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Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 recollection

Pat Dollard asks the "where were you?" question. Here is the answer I left at his blog:

I was visiting my folks in Boston, and had already packed my bags for my flight back to the west coast a couple hours later. The airlines were shut down and I stayed another 4 or 5 days. If I had taken an earlier flight, I might have been on one of those planes that hit the Trade Center. Any chance I would have realized it was a suicide mission, and that we had to fight?

That week my sister told me about a small child of one her friends, only 3 or 4 years old, who had done a crayon drawing of an airliner about to hit a tall building. In the windows of the plane were smiling faces. When the child showed the drawing to his parents, they were confused. Did their child not know what had happened, or was he perhaps building some mental wall against the scenes of mass murder, and depicting this inner conflict for them to see?

“Why are the people smiling?” the parents asked delicately. But the child was not at all confused, explaining: "Because they don’t know….”

“Oh God,” the parents collapsed protectively around their child. The little one understood everything. But how many adults still do not understand the lesson of 9/11, and of Flight 93?

We are supposed to KNOW now that we are at war, and must be vigilant against our Islamofascist enemy, but half the nation is still pretending that Islam is a religion of peace, and that it is okay to elect as president a man who lies about his Muslim upbringing.

UPDATE: Sick Kos Kids display perfect inversion of the wisdom of a child:

Kos Kids 9-11 tribute

In the child's drawing, the faces looking out the windows of the airplane are smiling because the passengers can't see that they are about to hit the building. In the Kos Kid's drawing, the airplanes are joyful because they CAN see they are going to hit the buildings.

Via Ace.

UPDATE II: Another kid's drawing, showing infinitely more depth than the scoffing Kos Kidz:

Via Max, in the comments.

Yes, I understand the supposed nuanced meaning of the Koz Kidz Krap: that they are depicting all this remembrance of 9/11 as some kind of unfair dwelling on this ONE attack by our Islamofascist enemies. Come, on, can't we just forget it already, and stop all this evil war mongering?

Only an adult can be that shallow, that dishonest, that intentionally oblivious to existential evil. It's like Alec Baldwin in Team America, enunciating with "great acting" (i.e. very slowly):
Team America is as bad as the terrorists they fight.
Those of us who care about reality, instead of empty partisanship, will NEVER forget, and if we as a people can manage to follow basic moral sense (no easy feat for a democracy), we will not stop systematically pinching off the adherents of violently aggressive Islam until there is not a single representative of that existential evil left alive on this earth.

NEVER forget:
Second Tower being hit
Via Bill Quick.

Here are some children's drawings of 9/11:


The Twin Towers holding hands, it just leaves me speechless.
okay first of all happy twin towers day???? that is so disrespectful and whoever the teacher is tht influenced a kid to draw that needs to be fired because i am so angry and that is just that makes me speechless. my6 name is austin and how dare you post some shit about this like that on the internet whether its a political cartoon or not that is so disrespectful if something like that happened to your family you would not want to see something like that, i have no clue which dumb teacher would even approve of this to be on the www so you need to think before you post. if you have any questions or comments you can contact me at johnaustin14@gmail.com or you can even dial them ten numbers and ill be glad to talk to you about it. the ten number you need to dial are 864-376-4519
In my view everybody must go through it.
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"In my view everybody must go through it."
I don't understand what that means. What is it that everybody must go through?
It's a new kind of spam Max. Whenever you see a comment that doesn't relate to the post in a logical way, it was put there by someone who is paid (practically nothing in some third world country) to go around leaving links to their employers urls, which raise search engine profiles.

The illogic comes from the fact that the people leaving the comments never read the post. They have to pretend they are a real commentor or the anti-spam software will catch them, but at most they will note what the subject is. In any case, the only object is to get past the spam filter.
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