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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Memorial Project superintendent lies about receiving threats

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Joanne Hanley, superintendent of the Flight 93 Memorial Project, cannot answer the damning facts about the crescent design (now called a broken circle), so she has decided to slander the people who are pointing them out. In a speech at the Memorial Project's August 2nd meeting, she cited a list of "threats" she had received from critics, saying for instance that her "career would be destroyed."

In defense of Superintendent Hanley, Flight 93 family member Calvin Wilson expressed his disgust at the violent threats and charged that critics were acting like the terrorists themselves. Three Pennsylvania newspapers covered Hanley's claims to have been threatened, one editorialized against the uncivilized critics, and a Memorial Project press release highlighted Wilson's outraged response to the supposed threats.

It is all a lie. Here is the Letter to the Editor that Alec Rawls just sent to the duped Pennsylvania newspapers, exposing Superintendent Hanley's deception:

A warning is not a threat. A warning is to protect against a threat.

As the lead organizer of the movement to stop the crescent design, I can tell you who made the statements that Superintendent Hanley was complaining about. I recognized every one of the phrases she cited as coming from myself. It is ME who Joanne Hanley is accusing of making threats, an accusation that is not just false, but grotesquely dishonest.

What Joanne Hanley is casting as threats were WARNINGS, trying to alert her to the threat posed by architect Paul Murdoch and his scheme to plant a giant Mecca-oriented crescent on the Flight 93 crash site. This is one of Superintendent Hanley’s excuses for refusing to heed warnings about the crescent design. She pretends that warnings are threats and hence SHOULD NOT be listened to.

When I couldn’t get Hanley to look to the facts for the country’s sake, I tried to appeal to her instinct for self-preservation, warning her of the personal consequences of Murdoch’s attempt to stab a terrorist memorial mosque into the heartland of America. (That is the meaning of a crescent that Muslims face into to face Mecca: it is the central feature of a mosque.)

As I put it in a March 2006 email to both Superintendent Hanley and Project Manager Jeff Reinbold:
I have been trying to save your lives and your careers for six months. It is not too late for you. You can still do your jobs and investigate the basic facts I have warned you about, like the Mecca-orientation of Murdoch's original Crescent of embrace, and the continued presence of Murdoch's original crescent in the redesign.
Shortly after this email, Joanne Hanley told me why she was not concerned about the almost-exact Mecca orientation of the giant crescent. In a conference call with Jeff Reinbold, she told me that: “It isn’t exact. That’s one we talked about. It has to be exact.” (The giant crescent points 1.8° north of Mecca, ± .1°.)

If she had admitted to the public what she was admitting in private—that the giant crescent does indeed point almost exactly to Mecca—it would have been okay. The people of Pennsylvania would be able to decide for themselves whether a giant Mecca-oriented crescent makes an acceptable memorial to the victims of Islamic terrorism, so long as it does not point EXACTLY at Mecca. Instead, the Memorial Project decided to deceive the public, sending an academic fraud from the University of Texas to assure the press that there is no such thing as the direction to Mecca:
Daniel Griffith, a geospatial information sciences professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, said anything can point toward Mecca, because the earth is round. [Post Gazette, “Flight 93 memorial draws a new round of criticism,” August 18, 2007.]
Just as I warned Superintendent Hanley that her career was in jeopardy, I also warned Dr. Griffith that his career would be destroyed if he did not correct this blatant disinformation. Like Hanley, Griffith too interpreted my warning as a threat, as if it would be ME who was responsible for the harm to his reputation, when he was covering up evidence of an enemy plot by lying about basic geometry, pretending that there is no direction between two points on planet earth.

In spite of the Memorial Project’s active cover-up of Murdoch’s plot, I continued to treat Superintendent Hanley as what she is: a fellow countryman aboard a hijacked airplane who is in need of rescue. As I put it in another email to Superintendent Hanley last November:
I don’t want you to be hurt here. There is only one bad guy in this story: Paul Murdoch. I want to help everyone else get off of this hijacked airplane. … I am not your enemy. I am your friend. I am the one who has been trying to save you, for two damned years, and I still am, despite your persistent public slanders against me.
Is it even POSSIBLE to be clearer? A warning is not a threat. A warning is to protect someone from a threat, as my communications spelled out over and over. For Joanne Hanley to pretend that these warnings about the threat she is facing were threats in themselves is deliberate dishonesty. For her to tell Calvin Wilson that these attempts to protect her from Murdoch’s plot were violent threats against her, prompting Wilson to use his status as a family member to attack critics on this dishonest basis, is even worse.

Joanne Hanley is not the only person I am warning. Every Pennsylvanian is aboard this hijacked airplane. How can the newspapers of Pennsylvania let stand a fraudulent claim that there is no such thing as the direction to Mecca? How can the educated people of Pennsylvania, the math teachers, the college students, the politicians, let such a fraud stand, when every one of you knows that Muslims face Mecca for prayer?

If Pennsylvanians continue to be willfully blind to easily verifiable evidence of an enemy plot in your own back yard, history will not be kind to you.

Alec Rawls
Palo Alto CA
August 12, 2008

Morality requires trust in truth
Imagine if one of the passengers on Flight 93 was told that if they did not retake the airplane, they would be killed when the terrorists flew the airplane into a building. If the passenger was Joanne Hanley, she would say: "Stop threatening me!"

Any excuse to avoid the truth, no matter how nonsensical or even suicidal. A photo-negative of the fighting spirit of Flight 93.

Asked by Pilate to account for himself, Jesus answered: “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.” (Jn. 18:37.) Jesus wasn’t a witness for the truth only sometimes, or only about matters of salvation. He proceeded from the factual truth of every situation that crossed his path, and called upon the rest of us to similarly trust in truth.

Secular moral reason demands the same thing. Anyone who thinks that it can somehow be right or in their interest to avoid or suppress the truth will through that avoidance of the truth become divorced from reality, with the inevitable effect that their ideas about what is right or in their interest can only be wrong. This is the irrationality of the Memorial Project. They proceed on the assumption that the crescent design is innocent, while self-consciously covering up evidence that it is not.

This malfeasance puts the rest of our society to the test. All of the people who we pay to check and report the facts: government, academia and the media, are all desperately trying to suppress the truth. That leaves it up to the rest of us to witness and communicate the truth about Murdoch's plot. (Some basic facts, and how to verify them for yourself, posted here.)

So Alec, the terrorists have decided that the best way to fight America would be to secretly design the flight 93 monument, and have somehow embedded their evil designers and architects in the project. They have through the power of Islamo-magic and divine Islamofacism managed to do all this without being detected until Alec Rawls, the investigative superhero uncovered their devious scheme for the world to see! You sir are the true American hero!
Victor Krause, another typical left-wing moron. He could easily check for himself whether the giant crescent actually points to Mecca, etcetera. It is just a matter of opening up the design drawings and taking a look, and the link I provided would take him to the design drawings and tell him where to look. But the facts don't interest him. He prefers to speculate on the plausibility of whether the things I am saying could be true, instead of checking whether they are true. It's like he's got a negative IQ. His goal is to stupidize himself, and of course he succeeds. He PREFERS ignorant speculation to easily verifiable fact because ignorance allows him to snidely maintain his preferred conclusion. Thank you Victor Krause, for so clearly revealing what a self-lobotimized moral imbecile you are.

Other left-wing morons are welcome to reveal themselves too, but please be as good as Victor and leave your name. After all, if you don't want people to know you said it, you shouldn't be saying it, right? So put it out there: "I, John Q. Moron, love to snicker in ignorance the way a pig loves to roll in his own piss, but looking at the facts is as distasteful to me as eating glass."
The crescent isn't even an official Islamic symbol you idiot! Is the star in the crescent image you put on the page also an Islamic symbol?! Oh my god! The Islamofascists have gone back in time, and placed Islamic symbols on the American flag!

You've managed to put together all this inaccurate bullshit without addressing WHY they would want to devote all this effort into making it an Islamic shrine, and WHO are the people behind this evil plot?

Keep up the good work. Your paranoid delusions make for a hilarious read! Love it!
Why would the enemy want to win a memorial to their heroes instead of our? Gee, Mr. Negative IQ, that one's a real mystery.

I like the one about the crescent not being an official Islamic symbol, when it appears on the vast majority of ISLAMIC FLAGS.

Thanks, Victor, for demonstrating the willful blindness of the defenders of the crescent.

The Memorial Project, by the way, is every bit as blatantly and self-consciously dishonest in their evasions about the crescent design. This Victor Krause moron is not an outlier. He is typical.
All four of the flags you posted as proof for the crescent being an Islamic symbol feature stars. Explain to me how the stars aren't considered an Islamic symbol based on your twisted logic.

All your so-called evidence is utter bullshit if you can't establish a direct link between the Americans involved in creating the memorial and our Al-Qaeda enemies. Go ahead and post transcripts of their communications, their e-mails and their phone calls.

You are totally irrelevant unless you can post evidence of enemy involvement in this project.

On a side note, I think is pathetically cute how you pretend like your addressing legions of readers when you reply to my comments. I'm the only one responding to your incoherent ramblings you tinfoil hat wearing dimwit!
I am not addressing legions of readers, Mr. Negative IQ. I am addressing posterity. This exchange is part of the historical record of what will be one of the biggest scandals in American history, and the self-lobotimization of people like you is a significant part of the story.

Just like the Memorial Project, you come up with one moronic dodge after another. Now you want emails between the architect and al Qaeda. That's like saying you aren't going to believe that Mohammad Atta was a terrorist unless you see emails between Atta and bin Laden. What Atta actually DID (fly an airliner into the Trade Towers) is somehow irrelevant.

The scandal in the present case is an architect planting a giant Mecca-oriented crescent (the world's largest mihrab) on the Flight 93 crash site, while Memorial Project spokesmen know and admit that the giant crescent points to Mecca, yet lie to the public about it.

Then there are the people like you who want to be lied to. Look how you lie to yourself. Because there are stars on the American flag, you claim that the star on an Islamic flag is an American symbol.

Victor Krause, one of the absolute stupidest most dishonest pieces of moral trash who ever lived, and every comment you post here proves it.

I appreciate you for being so up front with your intellectual dishonesty. It really is helpful.

I collected a number of statements from Memorial Project personell last week that taken on their own will be very hard for anyone to believe, but you and the TBogg morons, and occasional others who have been similarly generous with their stupidity, provide a broader base of data points.

"No way," many people will want to say about my various anecdotes: "NO ONE could possibly be stupid enought and dishonest enough to say that because the American flag has stars on it, the star on AN ISLAMIC FLAG is an American symbol!"

History, meet Victor Krause. He is TYPICAL of the left at this point in history. I have run across a THOUSAND Victor Krauses in the memorial story alone.
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