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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dems duped into duping al Qaeda

How do we get our Islamo-fascist enemy to keep throwing resources into a battle that it has already lost and where it is rapidly being destroyed both militarily and politically? Pretend we are losing:
Most U.S. troops will leave Iraq within a year because the Army is "broken, worn out" and "living hand to mouth," Rep. John Murtha told a civic group.
This is my theory about President Bush's delayed push-back against Democrat and MSM defeatism on Iraq. Defeatism encourages the Islamo-fascists to keep fighting in Iraq, where the only thing they can possibly accomplish is to make the Iraqi people hate them even more. Not only are the Islamofascists getting shredded, but the political price they are paying is crucial to our ultimate aims.

It has long since been inevitable that Iraq will soon enough be democratic, and that it will soon enough be fully capable of annihilating those elements that do not submit to democracy. The one battle that still has (or had) an uncertain outcome is the political one. By continuing to fight, the Islamo-fascists are handing this victory to us too. Blowing up random Iraqis is giving intolerant Islam the worst possible name, and destroying any possibility that the Islamo-fascists will be able to compete politically.

Only when Democrat/MSM defeatism actually managed to convince a majority of Americans that we are losing in a theater where we have already won (and where continued fighting can only ehnance our gains) did President Bush start trying to reign it in. As far as he could afford to, it seems, he let the Democrats dupe al Qaeda.

Now the Democrat response to his push-back is playing into the President's hands as well. To maintain their defeatism in the face of his optimism, they are having to ramp their defeatism up, clearly branding themselves, not just as pessimistic, but as desperate to surrender. The Democrats are more desperate for an American defeat in Iraq than al Qaeda is, and it couldn't be more obvious. Why cut and run immediately? Because in another six months it will be clear to EVERYONE that the war has already been won. Having committed to the defeatism strategy, Democrats are set up to be highly embarassed by victory. Not only will it be a victory for Bush, but it will be a victory that Democrats resisted all the way. Hence the last gasp push for a quick surrender.

This ramped-up flurry of defeatism is a fantastic development. The Democrats are still giving al Qaeda hope, which will only deepen al Qaeda's defeat in Iraq, and at the same time they are utterly destroying themselves. Wahooo! It's the charge of the Light Brigade!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi clarifies: yes she does back Murtha's call for immediate withdrawal.

Powerline dissects AP's attempt to bury the substance of the President's plan-for-victory speech.

Bill Hobbes catches the L.A. Times repeating the criticisms that the President's speech was addressing, without reporting the President's answer to those criticisms, when that was the subject of the speech they were supposedly reporting on!

I caught AP doing the same thing with a different Bush speech three weeks ago.

Here are Judy Woodruff and friends baiting the flytrap in September. Judy describes how she and her colleagues are using American deaths in Iraq to attack the war effort:
...we were just sitting here saying, if it hadn't been for Katrina, the numbers on--the deaths in Iraq would have been all in the headlines the last week.
She is sustained by the steady work being done by her allies in Iraq, just as they are heartened by her efforts. The symmetry is perfect. Each is encouraging the other onwards to destruction.
Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them...
But they don't give up. As long as the Democrats have breath in their bodies, they will keep on duping al Qaeda with false hopes, and the terror bombers will keep duping the Democrats with false hopes. Thank you Democrats. Tis truly a noble cause in which to sacrifice your political futures.

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