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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What a mihrab means to the Wahhabists, the Khomeini-ists and the other Salafists

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In 1981, Ayatollah Khomeini explained the meaning of a Mecca-direction indicator (called a mihrab), like the one now being planted on the Flight 93 crash site:
Mehrab means the place of war, the place of fighting. Out of the mehrabs, wars should proceed, just as all the wars of Islam used to proceeded out of the mehrabs. [Hat tip Yoel Natan, Moon-o-theism, p. 30]
The I-ah-told-you-so wasn't just speaking allegorically either. The University of Chicago's Francis Joseph Steinglass Comprehensive Persian-English dictionary lists amongst its definitions for mihrab: "warlike," and "a field of battle." (Hat tip Czechmade.)

Anyone who thinks it is okay to build the world's largest mihrab on the Flight 93 crash site really should read Khomeini's whole speech (his tribute to Muhammad). It's only two pages, but psychopathic hellspawn like Khomeini can pack an awful lot of murder-lust into a short space, when every stinking sentence is a plea for wanton slaughter.

From beginning:
The real Day of God is the day that Amir al mo’menin drew his sword and slaughtered all the khavarej and killed them from the first to the last.
To end:
We believe that the accused essentially does not have to be tried. He or she must just be killed. Only their identity is to be established and then they should be killed.
"The accused," of course, is YOU, and all the other "discontented people" who do not readily submit to the murder-cult's endless demands.

To rid the world of who they accuse of violating God's law, they grant themselves exemption from the Sixth Commandment. Evil stupidity. Maggots for brains. Matched only by the see-no-evil stupidity of a western world that is so defrauded by its dishonest left wing media that it is losing the capacity to fight back.

Will we really build a Salafist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crash site? Will we really elect a president who is in bed with Islamofascists and domestic terrorists alike? Will we really let Iran get the nuclear weapons with which to wipe city after American city off the map, as they so desperately crave? Will we really turn off the energy spigot--the key to past and continuing progress--based on utterly fraudulent claims of human-caused global warming, even as the world descends into a substantial cooling phase?

None of these issues should even be in question, yet the minority of us who are trying to stem the collapse of the nation can barely battle even these gimmies to a draw, and could lose all four. If the nation survives this "moment" in history--this long war with Islamic fascism and with our own liberty hating left--it will be thanks to the relative handful of people who recognize honest reason and evidence as impenetrable armor and unbreakable sword against those who seek advantage in manipulative dishonesty.

The demagogues and their dupes are powerful in numbers, but blind. Their hostility to contrary reason and evidence divorces them from reality, leaving them ignorant of surrounding truth. That is our advantage. We know the lay of the land, and can use it to defeat them, but we still have to get up and do it.

UPDATE: Khalim from Muslims against Sharia tells me that Salafism is strictly a Sunni ideology and cannot be used to encompass the Shiite Khomeini-ists. I thought it was a general term for those who model themselves on the first three generations of Islam, but apparently it is regarded simply as a formal sect name, not an adjective. In any case, if I had wanted to use it as an adjective, I shouldn't have capitalized it, so I definitely erred.

"apparently it is regarded simply as a formal sect name, not an adjective"

Actually, in a way, you're right. In some context, 'Salafist' could be regarded as a 'dirty word' by some moderate Muslims.
Point taken. I shouldn't imply that salafist is NECESSARILY a dirty word (certainly not as an adjective). It depends on HOW a particular Muslim interprets the first three generations of Islam. The problem is that those who have claimed the purity of the first three generations by calling themselves Salafists have so far all been of the most murderous segment of Islam.
Our definition of 'Salafist':
A terrorist scumbag who wants to murder everyone who does not subscribe to his/her perverted views.
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