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Thursday, December 20, 2007

TBogger verifies that TBogg DID delete the Jaques comment

I visited TBogg’s latest comment thread to see if I could get anyone to actually check the Wayback archives and see whether TBogg deleted the Jaques comment.

Two actually did check:
quakerinabasement December 19th, 2007 at 7:57 pm, Comment #50

OK, me too, Alec. I “checked the facts.” You’re entirely right. March 31–comment by Anonymous. July 21–comment from Anonymous is gone. Well played, old man.

Now will you tell us what you think this means?
Really? A TBogger had checked a fact? Alas, that would be the end of any interest in the facts, as "quakerinabasement" himself quickly became the snittiest of the snarkers.

As I told them, the ARE my fellow countrymen. They deserve to know about the terrorist memorial being built in Shanksville, so I had to try.

What the deletion of Jaques comment means

First of all, quaker in a basement, it means that TBogg lied to you and all the other Bogglings.

But it also matters because the Park Service has only released excerpts of the Jaques document. The comment that Jaques posted on TBogg's site was his full assessment of warnings about Islamic symbolism in the Flight 93 memorial, at a time when Jaques was the only outside person who the Memorial Project was consulting.

The full assessment shows the blatant dishonesty of Jaques excuses for the giant Mecca oriented mihrab. (It's too big to be seen as the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built, says Jaques, despite the similarity. A half mile wide? That would make it the world's largest mosque by a factor of a hundred. Don't worry!)

Of course I made a copy of the Jaques full assessment when I found it posted on TBogg's site, but with the Jaques comment deleted, I couldn't prove that my copy was accurate.

Well, that's how it WOULD have been, if not for the Wayback Machine, which captured both the Jaques comment and TBogg's deletion of it.

Checking TBogg on Wayback
It only takes a couple of minutes to verify that TBogg deleted Jaques' comment. Just check the Wayback Machine's snapshots of TBogg's website
On March 31st 2006 the Jaques comment appears for the first time. (It's at the end of the January 6, 2006 Lunacy Abounds post, about a third from the bottom on TBogg's January archive page. Click the Lunacy Abounds permalink to see the comment thread.)

On July 21st the Jaques comment disappears from the end of the comment thread.

On August 21st the entire Lunacy Abounds comment thread is hidden, while all of the other comment threads on the January 2006 archive page remain visible.

On August 28th the Lunacy Abounds comment thread is turned back on, again without the Jaques comment.
TBogg said that Haloscan wiped out all of his comment threads. That might have happened later, but it isn't what happened over the summer of 2006, when the Jaques comment was hand deleted and the Lunacy Abounds comment thread was toggled off and on.


It would seem, after reading the Spring 2002 article by Prof. Jaques you linked to below, that since the U.S. in fact FAILED to respond to the 9/11 attacks in the Islamically-correct manner suggested by the "good" professor, the Flight 93 Memorial is the LEAST we as a nation can do to make up for that faux pas.

And how disturbingly fitting that Jaques, the Islamic apologist/PR-guy that he is, be the one to "reassure" U.S. bureaucrats, et al that there's nothing-to-see-here, nothing-to-see-here...

Keep up the good fight...

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