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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Map of Betrayal

Map of Betrayal
Click thumbnail to view high rez flyer (300dpi). Fits letter size paper. Suitable for flyering your town or campus.

This image is a really valuable resource, capturing a great deal of info on a single eye catching page.

I have printed this image on high gloss photo paper and attached a 4 inch length of white paper printed with this website link as a tear off feature, and posted them on grocery store bulletin boards and left it in a couple of Barnes & Nobel/Borders Book store vestibules next to the free mags.
Great idea anonymous. If anyone wants some really sharp flyers but isn't set up for it at home, you can save the PDF to a floppy or a CD and take it down to Kinkos. They charge 50 cents a copy on their 28# laser paper. The glossy cardstock is about $1.25. I'm getting some samples made up now to compare, but I think the heavy laser paper should be fine.

Ink jet printing also looks pretty good, so don't feel you have to spend extra to go flyering.
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