid and suppress the evidence, that is what they are actually doing.

Pretending to have investigated warnings

Memorial Project Chairman John Reynolds dismisses the claim that the Tower of Voices is a year-round accurate Islamic prayer-time sundial by claiming that ANY tower with a wall around it can be used as an Islamic sundial. When time for Islamic prayers comes, just mark the spot where the tower's shadow crosses the wall and there you go.

Wrong. Islamic prayer times are determined by shadow length, not shadow angle. Prayer time markers must be placed a particular distance from the sundial's gnomon, and must follow a particular arc. Chairman Reynolds’ misconception that Islamic prayer times can be marked by shadow angle proves that he never even looked at the sundial analysis (the subject of our last blogburst), yet here he is assuring the public that he has investigated this evidence of an al Qaeda sympathizing plot and found it to be a false alarm.

Same for the Obamamedia. They are pretending that they have vetted Obama when they have actually been protecting him from scrutiny.

How can it not be front page news that one of Obama's closest political allies, his fellow Luo tribesman Raila Odinga, who rioted his way to the Prime Ministership of Kenya, is known to be lying about being a Christian? It turns out that this man who Obama traveled to Kenya to campaign for in 2006 is actually a secret Islamofascist, signing a secret document with Muslim leaders in which he first declares Islam to be the only true religion, then promises to impose Sharia law.

None of this is in question. The secret agreement became public when the Muslim leaders decided to brag about it. You can read Odinga's admission of the secret agreement on his own website, yet it has never been mentioned in our mainstream media, just as Obama's own lies about his Muslim background do not get reported. Testimony from childhood friends and from his own sister belie his claim to have been raised Christian rather than Muslim.

Deception is a virtue in Islam

It's Obama's deceit about his Muslim background that is damning. The Koran allows Muslims to lie about their religion in order to advance Islamic conquest, and Obama knows the Koran. He studied it in Arabic as a child (which is how he was able to sing the Shahada--the Muslim declaration of faith--for Nicholas Kristof in Arabic "with a first rate accent": he was drilled on it). It is the fact that he lies about his past and his associations that gives the clearest indication that Obama actually is a secret Islamofascist.

Just the other day he claimed not to know about his illegal alien aunt, when it turns out his campaign has actually been tracking her.
Obama actually seems to exult in deception. Note the surreptitious fingers he gave to both Hillary and McCain. The obvious explanation is that deception is a virtue in Islam, so long as it is in the service of Islamic conquest. There is nothing wrong with tricking people in Obama’s mind because there is nothing wrong with tricking people in his religion.

Obama also has Nation of Islam people on his staff. NOI is our domestic Islamofascist group, specializing in anti-semitism and anti-white racism (al la Obama mentor Jeremiah Wright, who champions NOI leader Louis Farrakhan). One of Obama's best dinner buddies is Palestinian terror supporter Rashid Khalidi. Obama's cousin/buddy Odinga gets most of his funding from Moammar Ghaddafi. The terror ties go on and on, with all of it covered up by the Obamamedia. When Obama slips up and admits “my Muslim faith,” they even jump in to correct him.

If McCain possessed a single liability one tenth the magnitude of any of Obama's, he would be gone in a week, yet a recent study shows that the media coverage of McCain has been twice as negative as the Obama coverage, even in the absence of any obvious negatives (beyond being much too far left for any real conservative, which is actually a positive vis a vis the radically leftist Obama).

Truth suppression can give us a hijacked presidency as easily as a hijacked memorial

Suppress evidence of Obama's long and close relationship with domestic terrorist William Ayers and you get hit over the head with a president who has the same idea of "change" that Ayers does. Hide the Obama-ACORN-Fannie-Mae policies that caused the financial meltdown and you'll get whacked with MORE meltdown. Bury Obama’s declared intent to use the phony religion of global warming alarmism to cut off our energy supply and destroy the U.S. economy, and we will get a destroyed economy.

Just look at the Memorial Project. In September 2005, when national controversy over the Crescent of Embrace first erupted, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette held a special meeting to discuss the discovery that the giant crescent (now called a broken circle) points almost exactly at Mecca. (That makes it a mihrab, the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built.) Faced with this explosive information, the Post-Gazette made a top editorial decision not to tell the public about the Mecca orientation of the crescent. (Crescent of Betrayal, Part II, Chapter 6, p 108.) As a result, we are still on track, three years later, to have a terrorist memorial mosque planted on the graves of our murdered heroes.

We are supposed to be vigilant now. We learned on 9-11 the nature of our Islamofascist enemies, that they hide amongst us, pretending to be trustworthy friends while perpetrating acts of war. Armed with this knowledge, as the passengers and crew of Flight 93 were, we think we will never sit still for a hijacking again. Yet our media still hopes to gain advantage from truth suppression, and so we find ourselves today on the brink of having a hijacker take over the Oval Office.

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My, what a foul mouthed young brownshirt. Josh Franco is his name. If I could be certain that he is this Josh Franco, I would leave his comment up, and have more than a few words to say about the change from his vacuous but polite pre-election demeanor to his post election persona of empowered scumbag. Of course we know that these Obamabots all immitate their dear leader in the practice of deception, as in everything else. Still, I don't want to use this dirtbag as too much of an example when I might have him mis-identified.
Well, the MSM has done their dirty work well, and we will start the year 2009 with this charismatic demagogue as president. I would not be surprised to see a filibuster-proof Senate too, as there are a few races still too close to call and/or in the process of being recounted, and we know how good Democrats are at finding new votes in such circumstances. I'm not sure I'd be too sorry to see that happen, as maybe this country deserves the results of giving Obama/Reid/Pelosi all they want for a while. 52% of us anyway. I guess the rest of us who don't deserve them will get them too, but that's what happens when, to paraphrase the title of one of Bernard Goldberg's books, "One side loses its nerve and the other side loses its mind."
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