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Friday, July 06, 2007

New book exposes the planned Flight 93 Memorial to be a terrorist memorial mosque

Can you identify the images in this graphic?
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Left image: a traditional Islamic sundial (photo © Germán Moreno, 2006). The shadow has just reached the outer curved vertical, indicating time for Islamic afternoon prayers. The image on the right is the Tower of Voices portion of the planned Flight 93 Memorial. It is also an Islamic sundial. Shadow calculations confirm that, on any day of the year, when the Tower shadow reaches the inner arc of trees, it will be time for Islamic afternoon prayers.

This is just one of many Islamic and jihadist features hidden (and not so hidden) in what was originally called the Crescent of Embrace design. I spent much of 2006 trying to get the Flight 93 Memorial Project to come to grips with this information. My book about the crescent design, and about the dysfunctional Memorial Project that has allowed it to proceed (Crescent of Betrayal), will arrive in bookstores at the end of August.

That is not soon enough to put pressure on the Memorial Project’s upcoming public meeting (July 28th, 2007). Given the urgent public need to know what is in the design before the meeting, my publisher (World Ahead) has agreed to let me make my final draft available for free download until the print edition of the book comes out.

This is very generous of World Ahead. They understand how crucial it is that the alarm be raised before the July 28th meeting, so that if the design is affirmed, it will be in the face of controversy, and will not automatically achieve unstoppable momentum.

A terrorist memorial mosque?

You heard right. Mosque design involves about a dozen typical mosque features. All are realized in the original Crescent of Embrace design, all on the same epic scale as the Tower of Voices minaret-sundial. All remain completely unchanged in the superficially altered Bowl of Embrace redesign.

Here is another giant mosque feature. Face into the half mile wide central crescent (still present in the Bowl of Embrace redesign) to face Mecca:

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This overlay is my elaboration of a graphic put together by Sarah Wells at the blumerle blog on September 10, 2005, three days after the crescent design was unveiled. The “qibla direction” shown here in green was generated by a Muslim website (Islam.com). It shows the direction to Mecca from Somerset PA, ten miles from the crash site. You can tell just by looking that a person facing directly into the giant crescent is facing almost exactly at Mecca.

A crescent that Muslims face into to face Mecca is called a "mihrab," and is the central feature around which every mosque is built. Here is the mihrab of the Great Mosque in Cordoba Spain:
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Most mihrabs are three dimensional, giving the direction to Mecca both through their depth dimension and the orientation of their facade. The mihrab in the Flight 93 Memorial is two dimensional, like a giant Muslim prayer rug (called a "musalla," translated "small mosque"). Just as the Tower of Voices is the world's largest Islamic sundial by a factor of several hundred, so too is the giant crescent the world's largest mihrab and/or prayer rug by a factor of several hundred.

The only change in the Bowl of Embrace redesign was to add some trees behind the giant crescent ("behind" being from the perspective of a person facing into the crescent). This has no effect on the presence or integrity of the giant mihrab/prayer rug, any more than it makes a difference whether a prayer rug is placed in front of some trees. A mihrab, whether standing or in the form of a prayer rug, is a self contained religious construct. It should be placed in a clean and decent place, suitable for prayer, but other than that it is unaffected by what is around it.

What you can do to help stop this abomination

First, read at least part of the book. See how evil this design really is. (How are the terrorists memorialized? There is a separate upper section of Memorial Wall, centered on the bisector of the giant crescent, placing it in the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. Inscribed on this separate section of Memorial Wall is the date: September 11, 2001. The date goes to the star on the crescent and star flag. The date goes to the terrorists.)

If you are looking for people to harangue, there is no point in inundating the Memorial Project anymore. They know what is in the design and just make excuses for it. A better target for some friendly contact would be the local newspapers, who have never investigated my information, despite my repeated urgings. A blogstorm might make a difference there. Some candidates:

Brian Whipkey, editor of the Somerset American Daily.

Chip Minemyer edits the Johnstown Tribune Democrat.

Frank L. Craig edits the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Be nice to them. One thing you have to understand about this story is that the Memorial Project told the Flight 93 families that my information had been debunked, even as Project leaders were acknowledging to me in private that it was correct. ("It has to be exact," Project Superintendent Joanne Hanley told me in April 2006, explaining why she wasn't worried about the giant crescent, oriented almost exactly on Mecca: "That's one we talked about. It has to be exact." She KNOWS it is almost exact and is willfully blind about the implications.) The upshot is that, through no fault of their own, the families all think I am some kind of malicious liar. Sympathy for the families then translates into antipathy for me, and the reporters are not immune to that.

Not that all of them are innocent. I learned from Post-Gazette reporter Paula Reed Ward that the editors of the Post Gazette knew about the Mecca orientation of the Crescent of Embrace back in September 2005, and decided to keep it mum. (Download 3, page 108.) If you want to give them an earful, here are their phone numbers.

The FBI could also be worth contacting. I have contacted them a couple of times myself, but have no indication that they are paying any attention to this enemy plot. A few redundant tips to their tip page might be warranted.

A chance to light a fire in the old media via ad buys

There is also a chance for you to achieve something unprecedented here, if you happen to have deep enough pockets. I have put together some print ads that graphically expose the terrorist memorializing features of the crescent design. The idea is to run them in Pennsylvania newspapers in the run-up to the July 28th meeting. Ad readers are then given the address of the website, where those who themselves have deep pockets can again download the ad copy and take it to other newspapers for publication. If the design is affirmed, this seeding of awareness of what is in the design, and the means to protest, could create an avalanche.

The low cost of online communication has allowed all kinds of silly things to "go viral" online. Is the importance of stopping a terrorist memorial from being built on the Flight 93 crash site enough to overcome the old media cost barrier and create the first viral transmission of content through the commercial press?

It should be. How many times in life will a person get a chance to help tackle a hijacker? I've devoted over a year to this, so you can tell where I come down.

One ad uses the above side by side images of the Tower of Voices and the traditional Islamic sundial. These images both come out well in black and white, and the file is a PDF, so it can be printed in different sizes. At two column widths (3.75 inches) it will cost about $300 to run in a medium sized newspaper. At three column widths (5.75 inches), about $700. Small newspapers are about half as much. Large papers maybe five times as much.

This is serious money, but an ad buy isn't just an ad buy. It is a chance to possibly start a chain reaction and go viral in the old media, reaching beyond the relatively small portion of the population that has discovered the fact checking of the alternate media.

For those of us without deep pockets, CrescentOfBetrayal.com also has downloadable flyers and posters that anyone can print out and post. These are based on a high resolution map of the site plan. Superimposed is the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent and other key information. The 300dpi 11 x 17's look awesome on Kinko's matte or glossy cardstock ($3 a pop). Put one on your wall today!

In case anyone has really deep pockets, I have also formatted the 11x17 poster as a large color ad (ready for CMYK printing, as newspapers require). The information on the posters and the large ad is both startling and detailed. If we can get this into western Pennsylvania newspapers, knockout. But this is serious money: $4,500 for a medium size paper.

Neither I or my publisher will make a penny off the book throughout the period of greatest controversy. Our most interested readers are all going to get the book for free. Whether there will be any market left after that, we don't know, and are not weighing. All that is secondary to stopping this hijacking.

The one thing that anybody can do is take a look, and that is all it takes to verify conclusively the basic facts that I am asserting. There is no reason to be left wondering if these claims are for real. If you want to take more than a look, if you want to read the whole crazy story, it is there for the downloading.

Since they are including the terrorists in the monument (the glass blocks), someone might think of adding a machine similar to those machines that you put a quarter in at the zoo to feed to ducks or fish that dispenses Baco-bits that you can purchase a handful of the Baco-bits and show your support of the islamic terrorists' memorial. The money could go to the family members the victims of Flight 93.
Also, Burger King debuted the Croissan'Wich in 1979 (the same year as the Iran hostage crisis). Notice also, that the "sandwich" combines the Islamo-centric, antisemitic French pastry (croissant, with the "t" or cross removed) with the a homonyn for the practitioner of paganism (witch//wich, but notice the "t" or cross has been removed!), and egg (which is also a pagan symbol). The Croissan'Wich also has 32 grams of fat (note the connection to scottish rite freemasonry).

And, the obvious kicker, it is sold by the Burger King. The word "berger" or "mountain climber", can read as Mountain Climber King, a reference to Aleister Crowley, the father of modern occultism/satanism. It can also be read as "burger," dutch for citizen, in which case, it is a reference to the "citizen king," a modern reference to French Jacobinism. And finally, the use of king, is a reference to the British royal family. (And, don't forget, the "bilderbergers," or, should I say, Burger Builders, the grand architects of ground flesh--a reference to a tradition of slavery that stretches back to the Great Pyramid at Giza.)

The mixing of milk and meats, plus the pork products, are also a reference to the subjugation of Israel by the Egyptians. The crescent shape refers to the underlying Society of the Horns, the oldest Fraternal society in the world, dedicated to the worship of the Sumerian moon god, also known, ironically enough, as "Sin". (The Egyptian god Thoth is also associated with the crescent.)

Altogether, this is a richly coded reference to Illuminati--which operates through the British Royal Family, paganism, freemasonry, jacobinism, bilderberg group, and the Islamo-fascist petrochemical cartel.

(I am still trying to figure out what the Knights of Malta, Annunaki, and Jesuits have to do with this. But they might just be behind the Illuminati, as usual).

Plus, in reference to the planned "monument"...the obelisk and crescent are freemasonic sex-magic symbols.
Actually, the croissant is not an "Islamo-centric, antisemitic French pastry." It is an ANTI-Islamic pastry of Austrian origin (invented to celebrate the role that Viennese bakers played in foiling the Muslim seige of Vienna in 1683) as the anonymous goofball above would know if he had read Chapter 2, p. 46-47 of Crescent of Betrayal (in download 1).

If this fellow is any indication, it looks like the TBoggers might have found this post, which is always amusing, if somewhat annoying. About half of chapter 8 (in download 3) recounts the antics of the TBoggers, which actually turned out to be productive, as the one person who the Memorial Project went to for an evaluation of my material turned out to be a TBogger!

This official reviewer posted his analysis of my information on the TBogg site. When the Memorial Project read me part of his analysis over the phone, witholding crucial details like the admission that the giant crescent is indeed oriented on Mecca, I knew the full commentary, and was able to use it to drive Interior's internal investigation forward.

Memorial Project Supervisor Joanne Hanley was telling her superiors that the review she had solicited debunked my information, when it actually admitted crucial facts (even though overall it is every bit as stupid as the TBogg-type comment above).

So welcome TBoggers! The book promises to put the original TBogg comment thread up on CrescentOfBetrayal.com. I haven't done that yet, but will try to get around to it soon.
Here are excerpts from the Flight 93 Voice Cockpit Recorder Transcript, and then look at the numbers. Many refs: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12286423/ Flight 93 cockpit tape transcript
>>>BEGINNING>>> 09:31:57 -- Ladies and Gentlemen: Here the captain, please sit down keep remaining seating. We have a bomb on board. So sit.
>>>ENDING>>> 10:03:09 -- Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.
>>>THIRTY-NINTH MINUTE>>> 09:39:11 -- Ah. Here's the captain; I would like to tell you all to remain seated. We have a bomb aboard, and we are going back to the airport, and we have our demands. So, please remain quiet,
09:39:21 -- Okay. That's ninety three calling?
09:39:24 -- One moment.
09:39:34 -- United ninety three. I understand you have a bomb on board. Go ahead.
09:39:42 -- And center execjet nine fifty six. That was the transmission,
09:39:47 -- Okay. Ah. Who called Cleveland?
09:39:52 -- Executive jet nine fifty six, did you understand that transmission?
09:39:56 -- Affirmative. He said that there was a bomb on board,
09:39:58 -- That was all that you got out of it also?
>>> ELEVEN SECONDS>>> 09:39:11 -- Ah. Here's the captain; I would like to tell you all to remain seated. We have a bomb aboard, and we are going back to the airport, and we have our demands. So, please remain quiet,
09:54:11 -- Unintelligible, 09:59:11 -- Sit down. 10:00:11 -- There is nothing. 10:01:11 -- Saeed.
>>>NINE ALLAHS>>> 10:03:02 -- Allah is the Greatest. 10:03:03 -- Allah is the Greatest 10:03:04 -- Allah is the Greatest. 10:03:06 -- Allah is the Greatest. 10:03:06 -- Allah is the Greatest. 10:03:07 -- No. 10:03:09 -- Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. 10:03:09 -- Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.

>>>My Observation:
A. The Beginning and Ending: starts at 9:31, ends at 10:03:09 = 931 <> 139, or, starts and ends with 93 & 39, the plane's flight Number [93].

B. Thirty-Ninth Minute: most of the transcript is only short statements, however the Longest Paragraph is the first entry of the Thirty-Ninth Minute [39 <> "93" backwards]. Let's see what we find,
1) This long Paragraph contains thirty-six words [36]; rotate the '6' to a '9' and you have a "39".
2) At :21 and :34 seconds the traffic controller mentions "ninety three" [93]; then, at :42 and :52 seconds, mentions exec jet "nine fifty six" [9 / 56 => 9 & 5+6 => 9 11]. Two 93's and Two 9/11's.
3) There are Nine entries for the Thirty-Ninth Minute.
4) That Longest Paragraph just happens to be at 9:39:11, yes, Ninety-Three and Nine Eleven. The time for the longest statement in the transcript just happens to be the Flight Number and the Date.
5) #2 and #4 above give us Three [93 -- 9/11]'s.

C. Eleven Seconds: there are five entries that end with Eleven Seconds, 9:39:11 of course, and 09:54:11, 09:59:11, 10:00:11, 10:01:11. Only one more 9/11 there, maybe 9:54:11 could be 5+4 = 9 & 11, but the last two are all Ones, Seven of them. So maybe Three more Nine-Elevens.

D) Nine Allahs: In the last several seconds, 10:03:02 to 10:03:09, the four hijackers manage to say "Allah is the Greatest" Nine times.

E) Does this means the Flight 93 Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcript is a fake?
Have a look at 9:35:32))): "Are you talking to me".
About the cockpit recording: there is no reason to take coincidences in minute-marks of this recording to be evidence that the tape is fake, even if they seem unlikely. What would be the motivation for the government to fake the tape? And if the government did fake the tape, what would be the motivation for including arcane evidence that the tape was faked?

In the case of the Flight 93 Memorial, it is clear why someone creating a memorial to the terrorists would make it at least slightly hidden: so that he could get the design competition jurors to accept it. What is remarkable is how little the Islamic features are hidden, especially in the design’s original Crescent of Embrace incarnation, which was bare naked crescent and star flag.

Also, you are citing things that you find suspicious, which is very different than the clear proofs of terrorist memorializing intent that the designer of the Flight 93 memorial has included in the design (so that his victory will be undeniable once it is a fait accompli). For these proofs of intent, see the Proof of Betrayal page at Crescent of Betrayal.com).
Just a few suggestions. a) Where's your paypal tipjar? You might be able to raise enough to sponsor the ads yourself. b) Send this as a link to InstaPundit, especially after you get (a) done. Nothing like having 150,000 people leave a buck or two. Ditto LGF, where I followed your link here.
One other suggestion - Michelle Malkin or HotAir. I'll bet she'd raise hell over this.
You might think that a lot of people would be jumping up to raise hell over these clear proofs of terrorist memorializing intent. You would be wrong. Ace of Spades is the only frontline blogger to answer my plea to help get the word out about this, and only a couple of smaller bloggers have stepped up either, though I have appealed to dozens. (Thanks Moonbattery and Discarded Lies.)

Such is the power of the Memorial Project telling the Flight 93 families that my information has been investigated and debunked. People are scared to touch this story. Either that or they think the fact that I have been trying to tackle this bastard for almost two years means that this is somehow an old story, kind of the way some people think that because the Iraq war has been going on for four years, it must be a lost cause.
To Whom It May Concern:

I am an architectural designer and builder in the Kansas City area. After years of studying architecture, design, and architectural history, five years at Kansas University School of Architecture, and fifteen years in the architecture and design field and building industry, I have learned to recognize the subtle messages that are conveyed by a building or landscape on a symbolic level.

While viewing an aerial illustration of the planned “Flight 93 Memorial” it was immediately apparent that the design is in the shape of the Muslim crescent. Is this memorial intended to be a tribute to the Islamist men who attacked the plane? God forbid! The memorial should be a clear monument to the brave men and woman aboard Flight 93 who lost their lives while defending our country on that tragic day. Any ambiguous messages conveyed by the designers will be an insult to the citizens of this country, who have mourned for the loss of American lives on September 11 and wish to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of the people who thwarted the murderous mission of the Islamic extremists aboard Flight 93.

It is hard to believe that the symbolic effect of the design, whether intentional or unintentional, has been missed by the directors of the “Flight 93 Memorial Project”, since it is easily recognized by lay people to whom I have shown the picture. Why would you want to build the memorial in the shape of a religious symbol, especially that of the Islamist extremists who perpetrated the crime? If this design is built it will, without a doubt, be a point of contention and criticism. After talking with others about the issue it is apparent that I am not alone in my outrage at seeing such a blatant disrespect for the spirit of American patriotism demonstrated by the heroes aboard that plane.

I am writing as an American citizen to ask you to cancel the present design and pursue another plan or none at all. Having no memorial at all would be preferable to the present plan. If you insist on building the crescent-shaped design, against the wishes of reasonable Americans, then you are truly out of touch with the reality of the proud and strong American people who are the engine which drives the success of this magnificent country you and I enjoy. Please reconsider.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration of my concerns.
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