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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Answer to riddle #2: Why did Paul Murdoch lengthen the Entry Portal Walkway?

Every particle of the original Crescent of Embrace memorial to Flight 93 remains completely intact in the Bowl of Embrace redesign. The original bare naked crescent and star configuration is now slightly disguised by the addition of some surrounding trees, but the only real change was a significant lengthening of the Entry Portal Walkway:

Walkway extended in Bowl of Embrace redesign
In both the original design (left) and the redesign (right), the Entry Portal Walkway follows the path of Flight 93. It is the line that comes steeply down from the NNW, crosses the upper crescent tip,and projects out into the crescent. The walkway is substantially longer in the Bowl of Embrace redesign.

According to Paul Murdoch's thematic explanation of the crescent design, the flight path depicts the terrorists breaking the circle, turning it into a giant crescent. Thus the end of the Walkway defines a hidden thematic orientation of Murdoch's giant crescent. Remove the parts of the crescent that are "broken off" by the flight path (i.e. the parts that extend out beyond the flight path), and the end of the walkway becomes the most obtruding upper tip of the remaining structure.

As seen in the post above, Murdoch's thematic crescent is oriented exactly on Mecca. Connect the thematic upper crescent tip to the unambiguous lower crescent tip, form the perpendicular bisector (the bisector of the crescent), and it points to within a couple hundredths of a degree of Mecca (which is as close to exact as can be determined given the pixel resolution of the graphics).

This is one reason Murdoch extended the Walkway: to get the Mecca orientation of his hidden thematic crescent exactly right. But lenghening the Walkway also perfects two other terrorist memorializing features.

At the end of the Entry Portal Walkway sits the 44th inscribed translucent block on the flight path. (There were forty heroes on Flight 93 and four terrorists.) In Murdoch's plan, this 44th block is the kingpin that ties his Islamic and terrorist memorializing features together. It has to be positioned just so in relation to the other 43 blocks, and to other key points in Murdoch's design. This is why Murdoch wasn't able to get the length of the Walkway quite right the first time around: it is a complicated problem. The exact position of the 44th block has to solve three simutaneous equations. Creating the exact Mecca orientation of the thematic crescent is only Job 1.

Job 2: Implicating the end of the outer Entry Portal Wall

Job 2 is to provide comfirmation of intent. Murdoch's first step here is to have the 44th block implicate the end of the outer Entry Portal Wall:

Line projected through 44th block
Click for larger images. A line that starts at the bottom crescent tip and projects through the glass block at the end of Entry Portal Walkway lands at the end of the outer Entry Portal Wall. (Underlying image is a composite of the Crescent and Bowl site plans. The Bowl graphic is low resolution, but by lining up the topo lines on the two graphics, the higher resolution detail of the Crescent graphic can be combined with the new Walkway length from the Bowl graphic.)

The logic of using the outer Entry Portal Wall to confirm the thematic "true" orientation of the crescent is pretty straight-forward. If the overt orientation of the crescent is defined by a line from the bottom crescent tip to the end of the INNER Entry Portal Wall, then the obvious way to create a second hidden (but not too hidden) orientation of the crescent would be to connect a line from the bottom crescent tip to the end of the slight further out and more recessed OUTER Entry Portal Wall, and this is what Murdoch has done.

But this replication of the "true" thematic orientation of the crescent is only the first step in Murdoch's confirmation of intent. To get the 100% irrefutable proof of intent that he is looking for, he takes the entire multi-Mecca oriented geometry of the central crescent and repeats it exactly in the crescents of trees that surround the Tower of Voices portion of the memorial.

The entire multi-Mecca oriented geometry of the central crescent is repeated in the Tower crescents

First note that a line across the most obtruding tips of the Tower crescents points 1.8° north of Mecca, exactly replicationg the almost exact Mecca orientation of the full central crescent:

Line across Tower crescents

Superimpose this overt orientation of the Tower crescents on the overt orientation of the central crescent and, ta-da:

Crescent and Tower overlay
Red and blue make purple. The orientations are identical, within the pixel resolution of the graphics. Both point 1.8° north of Mecca.

The Tower array also includes a hidden exact Mecca orientation, and it is created the exact same way that the hidden exact Mecca orientation of the central crescent is created. Both crescent structures have a single unambiguous crescent tip on the right, combined with a pair of possible crescent tips on the left: a most obtruding crescent tip, followed by a slightly further out and more recessed crescent tip. Connect a line from the single crescent tip on the right to the slightly further out and more recessed crescent tip on the left, and in both cases the result is an orientation exactly on Mecca:

Exact Mecca orientation also in Tower crescents
Red line points 1.8° north of Mecca. Swinging inwards to the further out and more recessed crescent tip on the left, the resulting black line points exactly to Mecca.

With the central crescent, it is the crescent bisectors that point to Mecca. With the Tower crescents, it is lines across the crescent tips themselves that point to Mecca. Otherwise the two geometries are identical. Rotate the central crescent 90° CCW and the two geometries overlay precisely:

Both orientations overlay exactly
Both structures combine a single crescent tip on the right with a pair of crescent tips on the left. In both, a line connecting the most obtruding crescent tips yield an orientation slightly north of Mecca (red). In both, a line to the further out and more recessed of the left hand crescent tips yield an orientation exactly on Mecca (black).

Success. Murdoch has his irrefutable proof. To think that an entire multi-Mecca oriented geometry could not just occur by coincidence, but be exactly repeated by coincidence, is like coming across a turbo diesel engine in the desert, with VOLVO stamped on the head covers, and thinking it could be the product of geologic forces.

Forensic analysis of Murdoch's mistake: Why did he initially make the Entry Portal Walkway too short?

When Murdoch gets the placement of the 44th block right, it is centered on a line between the bottom crescent tip and the end of the outer Entry Portal Wall. This centering provides a likely explanation for why Murdoch originally placed the block in the wrong place.

Notice in the preceding graphic that I have used a very narrow red line to connect the tips of the "true" crescent. I place it ON the bottom crescent tip, it passes THROUGH the 44th block, and lands ON the upper crescent tip. If I were to do the same thing with a fat line, still landing in ON the upper and lower crescent tips, the center of the line would move to the right. Thus the 44th block, which is centered on the line, would also move to the right, which would shorten the Entry Portal Walkway.

I suspect this is what happened because I initially made this very same mistake. It took me a while to figure out that the Islamo-fascist geometry of Murdoch's 44th block was not quite precise because I started out using fat lines, and when I connected the bottom crescent tip to the end of the outer Entry Portal Wall, the line when smack over the 44th block. I even think I know why Murdoch was using fat lines. Just by coincidence, MY fat lines turned out to have the same pixel width as Murdoch's trees. When Murdoch placed the trunk of his last red maple at the bottom, he knew that the full tree would extend out another twenty feet, so he had to make the same adjustment at the top, forcing him in effect to think in terms of fat lines, and that is probably how he made his mistake.

Being a very able fellow (mechanically if not morally), he caught this mistake and fixed it in the Bowl of Embrace redesign.

Now I don't have to try to explain that "exact" is still not quite "exact"

The first draft of my Crescent of Betrayal book was burdened by the need to describe how there was this slight flaw in the Islamo-fascist precision of Murdoch's design: that if only he had made the Entry Portal Walkway a bit longer, his full Islamo-fascist puzzle would come together exactly. It is hard enough to get people to comprehend exactly formed terrorist memorializing elements, without having to talk about elements that are not quite precise in their Islamo-fascist symbolism. What a bother! I was not looking forward to trying to answer, on TV and radio how "exact" was still not quite "exact"? Thus I was pleased when I saw that Murdoch's Bowl of Embrace redesign had fixed the length of the Walkway. Thank you Mr. Murdoch, for fixing the Islamo-fascist precision of your design and sparing me this explanatory difficulty.

Lengthening the Walkway puts the exact Mecca bisector directly onto the glass blocks inscribed with the 9/11 date

Job 3 for the positioning of the 44th block has to do with its positioning vis a vis the other blocks.

The bisector of the full crescent structure (pointing 1.8° north of Mecca) passes through the center of the separate upper section of Memorial Wall that is inscribed with the 9/11 date, placing the 9/11 date in the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. Moving to the hidden "true" upper crescent tip, defined by the 44th block, alters the bisector of the crescent so that it no longer hits the center of the upper section of Memorial Wall. How can Murdoch retain the crescent and star configuration of his design when looking at the "true" crescent? How can he keep the 9/11 date in the exact position of the star on the Islamic flag?

Look back at the bisector that results when the 44th block is used as the most obtruding upper crescent tip (setting aside the parts of the crescednt structure that are "broken off" by the flight path). See where it hits the Memorial Wall? It hits right above where the trail can be seen coming in from the left. That trail divides the Memorial wall into a lower part, closer to the impact crater, and an upper part, further up the flight path. Thus the bisector of the "true" crescent hits right at the bottom end of the upper section of Memorial Wall. that is right where the three glass blocks, inscribed with the 9/11 date, are to be emplaced.

For closer look, here are detail views of where the bisectors of both the full crescent and the thematic crescent cross the Memorial Wall:

The detail on the left shows where the bisector of the full crescent structure crosses the Memorial Wall. The blue arrow marks the point where a trail can be seen coming in from the left. That trail sections off the separate upper section of Memorial Wall, inscribed with the 9/11 date:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Looking back at the detail view of the full crescent (left above), you can see that the upper section of Memorial Wall is centered on the bisector of the full crescent.

The right hand detail shows the bisector of the thematic crescent hitting the Memorial Wall just above the point where the trail partitions off the upper section of Memorial Wall. This bottom end of the upper section of Memorial Wall is where the glass blocks, inscribed with the 9/11 date, are embedded in the uppers section of wall (as seen in the wall detail above).

So there you have it. The full crescent structure has the full upper section of Memorial Wall centered on its bisector. Centered on the bisector of the thematic crescent structure (defined by the 44th glass block on the flight path) are the actual translucent blocks that are inscribed with the 9/11 date.

As I have said many times, Murdoch is an evil genius. It's a damned good thing he settled on an art attack, because if he set himself to making bombs, he would probably be very good at it.

More forensics: Where are the missing degrees of freedom?

There is a bit of mystery to how Murdoch was able to perfect the intersection of the "true" crescent bisector and the blocks inscribed with the 9/11 date just by lengthening the Entry Portal Walkway. Mathematically, he should need more degrees of freedom (be free to change more things) if he wants to arrange for the bisector of the thematic crescent to cross the Memorial Wall at a chosen point. If Murdoch does not change anything else (and he didn't change anything else), length of the walkway is not up for choice at all. It has to be positioned exactly between the lower crescent tip and the end of the outer Entry Portal Wall. How then is Murdoch able to use the change in the length of the Entry Portal Walkway to pick the point where the crescent bisector hits the Memorial Wall? The model is overdetermined!

Prima facie, it seems that Murdoch's success in achieving Islamo-fascist precision must be a matter either of luck or of Satanic intervention. No luck or Satanic intervention would be necessary if Murdoch could change how far the Entry Portal Walls extend out beyond the flight path. That would give him the additional degree of freedom necessary to arrange for the exact Mecca bisector to intersect the Memorial Wall at the point of his choosing, but it seems that the redesign made no change in the length of the Entry Portal Walls. It is a little hard to be certain of this given the low resolution of the Bowl of Embrace site plan, but in any case my calculations assume that there is no change in the length of the walls. (The walls are more visible in the Crescent site plan, so in the overlay of the two designs, it is the Crescent plan that ends up defining the ends of the walls.)

That just leaves one possible explanation (besides luck or Satanic intervention). Murdoch may have actually had all this worked out before he finalized the Crescent of Embrace site plan PDF, arranging the geometry of the site plan to work with the longer Walkway length, while still depicting the shorter walkway length in the PDF. Why would he do such a thing? Very simple: thecrescent PDF's include several detail views and artistic renderings of the upper crescent tip, all of which depict the shorter Entry Portal Walkway. (See, for instance, this artistic rendering of the 44th glass block that sits at the end of the Walkway.) Murdoch couldn't at the last minute change the length of the walkway in these artistic renderings, but he could at the last minute make small changes to the geometry of the site plan, in preparation for later lengthening the Entry Portal Walkway.

This is MY best guess as to what happened. No Satanic intervention. Just a very clever Satan worshipping architect.

Get help, man. Seriously.
Does your Dad know that your off your meds?
Why does this remind me of the elaborate triangulation of fire on Dealey Plaza diagrams that the more obsessive of the JFK assassination buffs produce?
You do need to get help. This post is a textbook case of a thought disorder, a symptom of psychosis.
You're missing the point entirely. This isn't Islamic sybolism, it's a UFO landing pad.
The little flurry of ad hominem vacuities above is from the sad left-wing sacks at Sadly No. Sad one Jillian suggested to the moonbats that it was crazy to care about Mecca oriented crescents, and the bat-flock responded with their usual logic free juvenalia.

I went over to try to engage them a bit. What is their contention? Do they deny that the giant crescent is oriented on Mecca? Do they think it is crazy to think there is anything wrong with planting a giant Mecca oriented crescent on the crash site?

Only a few commentators were still around, but they were typical of the willful blindness of the Moonbat left. Pretty interesting reading, I think, for anyone doing anthropological research on what I call "backwards thinking."

Instead of following reason and evidence, these folks dedicate all of their intellectual resources to looking for excuses NOT to follow reason and evidence that conflicts with their presumptions.

I joined at about comment 60 or so and patiently tried to explain their willful blindness to them until the thread petered out at about 120 comments. Of course the more anyone talks reason to these people the more willfully blind they become.

"M. Bouffant" made a fitting wrap up, showing how far he is above being concerned about such trivialities as whether the Flight 93 Memorial is actually a terrorist memorial mosque: "Is this a war of graffiti or something?"

Who cares about a terrorist memorial? Is this a graffiti war?

And they all nod in agreement. There is absolutely NOTHING that is too stupid for these people to nod in agreement over. All they look for is whether an "argument" serves their presumptions or not. (I hate to call something so stupid an argument)

Yet it is with sincerity that they will call people who don't adhere to their presumptions "lunatics." That is how thoroughly they inhabit their backwards thinking mode. Everything is judged according to their presumptions, and since they are perfect in never questioning their presumptions, they see themselves as impeccable. A truly awesome display of moral imbecility.
What Rubbish. I suppose I better be careful of which direction I'm facing the next time I eat a croissant.

Marc Borza
Flight 93 family member
Mr. Borza: It seems that you do understand that the giant crescent points to Mecca. You are not alone in assuming that it is absurd to worry about which way something points. We in the West are for the most part ignorant of, and hence oblivious to, the various ministrations that are very well known and very important to practicing Muslims.

In fact, orientation on Mecca is the central symbol of Islam, as Muslims are instructed in the Koran to face Mecca for prayer. Being a religion of anti-idolatry, and hence inherently resistant to symbology, there are only two other traditional symbols of Islam: the sword, and the Islamic crescent, and these are not universally accepted. Mecca orientation and the Koran are the only universal symbols in Islam.

For specific form, all mosques are built around a Mecca-direction indicator called as mihrab. Some mihrabs are pointed arch shaped, but the classic mihrab is crescent shaped. Face into the crescent to face Mecca, just as with the Crescent of Embrace memorial to Flight 93. The central feature of the memorial is geometrically equivalent to the central feature of a mosque. That is just a simple geometric fact.

They call it a broken circle now, but that is what architect Paul Murdoch always called it. The 9/11 attacks broke our peaceful circle, turning it into this giant Islamic shaped crescent that points to Mecca. Seems like pretty clear terrorist-memorializing symbolism to me. What symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11 is the geometric equivalent of the world's largest mosque. Again, that is simpl a FACT.

The redesign added an extra arc of trees that explicitly represents a broken off part of the circle, but that obviously does not affect the unbroken part of the circle. What symbolically remains standing is still the original giant crescent, still pointing to Mecca.

I find it very difficult to understand how a Flight 93 family member can be okay with that. Do you somehow not believe that the giant crescent really does point to Mecca? It is very easy to check. The full Crescent of Embrace points 1.8 degrees north of Mecca, plus or minus a tenth of a degree. Remove the symbolically broken off parts of the structure (where the giant Entry Portal walls extend out past the point where they are symbolically "broken off" by the flight path) and the remaining "true" or thematic crescent points EXACTLY at Mecca, plus or minus a tenth of a degree.

The exact Mecca-orientation of the thematically defined crescent is just one of long list of proofs of intent that Murdoch included in his design. He wants his victory to be undeniable to history, and his design successfully accomplishes this, many times over.

As for croissants, crescent moons, and other kinds of crescent shapes, note that the Islamic crescent is quite different geometrically from the crescent moon. It covers about 2/3rds of a circle of arc and has a circular inner arc, where the crescent moon covers half a circle of arc and has an elliptical inner arc. This difference is by design, so as not to commit the Islamic sin of idolizing the moon, which is not to be regarded as having any religious significance of its own. "Only God," as the saying goes.

So no, croissants etc do not and cannot have any religious significance in Islam, though they do have a Christian significance. The croissant was invented by the bakers of Vienna to symbolize their defeat of Kara Mustafa in 1683.

Sorry for your loss. It is obvious that the Burnett's will never get over the loss of Tom Jr, which tears at them every day. Why don't you consider talking to Tom Sr. and hear from him why he is so opposed to the crescent design? Everyone is hiding from this. It needs to be talked about, before you all make a terrible mistake.
It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

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