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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TBogg's phony excuse for the deleted Flight 93 document

TBogg has posted an explanation for how Kevin Jaques’ assessment of the Flight 93 Memorial went missing from one of his comment threads. Sometime following “the Infamous Alec Rawls Comment Thread,” says TBogg:
... after I was done picking up the beer cans, cigarette butts, and the assorted discarded underwear, I switched from Blogspot comments to Haloscan. In the process, all of the previous comment threads were lost...

Fortunately through the miracle of intertubes nerdiness the Lost Commentinent has been rediscovered and you can go read them here.
TBogg insinuates that the Holoscan snafu is the reason that the restored comment thread is missing the Jaques comment, but he does not actually say it, and for good reason. The Jaques deletion had nothing to do with any comment system switchover.

A commentator on this blog looked up TBogg’s site on the Wayback Machine. Turns out that Wayback was taking snapshots of Tbogg’s comment threads every week. Only Blogspot comments show up on Wayback, but that is all that is needed to tell the tale.

Throughout the period in question (spring and summer of 2006) all of TBogg’s Blogspot comment threads are stable except for the “infamous” one, which actually exhibits quite a bit of activity. Not only did TBogg hand delete Jaques comment, but he was apparently torn about it, changing his mind a number of times over a period of weeks.

Background, for those who don't know what Kevin Jaques did

It is not known exactly when Kevin Jaques was asked by the Memorial Project to write an assessment of my warnings about Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the Crescent of Embrace design. Most likely he wrote it in late March of 2006, just before he posted it at the end of TBogg’s January 6, 2006 comment thread.

(If anyone wants to look, go open up the March 31st snapshot of TBogg’s site, then find the January 06 archive page. The Lunacy Abounds post is about a third of the way up from the bottom. Click on the permalink and the comment thread will appear, with the Jaques comment at the bottom. In the previous snapshot, March 28th, the Jaques comment has not yet shown up. Ditto for earlier dates.)

The Jaques comment is important because it shows the blatant dishonesty of the Park Service’s internal investigation. Jaques acknowledged that the giant Mecca-oriented crescent at the center of the design is similar to the Mecca direction indicator (called a mihrab) around which every mosque is built, then he told the Park Service not to worry because no one has ever seen seen a mihrab anywhere near this big before:
Thirdly, most mihrabs are small, rarely larger than the figure of a man, although some of the more ornamental ones can be larger, but nothing as large at the crescent found in the site design. It is unlikely that most Muslims would walk into the area of the circle/crescent and see a mihrab because it is well beyond their limit of experience. Again, just because it is similar does not make it the same.
The Park Service has released excerpts from Jaques’ comment, proving that the TBogg comment comes from Jaques, but it has never released the revealing parts, like where Jaques says not to worry because one has ever seen a mihrab this big before.

How to get rid of the body? TBogg has second, third and fourth thoughts

TBogg is THE source for the full text of Jaques' analysis, with its blatant excuse-making for the giant mihrab. Having this analysis publicly available was a problem, both for Jaques and for the Park Service. Since TBogg had no way of knowing that on his own, it seems that somebody must have contacted him, because in the July 21, 2006 snapshot of Tbogg’s Lunacy Abounds comment thread, the Jaques comment is missing from the end.

Blogger allows blog administrators to hide and show comment threads, and it allows them to delete individual comments. Blogger also allows people who comment non-anonymously to delete their own comments. Jaques left his comment anonymously, so only a blog administrator could have deleted his comment. Unless TBogg got hacked, that would have been TBogg.

The August 21st snapshot of the Lunacy Abounds post shows shows TBogg having another thought. Here the entire Lunacy Abounds comment thread is hidden, while all the other comment threads on the archive page remain visible. (About half the posts in Wayback's August 21st snapshot of TBogg's January 2006 archive page do not have working permalinks, but of the pages that do come up individually, only Lunacy Abounds has the comment thread hidden.)

If “all of the previous comment threads were lost,” that was a separate incident. The archival record shows that a blog administrator went separately to the Lunacy Abounds post and turned off the comment thread, leaving all the other comment threads untouched. Again, unless TBogg got hacked (or the Wayback Machine is wacked), that was TBogg.

Of course TBogg did not say anything about getting hacked. He insinuated that Haloscan is the culprit. Nope. Haloscan is innocent. Does TBogg want to try pointing the finger anywhere else?

On August 28, 2006, the “infamous comment thread” reappears, again without the Jaques comment. Wayback doesn’t have TBogg snapshots for 2007, but for most of this year the comment thread was again turned off (the Haloscan snafu?), until sometime recently TBogg himself retrieved the comment thread (without the Jaques comment) from the wayback machine and linked it to his original Lunacy Abounds post.

Not quite Hamlet. TBogg consistently wants the Jaques comment “not to be.” He just can’t decide how he wants it not to be.

TBogg’s Monica Lewinsky moment

To complete his Clintonian deception, TBogg makes an over the top admission, pretending it is all a joke:
So, yes. I have been busted. I've been getting more payoffs than Bill Bennett with a roll of nickels at Circus Circus. Between George Soros and Osama bin Laden I've received so many Miatas, that some of them are still sitting around in the blister packs.
At least he makes it amusing, but the joke is on the Bogglings. TBogg actually means the "I have been busted" part.

Will TBogg’s legions of vitriolic followers take this Clintonian lie kneeling down? What's it going to be TBoggers: spit or swallow?

TBogg will have to suffer some embarrassment for duping his readers, but so what? The man embarrasses himself every day. The important thing is that he is in a position to actually be of help in exposing the cover up of Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the Flight 93 memorial.

Who contacted him? What did they say? Did he knuckle to a plea from Jaques alone, or was he actually contacted by the government?

TBogg could well have been duped himself. Maybe someone at the Park Service told him that this was an internal government document that was not supposed to be available to the public and asked if he could please remove it. Now that he knows a) that the Park Service is accused of perpetrating a cover up, and b) how the document that he himself covered up contains clear examples of dishonest excuse making, that puts TBogg in the same position as his army of Bogglings. He knows that he has been used.

Is he going to swallow it, or spit it out? Spit TBogg. You’ll feel much better about yourself in the morning.

Can’t we all just be against planting a terrorist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crash site?

There is no reason for a left-right divide over the Flight 93 Memorial. It isn’t the critics of the crescent design that politicized the issue, but the defenders of the crescent, starting with newspapers like the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that knew about the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent back in 2005 and decided not to publish it. They were too busy using their editorial page to slam critics of the crescent as right wing bigots. Inconvenient facts could not be allowed to interfere with their chosen story line.

Then there are people like TBogg who politicize everything. Instead of checking the facts, he starts with his presumptions about which side he should be on, then looks for smarmy ways to characterize the opposition. That is not a rational thought process, but he can more than redeem himself if he will just stop deceiving everybody and start helping to expose the facts.

He could also give his moron brigades a chance to redeem themselves by asking them to actually check a couple factual claims about the crescent design:
Is the giant crescent is really oriented almost exactly on Mecca?

Is the 9/11 date really inscribed on a separate section of Memorial Wall that is centered on the bisector of the giant crescent, placing it in the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag?

Is it true that every particle of the original Crescent of Embrace design remains completely intact in the so-called redesign?
This is what the blogosphere OUGHT to be good for. If TBogg is too busy to check the facts, why not put his minions to work?

For more on who TBogg has been covering up for, see last week’s post on Dr. Jaques 2001 article, where he argued that we should formulate our response to the 9/11 attacks in accordance with sharia law. How did this advocate for Islamic supremacism become the Memorial Project’s sole consultant on the warnings of Islamic symbolism in the crescent design during a crucial period when the Project’s dismissive posture was set in stone?

If TBogg would tell us what he knows, it might help answer that question, or pose others equally important. No more deception. Just tell the damned truth.

Crescent of betrayal/surrender Blogburst Blogroll

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Please keep posting your craziness. It gets TBogg to post that prairie dog YouTubery, and I like that prairie dog.
Oh no, tbogg has clearly come over and deleted all the important comments on this post. His attempts to suppress the truthy crescent nature of the 93 memorial knows no bounds.

Alec, don't let these tboggers tbogg you down with their tboggery. Fight back with your own prairie dog youtube video.

You think tbogg had any influence on the Warren Commission? He was alive at the time, and it's probably where he got his start at deceiving the American public.
You are either deranged or grossly misinformed or both. As a long time user blogspot, including the olde blogspot, I can attest to the fact that when you switch to another comment program, blogger's comments disappear altogether. That's because blogger uses CSS (look it up) and script changes apply to all entries. If you'd bothered to check any of TBogg's entries that pre-date his switch to Haloscan you'll see that comments that were written in the blogger comment program no longer appear.
Spit it out, TBogg!!

No TBogg, swallow it, oh please swallow it TBogg!

Spit! Swallow! Swallow! Spit!

Spit then swallow!

Get help. I can get you Dr. Freuds number if you want...
You must admit it's pretty farfeched that not only is the Park Service all about creating a secret mosque for no particular reason, but that the only leak was some random comment to a blog who was also down with secret mosque creation.

Tbogg politicizes everything? You seem to see muslim conspiracies in everything. Looked at Ritz crackers lately? They're totally full of secret Arabic symbols for Jihad! Seriously!
Morning TBoggers. Let's talk.

Lesley attests that when switching to another comment system, all the Blogspot comments do indeed get hidden. Maybe so, but that is not what happened here. Only the Lunacy Abounds comment thread got turned off, and when it got turned back on, it was truncated to remove the Jaques comment. Those actions had to have been done by hand by a blog administrator.

Serious Cat says "It's pretty farfetched." Stop assuming that you know what the truth is before you look at the facts. If Serious has it in him to actually be serious, will he please check the couple of facts listed for fact checking at the end of the post and report back his findings to his bellow Bogglings?

It is not farfetched at all that the enemy would enter our OPEN DESIGN COMPETITION and try to win a memorial to their heroes instead of ours. What else did we expect?

As for why the Park Service is blind to it, they are doing exactly what you TBoggers are doing: ASSUMING that such a thing could not be true, instead of checking the damned facts.

Who did they go to for advice? An Islamic supremacist named Dr. Kevin Jaques from the University of Indiana. Farfetched as that may SOUND, it too is a FACT.

It is a fact that Jaques posted his analysis on TBogg's site, and it is a fact that TBogg deleted it.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deal with the facts for once in your lives, instead of thinking of what snarky things you can say about whatever does not fit your presumptions.
Have you investigated whether the phrase "veil of ignorance" originally was supposed to be a "burqa of ignorance?" The Islamofascist invasion of poliical philosophy has been COMPLETELY COVERED UP!
Maybe so, but that is not what happened here.

Yes it is.

Only the Lunacy Abounds comment thread got turned off...

If you'd checked any of the pre-haloscan entries, you'll find this isn't true.

and when it got turned back on

it was never "turned on" just cached, as TBogg revealed.

it was truncated to remove the Jaques comment. Those actions had to have been done by hand by a blog administrator.

if a comment had been edited out as you claim, by a blog administrator, why aren't you targeting the blog administrator? TBogg isn't a blog administrator.

I suggest you stop listening to the Art Bell show and get some sleep. And take your meds...they'll calm the hallucinations and paranoia.
Sorry folks, but Lesley here is just lying. The sequence of events for the pre-Haloscan entries is very clear.

On March 31st 2006 the Jaques comment shows up for the first time. On July 21st the Jaques comment disappears from the end of the comment thread. On August 21st the entire Lunacy Abounds comment thread is hidden, while all of the other comment threads on the January 2006 archive page remain visible. On August 28th the comment thread is turned back on (and yes, Blogger allows blog owner/administrators to hide and show comments on any particular post at will), again without the Jaques comment.

Whatever happened with Holoscan seems to have happened after October 2006, after all of TBogg's shenanigans with the Lunacy Abounds comment thread.
Have you thought about teaming up with Gun Counter Gomer (AKA the Confederate Yankee)and doing some joint power sleuthing? With Bob's help, I'm betting you can crack this Islamosecretcrescentconspirocism thing wide open before Christmas.
Lemme guess:

You see Crescents..................everywhere!!

I'll wager a Burger King Croissandwich that you would spot one in the Croissandwich!

I swear. Sometimes I wonder how you people even manage to go to the grocery store without a gun, a cellphone, and the number of Homeland Security on your speed dial.
Still haven't found a hobby, eh, Alec?

How does being an expert in the history of Islamic theology and law make one an Islamic Supremacist? Does being an expert on someone infamous make you a supporter of their views? So if someone was an expert on Marx or Pol Pot, by definition they are disciples?

It's an interesting theory. Kind of undermines the idea of the academy as we know it.

Keep it up, Alec. As long as you're chasing this particular phantasm, we don't have to worry about you hurting yourself or anyone else.

If you want to came down to the dayroom, Wheel of Fortune comes on at 7, and we have tapioca pudding tonight. I'll be back with some more crayons . . .
What makes Jaques and Islamic supremacist? Go read what he wrote.
Thanks, Alec, when I first heard of you on local tv I thought it was just the shape. Then read your page and thought it was a simple solar orientation of sorts. In the 1980's, I studied paleo-astronomy and megalithic site arrangements. So I learned all the basics of structures (stones, posts, mounds, horizon markers, etc), sun and moon rise/set positions and movements, star positions, and ground "ley lines" and geographical pointers. Your book is equal to the best archaeological study. But you've discovered so much more: the 44 glass blocks, the line pointing to D.C., the the shadow & light and slot of the Tower of Voices, the shapes of the ponds, and lately the 38 groves. We need a simple brochure outlining these points. The memorial design reminds me of a psychotic serial-killer movie where the guy arranges things to make some crazy message. Keep up the great police work, Alec!
heh heh heh. yes, yessssssssss!!! 9+11+2001=2021. That's twenty twenty-one. Ya get it? Ya see it yet? Right right? 21 is the legal drinking age, and everyone knows that the islamamamamofashists HATE our drinking alcohol. Is it any coincidence that PA is the Keystone State? As in Keystone beer? Hello?!? Doesn't anyone else see this???? And if you convert Flight 93 Memorial to numbers by making a=1, b=2, etc., you get 241. Drop the 4 and what do you have? I said, WHAT DO YOU HAVE?!?!??!? 21.

Hey Anon,
If you have an actual point to refute make it, having a straw man argument and denigrating the host does not bring the discussion further. If it is a parnoid delusion that you insist, then why is the park service so dismissive and why did they try to cover it up with some trees? The adjustments remind me of the Brady Bunch movie when Mr. Brady was trying to sell his design and just changed the marquee to what ever the clients name was. If it is not a mihrab or the attempt to make it the worlds largest mosque, then could we use pig manure for fertilizer?
Merry Christmas, Alec.

These loons are cracking me up.

You can't see a Crescent that points to Mecca unless there's a crescent that points to Mecca, LOL

And this one has repeating crescents throughout the design.

Yes, there is a direction to Mecca, you can check any number of sites that help muslims to know which direction to pray in to face Mecca when they do it 5 times a day...

Too funny. Trying to reason with blind moonbats is virtually impossible, but I give you credit for trying, Alec.
hahah It's crazy!! Keep sharing such content.
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