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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Redesigned Flight 93 memorial still an Islamo-fascist shrine

The redesigned flight 93 memorial, announced today, still contains all of the features that made it a terrorist memorial. Architect Paul Murdoch's infamous red crescent is still there, still planted with red maple trees, still inscribed in the exact same circle as before, and with the same two crescent tips still intact. Thus the crescent bisector defined by these crescent tips is also the same as before. It still points almost exactly to Mecca, making the crescent a Mihrab (an Islamic prayer station, where the believer faces into a crescent, towards Mecca, to perform his ritual prostrations). The design still incorporates a separate upper terrorist-memorial wall, centered precisely on the red-maple crescent [placing this upper section of wall, and the copse of trees that surround it, precisely in the location of the star on an Islamic flag]. There are still 44 translucent blocks on the flight path to the crash site, matching the total number of dead, instead of just the forty translucent blocks that are dedicated to the forty murdered Americans. Lastly, the Tower of Voices part of the memorial is still an Islamic prayer-time sundial.

Start with the red crescent. In the original design, the lower crescent tip was defined by the furthest extent of red maple trees on the bottom, while the upper crescent tip was defined by the end of the inner of two concrete walls, between which trees were planted.

Figure 1. Original design. The inner of the two concrete walls at top follows the circle that the crescent partly inscribes. The crescent tip has to be located on this circle, hence the end of the inner wall defines the upper crescent tip. The green bisector points almost exactly to Mecca (in the northeast direction, into the red crescent). Pixel accurate calculations of the bisector and its orientation towards Mecca here.  Posted by Picasa

In the redesign, the lower tip remains exactly as before. So does the upper crescent tip (the end of the inner concrete wall). The change is that there are now additional trees planted beyond the end of the concrete wall that defines the upper crescent tip. These additional trees, planted along and out from the circle line, make it look like there is now a bowl instead of a crescent, but both original crescent tips are still in place.

Figure 2. The redesign. The topo lines (also visible in Figure 1) show that the both of the original crescent tips [the last tree on the circle at the bottom, and the inner concrete wall on top] are still in place exactly as before. Similarly for the copse of trees (in the position of the star on an Islamic flag) and the upper and lower sections of the memorial wall. Posted by Picasa

The filling in of some trees, in places that blend the original crescent into its surroundings, but do not affect its defining characteristics, is apparently the only change in the entire "redesign." All of the original features of the terrorist-memorial remain. The new graphics show that there is still the same separate upper section of memorial wall as before. Like the lower wall, it lies along the flight path to the crash site. Just as the lower wall contains 40 translucent blocks, dedicated to the forty murdered Americans, so too does the upper section of memorial wall contain translucent blocks.

Figure 3. From redesign announcement. Identical to original design. The upper section of memorial wall, seen to the right, is centered precisely on the large red maple crescent and contains additional translucent blocks, in addition to the forty on the lower wall that memorialize the murdered Americans. Posted by Picasa

In all, there are forty four translucent blocks emplaced along the flight path to the crash site, where forty Americans and four murderers died on September 11th. [Three are on the upper section of the memorial wall. One is the large glass block, at the upper crescent tip, that dedicates the entire site. See UPDATE below for details, or click the link immediately below.] Further, the fact that the crescent tips are unchanged means that the upper section of memorial wall is still bisected exactly by the Mecca line that bisects the large red crescent. (My earlier analysis of the upper-memorial wall and the 44 translucent blocks here.)

For anyone who wonders if it could be a coincidence that the original/new red maple crescent orients almost precisely on Mecca, note that the Tower of Voices section of the memorial also is apparently unchanged. The Tower of Voices is surrounded by several crescents of trees. Lines drawn across the tips of these crescents also point almost precisely towards Mecca.

Figure 4. Crescent array surrounds Tower of Voices. Line across crescent tips points almost precisely to Mecca. Calculations here.  Posted by Picasa

This second orientation towards Mecca is necessary to the overall terrorist-memorial plan because the Tower of Voices is itself an Islamic sundial.

Figure 5. Islamic prayer times are determined by shadow length. When the center of the crescent at the top of the tower's shadow reaches the outer pink line, the time for Islamic afternoon prayers (Asr prayers) has arrived. Notice that the prayer line remains contained within the inner arc of trees. Afternoon prayer shadows for June 16th (the shortest day of the year) in red; July 16th (green); August 16th (blue); September 16th (yellow); October 16th (orange), mid-November (aqua); and mid-December (fuchsia). The mid-January Asr-prayer shadow will be the same as for mid-November. Mid-February will be the same as mid-October, etcetera. Prayer times and associated shadow calculations here.  Posted by Picasa

When prayer time is reached, Pious Muslims will need to know the direction to Mecca: the direction they are supposed to face when they pray. The Tower's crescent array gives them this information. All they have to do is walk out to the open end of the crescent array and sight across the ends of the rows of trees (towards the northeast in figure 4).

Why does the shadow line in Figure 5 have a zig at the beginning of November? Look closely at the tower shadow depicted in Murdoch's graphic. You can see that there is a vertical shaft of sunlight making it through about the top fifth of the tower. This is because there is a slot cut in the top of the tower that early enough in the day allows light to pass through and reach the ground. Later in the day sunlight comes through at too steep an angle to reach the ground, being intercepted by the crescent arms of the crescent cross-section tower. As the months progress towards December and sunset gets earlier, afternoon prayer times start coming early enough that light through the slot is still reaching the ground when prayer time arrives. Thus the bottom of the top of the tower's shadow becomes the bottom of the slot, and this new lower tower height then becomes the tower height that is used to calculate prayer-time shadow length. From the tower graphics, it can be determined that this transition occurs near the beginning of November. Full analysis here.

Many of the terrorist-memorial elements of the Murdoch's design have this same half-hidden, half-obvious quality. (Litany here.) The redesign, blending the original red crescent into a larger circle of trees, but still retaining its defining points, fits this half-hidden terrorist-memorial theme exactly. I am surprised Murdoch did not blend the red crescent in from the outset. He might have gotten away with it. But we cannot let him get away with it now. Paul Murdoch's Flight 93 memorial, both originally and in its barely modified incarnation, is not just a bit of P.C. openness to Islamic symbolism. It is an explicit and thorough-going shrine to the terrorists. Murdoch is an Islamo-fascist. He is one of the enemy, trying to plant an Islamo-fascist memorial on the graves of our murdered heroes. No other explanation is possible. Please help stop this evil.

UPDATE: Thanks to so many people for stopping by. I’ll just add a bit of detail, for those who might like to look through the linked back-posts where I did my calculations, but would prefer a summary of the most critical details.

First, where are the four extra translucent blocks? You can see three of them in Figure 3, at the bottom end of the upper section of the memorial wall (the terrorist-memorial section of the memorial wall). Here is another view:

Figure 6. From the original Crescent of Embrace site-plan PDF's. Close up of gap between lower and upper memorial walls. Forty translucent blocks on left. Three on right. Posted by Picasa

The three blocks at the bottom of the terrorist memorial wall are inscribed with the date September 11th, 2001. That’s right: September 11th belongs to them.

The forty-fourth translucent block is the punch line. It sits further up the flight path. It is the large glass block, sitting at the point of the upper red-crescent tip, that dedicates the entire site:

Figure 7. Overlook extending through inner circle of crescent, with large glass block at end, dedicating the site. This graphic is from the original site-plan PDF’s, but the overlook seems to be unchanged in the new design. The announcement of the redesign includes an overlook graphic, but without a close up detail of the glass block.  Posted by Picasa

LGF commenter aunursa corrects my assertion that the forty name-inscribed blocks are dedicated to forty murdered American heroes. Apparently two of the heroes were foreign. God bless ‘em.

I didn’t mean to mislead anyone by originally leaving the full explanation of the extra four translucent blocks out of this post. I was just trying to summarize my findings, while providing links to my full analyses. Far from thinking that the different shaped block at the upper crescent tip weakens the “44 deaths, 44 blocks” interpretation, my full analysis reveals the 44th block, tying the upper section of the memorial wall together with the upper tip of the large red maple crescent, to be perhaps the most diabolical feature of the entire structure: a keystone for The Keystone State. Feel free to redo my calculations . The large red maple crescent defined in the obvious way that I describe above is oriented 1.7 degrees off Mecca, enough to create plausible deniability perhaps. But when the large glass block is used to define the upper crescent tip, the crescent bisector points EXACTLY to Mecca, as close as the pixel resolution of the site-plan PDF’s can determine. (One pixel either way and the line points further away from Mecca.)

The near miss, followed by the precise Islamist resolution, is typical Murdoch, as seen with the Tower-sundial, which seems at first to be an accurate prayer-time sundial only for 8 months of the year (plausible deniability). Then you notice the slot cut in the spine of the Tower, which reduces the Tower-shadow height for the other 4 months, making for a 12 month accurate prayer-time sundial. It’s a good thing the Islamo-fascist who designed this thing is not making bombs, because he would probably be good at it.

On the subject of the Tower-sundial, there are a couple of details about my shadow calculations that people should know about if they are going to take my interpretations to heart. Shadow placement will vary with any change in either the geometry of the tower or the topography of the ground on which the Tower's shadow falls. From the information that is available, there are two points of possible deviation from my interpretation.

One is the slope of ground in the direction that the prayer-time shadows fall. On level ground, the prayer-time shadows are about 50 meters long. According to topo maps, the ground rises in the prayer-shadow direction about ten feet in fifty meters (graphics available about a third of the way down this post). The site-plan’s Tower Section detail shows the tower sitting on a built up mound ten feet tall. This would put it right where it needs to be to act as the shadow-caster (or gnomon) for an Islamic sundial: on level ground. Islamic afternoon prayers are supposed to commence when an object’s shadow is the length of its noon shadow, plus its height. This can only be determined on level ground.

The potential discrepancy here is that the Tower Section detail shows the trees in the prayer-shadow direction starting at the level of the ground at the bottom of the ten foot mound that the Tower sits on, instead of at the height of base of the Tower, as the topo maps indicate. It isn’t much of a discrepancy because the Tower Section detail is clearly in error on this point. Here is the offending graphic:

Figure 8. Shows trees in prayer-shadow direction (northeast) to grow from well below the base of Tower. Topo maps show they start at the same height as the base of the Tower, as a prayer-time sundial would require.  Posted by Picasa

The second possible discrepancy is the depth of the slot cut in the spine of the Tower. The CAD generated shadow in Figure 5 shows the slot being 18% of the full tower height. This is contradicted by the Tower Section detail, which depicts the slot being 8% of the full tower height. The 18% figure leads to the jog in the prayer-shadow line depicted in my Figure 5. It is the exact depth of slot needed to keep the shadow line within the innermost crescent of trees, so that the inner crescent can serve as a consistent prayer-time indicator. Here is Figure 5 again:

Figure 5. You can see the CAD generated slot depth information in the Tower shadow.  Posted by Picasa

Since the Tower Section detail was already misleading about the topography, that gives reason to favor the CAD generated slot information. Also, the CAD information is what one would expect to be the real information. It is the actual 3D design. The Tower Section detail, in contrast, is a prettied-up picture board.

My guess is that Murdoch and his co-conspirators (if he has any) realized that any competent sundialist would find them out if they put the accurate information in the Tower Section detail, so they phonied up the detail. I'm also guessing it was a slip that they let the CAD generated slot value into their presentation. Either that or hubris.

Still, there is a caveat here. It could turn out that the actual planned slot dimension is 8% of the Tower height and that the Tower array is "only" an accurate Islamic prayer-time sundial for 8 months of the year. The only way to determine for sure if the Tower-sundial is designed to be 12-month accurate is to get hold of Murdoch’s computers and take a look. The many terrorist memorializing features of Murdoch’s Flight 93 memorial give plenty of probable cause to believe that he has perpetrated a fraud against the Department of the Interior, which is legal grounds for subpoena of his hard drives. Tancredo, Norton, the ball is in your court.

this misguided attempt for a memorial is completely absurd...
Brilliant. It's bloggers like you that are keeping America informed. The MSM are islamo-fascist as far as I'm concerned...
The very fact this designer chose translucent blocks to represent people shows that he doesn't know what he's doing. It should really be 40 eagle statues and the whole memorial could be called "A Flight of Eagles."
Although I completely concur with Col's assessment of the value of this blog entry, I find his suggestion of incorporating 'animatronic facilities' rather distasteful. If dynamism is the aim then there is nothing more dynamic than the play of a breeze over the stars and stripes.
What I'd like to see are 40 eagle statues, weeping, while sharpening their claws with a file because yeah! They're getting ready to kick some Islamofascist ass. And maybe there can be some angels saluting, while waving American flags. Plus, I want to hear something like "Born in the USA" playing over and over again. But just the refrain, not the rest of that pinko sob story.
Brilliant research! Keep it up!
Whoa. I was just trying to express how much I hate this Islamofascist traitor left garbage. Nothing says "I honor your memory" like gaudy displays of chocky-patriotism and pseudo-religious fervor!
I mean, seriously, how could this not be an Islamofascist memorial? It only takes some obscure blogger with too much time on his hands to calculate out that a crescent points vaguely in a direction, and that if you have a circle with something tall in the middle, at various times, a shadow will be cast that will fall at various places. And at some of those times, Muslims are supposed to pray! Rediculous!

I propose that we not only try to get this stamped out, but that we do our best to eliminate all other Islamic sundials which cast shadows. Washington Monument, anyone? Disgusting.
Well, col, I'd understand if the memorial included those lines. But instead, the lines were drawn in. So, I could have drawn a circle, and said "when the shadow hits this imaginatory line I just drew, this is my nap time. I love it when people build monuments to my nap time."

So, we can drawn imaginatory lines around any monument! Or, anything tall and narrow! In other words, every tree, every building, is possibly an Islamic sundial. Those bastards are everywhere. Eternal vigilance is the only answer.

Plus, eagles sharpening their talons. That would be wicked sweet.
By this, I mean, of course, that a sundial is really simply something tall and narrow which will cast an unobscured shadow onto an arc surrounding the object. This memorial is described an Islamofascist sundial (which it almost certainly is, because of its conspicious lack of eagles, especially the bald kind, which doesn't mean "without hair" which would suck, but rather "white", coming from the archaic English "balde", which is like other ye olde tyme words we sometimes see on pub signs), because it marks particular times.

I suppose I could call my watch an "Islamic watch" because it does, in fact, mark times at which Muslims should pray. I could also call it a "watch" because it marks other times as well. It's an amazing coincidence that a device designed to tell time occasionally alerts me to the fact that it is a particular time that some people ascribe particular significance to.

Huh. Damn Islamo-watch. I suppose the MSM is going to cover this one up, too. No matter how many letters I write to the MSM, they refuse to cover stories like my Islamo-watch or how that dog down the block looks at me funny and is almost certainly a jihadi spy, and it's only further proof of their perfidy that they refuse to cover every possible connection I manage to tease out between the mundane and Islamofascism.
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Quoting anonymous

Well, col, I'd understand if the memorial included those lines. But instead, the lines were drawn in. So, I could have drawn a circle, and said "when the shadow hits this imaginatory line I just drew, this is my nap time. I love it when people build monuments to my nap time."

Actually, the point is not that there are imaginary lines, nor does someone say that any time the shadow hits, that is my nap time. The point is that the tower in the center is carefully placed to throw a shadow at specific predetermined times (consider the slot placed in the tower, useable only for prayer times in December) and is on a mound at precisely the right height. Also the focus of the crescent is precisely, NOT vaguely, in the correct direction.

It would be like a watch set to beep at precisely the right times and with a speech chip that would say "Pray now".
Don't mean to nit-pick but this quote, "June 16th (the shortest day of the year)" is incorrect. Every day of the year has the same length. Mid-June in the northern hemisphere experiences days with more daily daylight then at any other time of the year.

Let them know how you feel.
This is so silly, do you people have nothing better to do then read a memorial as being for terrorists, get a life really. Better watch out you tin-foil hat wearing wackos the MSM has a consipiracy where they will capture you on a alien spacecraft and take you away on one of the governments black helicopters!!!
col, leave your mastabatory fantasies out of this.
Good discussion of the design. If you're correct in your assessment, the monument will not be built by this designer.
anonymous - I commend you for grasping my sturdy baton of comedy.
(I am alluding of course to a metaphorical comedic relay race)
" Brilliant. It's bloggers like you that are keeping America informed. The MSM are islamo-fascist as far as I'm concerned..."

Not islamofascists. Dhimmi.
Oh, marvellous. Those islamo-fascist-crypto-communists under the beds. It doesn't get much better than this. I remember bloggers showing us clearly that the Washington Vietnam memorial was clearly an animist shrine. So nothing new here, clearly. I'm just amazed at how many sleeper muslims there are in the design world, how did that happen, should we purge our education system, eh col?
No, clearly what we want is a cohort of Balde Eagles (white hairy ones, not baldy ones), a huge cohort, four or five hundred to celebrate the thirty eight real americans who died plus the two foreigners who are granted an honorary cohort of balde eagles to guard over them. Then, for symbolism, four dirty stinking dead flattened roadkill armadillos to represent the four murdering cryto-islamic hijackers, rolling in animatronic glory in the mud for all eternity. Though I do agree that nothing is more animatronic than Old Glory rippling in the midday sun.
That's why I like websites like this - always vigilant against the real enemies who won't be disuaded by satire. A few paragraphs and some links, and maybe a photoshopped pic or two, now, that's a whole other story. You guys seen Pajamas Media? I don't know why we don't just withdraw from Iraq now, seeing as how bloggers who uncover stories like this will not only defeat the MSM, but also the Islamofascists in one swoop, all while providing us with all the bald eagles we can eat.
Where is the shadow line on 9/11? Precisely on the end of the arc shaped feature show in heavy black between the tower and the first row of trees?
This is an elaborate joke, right?The crescent is a common shape in art and nature.

Remember when the conspiracy theorists were liberals? Times have changed.
This is great work, and an excellent expose of the Islamofascist intentions of the design. One thing that I don't understand in general, though, is why most of the suggestions for suitable designs center around the number 40. Maya Lin's design for the Vietname Memorial has a one-to-one correspondence, yes, but it seems that memorials since then have replaced the power of symbolism with the dullness of accounting. 168 chairs here, 40 glass windows there. It's all maudlin and uninspiring. I love the idea of the eagle, symbolizing America, flight, and the bravery of the heroes on flight 93. But 40 of them? Symbolize these people and their acts of bravery with something larger than life, like their heroism itself was. Let their graves memorialize their lives individually. Let the site memorial pay tribute to the moment when they came together.
Very impressive and compelling analysis. I would only add that the 'tower of voices' is also clearly a minaret, the tower which every mosque has which is used to call the faithful to prayer. The 'voice' is that of the muezzin who climbs inside the minaret to the top, from which he chants the call. check out wikepedia for 'minaret': not only are they often cylindrical in form, they are also often topped with crescent-shaped corniches (like the shadow projection)and ornamented with mosaic tiles!!! And the color blue is often used to decorate mosques!From the winning entry presentation: "The outside of the curved concrete tower wall is finished with white glass mosaic tiles to create a reflective, ephemeral quality, and blue plaster inside to evoke the sky. At night, the Tower interior is evenly grazed with light and the exterior illuminated as a beacon." A beacon to prayer, no doubt!The arabic word minaret comes from the root word 'manar' which literally means 'beacon'!
You know what else? Minarets are often built on the ground. So is this memorial!

Frequently, Muslims breathe air. This memorial will be surrounded by air!

Many Muslims can see colors. Can you believe they used color in this memorial?

There are trees in this memorial. I don't think there are any trees in Arabland. But the trees have green leaves in the summer, and green is an evil Muslim color!

I bet people at the memorial will be quiet and solemn...like Islamofascists as they ponder their next evil deed!

Glass blocks? Glass blocks! Don't even get me started on those glass blocks. I think a Muslim once looked through a window and those are made of glass.

It's in America. Were you aware that there are Muslims in this very country as we speak?!?

What depths won't this sick designer sink to? How obvious does he need to be that literally, down to the less atom, this monument was designed to worship Allah and death and scabies and everything bad in the world???

I think there's something about what they're made of, atomic molecular bits or something, but I did poorly in chemistry. I bet it's still evil, though.
Thanks for the laugh. Next, you'll be pointing out that the blades of grass in the memorial face Mecca when the wind blows a certain way. Cursed lawn! I have to admit, though, that this is the most elaborately manufactured paranoia I've yet seen in a blog. Congrats on your creativity!
Who chose this artist?
Posted a blog entry on this as well linking back to you. I found it originally on LGF. This is like including a Rising Sun on the Arizona Memorial and a statue of Yamamoto at Pearl Harbor.
Comments! Awesome. I have been hoping that someone would be willing to replicate my calculations and I have a suggestion for who actually SHOULD do it: those skeptics who think they can scoff at my assertions.

They should do what skeptics are supposed to do and analyze for themselves. That's what I did. I was skeptical of Murdoch's protestations of no religious intent, so I started analyzing the features of the memorial to see how explicitly religious they actually were. If the skeptics can discover any errors in my analyses I will gladly own them.
The problem, Rawls, is that you are engaged in numerology, not analysis. One doesn't need to debunk the debunked.
I tried to post a comment to the national parks folks, but everything i put in resulted in a 'security violation'. what gives? Alec, you should start an online petition or some such thing.
So, anything involving numbers should be dismissed as "numerology"? That would explain a lot about the "reality based community."

A petition is a good idea. I think there is hosting set up just for that. But my first step is going to be to see if I can get more information from the Park Dept.
Anonymous: "The problem, Rawls, is that you are engaged in numerology, not analysis. One doesn't need to debunk the debunked."

The initial post posits that the architect is using something akin to numerology, the post does not itself "engage in numerology." Indeed, the post's argument does not rest on the "science" of numerology.

Perhaps Anonymous is innumerate? Suppose instead that the trees were arranged in lines whose groupings could be read as Morse code (e.g., 1 tree for dot, 2 in close succession for dash) and that this Morse code would then read "Allahu Akhbar." The proper response to refute the post's claim wouldn't be to scream about "numerology" or "conspiracy theories," it would be to show that either:

1) The post got Morse code wrong, or made an error in "reading" the positions of the trees in the map.

2) There were many other ways of reading the trees, which would produce nonsense, and this fact, or the length of the message relative to the amount of garbled "text" means it's likely a coicidence, and not the architect's deliberate invoking of Islamic clogans.

In my example, coincidence is quite plausible if it's "Allah" in 100 letters of garble, less plausible if it's "Alahu Akhbar" among 30 nonsense characters, not at all plausible if it's "there is no god but allah and muhammad is his prophet" with no nonsense text.

So the question is, Anonymous, can anyone show that there are errors in the post, or that the number of possible data points swamps the post's cherry-picked data? This might be done, but to my knowledge no one has done it yet. And in the absence of such an analysis on anyone's part, how can the post's "skeptics" claim that the article is self-debunking, and how can they not at least admit that their skepticism is tentative?
I, for one, am utterly sickened at the spiritual deceit perpetrated by Architect Paul Murdoch, and I hope and pray a truly effective petition is got up.
just a few minutes on the architect's website will confirm that he's a bleeding heart who's fully capable of 'contributing to the human condition' and being sensitive to 'traditional cultures' in an environmentally friendly manner, of course! my guess is he figured he'd never win and took a perverse/cynical pleasure in this exercise in cultural sensitivity.

> His background and travel experience includes research of vernacular architecture in traditional cultures as well as modernism.

> “A primary task of this generation is to create new patterns of development that sustain human habitation on this planet. Towards this end, the principles adopted for our practice are intended to ensure that each project contributes to an overall goal of environmental responsibility while striving for design excellence.
> As architects, we are uniquely qualified to help formulate and translate policy into tangible form; mitigating pressures of urbanity with the need to heal the natural environment. Each design solution is seen as a contribution to the human condition; as it exists today and evolves into future generations.
> Our goal is to define and study problems both in terms of clients’ direct needs and relative to long term effects on natural and man made surroundings. More than problem solving however, we aspire to emotionally affect and uplift our lives through poetry and beauty.
> It is through these transcendent qualities that we optimistically strive for ways to enrich life and fulfill our original purpose for engaging in the practice of architecture.”
> -1991

From the official website:

>"The Memorial should offer intimate experience, yet be heroic in scale.
> Its strong framework should be open to natural change
> and allow freedom of personal interpretation.
> We want to restore life here,
> to heal the land, and nourish our souls.
> In this place, a scrap yard will become a gateway
> and a strip mine will grow into a flowering meadow.
> But more than restoring health,
> the Memorial should be radiant,
> in loving memory of the passengers and crew
> who gave their lives on Flight 93."
The text from the memorial entrance:

> “May all who visit this place remember the collective acts of courage and sacrifice of the passengers and crew, revere this hallowed ground as the final resting place of those heroes, and reflect on the power of individuals who choose to make a difference.”

freedom of personal interpretation? what's that mean? after all, the hijackers were passengers too! and those four individuals who 'gave their lives' sure made a difference, didn't they? this is disgusting! this should never be built.
When I first heard a few months ago of the uproar over the memorial being shaped in a crescent of red trees, I thought "Man, someone's getting a little hypersensitive to things that resemble Islamic symbols." I guess this stems from thinking "Who would possibly do such an atrocious thing?"

In reading this, each point taken by itself could easily cause a "Come on now. Isn't that stretching things?" But when they just keep on coming, it becomes harder and harder to deny.

In any event, it should be a fairly easy thing to find out if these elements truly are Islamic or not. What they should do is build it exactly as planned, but on the day of its dedication when it opens, the person performing the dedication should very gravely and ceremoniously smear a fistful of pork lard on each of those four blocks that are suspected of representing the terrorists and watch what happens.

If there is truly no Islamic significance to those blocks, then there would also be no significance to smearing them with pork fat aside from it being a very odd and messy thing to do. In this case, I would generally expect a "Huh???" sort of reaction.

On the other hand, if those blocks were meant to be the terrorists, and the monument was meant to become an Islamic shrine, imagine the howls of rage such an act of desecration and defilement would cause.

And if it did provoke such a reaction, we should smear those stones and the tower with pork lard each and every day *forever* until the whole place reeks with the stench of rancid pork fat so badly that it could never be considered for use as such a shrine ever again!
A most demoralizing thing is starting out a conversation thinking arguments matter -- and then realizing you’re the only one who thinks so.

Don't believe me? Read the Anonymous drivel above.
I like this memorial better. It's an old-fashioned, highly symbolized memorial to inspire hatred of the murderous enemy and love and patriotism for the US.

Frame the site in lines of trees forming a square aligned to the cardinal directions. Four flagstone-paved roads lead in/out from the square, making it a crossroads and a meeting place. Each road must be absolutely straight and flat to within an inch for at least a mile leading out from the site, no matter what hills must be cut through or chasms bridged over, to symbolize that nothing will stop America as she pursues and ends this murderous ideology.

At each entrance, on a triumphal, black granite arch that spans the road, place a large, realistically carved black granite statue of an eagle eating a crying, bawling, whimpering, humiliated hijacker's liver as a terrorist leader kneels prostrate before the eagle, forehead on the ground, with the eagle's claw on his neck, and begs for mercy. OBL, big Z and little Z, and Khomeini would make excellent terrorist leaders for this part of the memorial. Each hijacker would get their own shameful statue. Title each arch "The Wages of Terror are Paid in Hell's Coin." Engrave a bas-relief of Columbia on one of the sides and one of four female figures (Virgin Mary, Athena, Lady Liberty, Victoria) on the other. Once through the arch, the suffering of the terrorists in hell is hidden behind a flat surface. Engrave one word on the inside face of each of the arches, "Heroes", "Rest", "In", "Peace."

Inside, arrange 40 pure white marble holy symbols (crosses for Christians, ankhs for new-agers, stars of david for jews, busts of darwin for atheists, question marks for agnostics, even crescent and stars if there were moslems among the heroes) with appropriate hagiographical text for each hero on the flight. Posthumously induct all forty heroes in the US Army and award them the US Army Medal of Honor. At the center of each holy symbol, embedded in clear, unbreakable resin, place the medal. Shelter each holy symbol beneath the branches of a sturdy oak tree.

Summing up, an old fashioned memorial to inspire the struggle against the most evil and old fashioned of all possible enemies.
Let them build the memorial that way, but add a few additions:

Erect a series of Christian crosses alternated with large stars of David along with an earlier commenters suggestion for gold American Bald Eagles.

But also: Sanctify the site before and after construction with PIG'S BLOOD.
It seems to me that the hijackers found their way onto flight 93 because of lax security practices. Why were they lax? Because "everyone" felt that "no one" would ever use a plane full of innocent passengers as a tool of terrorism. Prior to 9/11 if you had suggested even half of the security measures we see today there would be a howl of anger from the "open minded", who would claim "Geesh! You're overreacting...".

My point is that what we are dealing with here are people who do not subscribe to our sensibilities and who thrive and feed on every opportunity to "stick it to us" as proof that their god is always working behind the scenes to validate their insanity.

I say, remove anything that might suggest an islamic sense and make the memorial a good old monument to the American spirit and the courage of the forty passengers.
Ok, here's my point about the shadows:

What you did was draw a line where the shadow falls at a certain time of day, and then said "because the shadow falls on this line which I just drew, this was clearly designed for the purpose of casting a shadow on this line".

Now, if you had been able to demonstrate that the designers planetd a row of trees, and that your line someone corresponded to the exact center of each tree, or the tip of its fifth root from the right, or whatever, then maybe, just maybe, there might be some truth to your insane ranting, but probably not.

Please take note of your cute little "calculations" drawn on that picture. What does your pink line correspond to? It passes through some trees. It's not at the edge of the trees, it's not at the center, and it doesn't follow the arc. It inscribes, instead, an arc even larger and centered elsewhere than the circle of trees around the tower.

I could, if I wanted, figure out where the shadow fell at 11:11 am every day, draw a circle connecting those points, and then claim that this is really a memorial to the end of the First World War, because look! The shadow matches the line I just drew. It doesn't matter, apparently, if that line corresponds to anything at all.

The real clincher is, I think, the fact that you had to give your little circle a zig at the end. That little zig, that little bit of an arc, corresponds even less to the arc created by the trees. That doesn't seem to stop you, though. You must have gotten to that point and realized that your little theory was flawed. Wait, no! You got to that point, saw it didn't fit the pattern, drew a new, totally arbitrary line, and though "well, close enough!"

As I said, maybe, maybe, maybe if the arc followed the tree line in some regular, discernable manner, this would be remotely plausible. But it doesn't. Your arc might as well be anywhere.

Wait, what am I talking about???? Holy flying fuck, someone built a memorial, and put some trees around it, so that at certain times of day, the tower casts a shadow that will fall somewhere in the trees, and Muslims will use their Islamovision to be able to tell, magically, that the shadow has reached a line in the trees, despite the fact that the trees should obscure and distort the length of the shadow (that is, once the shadow reaches the tree line, no one will be able to tell when it hits your pink line). Perfidy!
But, on a serious note, I made some toast this morning and I'm pretty sure it says "Stealers Suck" under a picture of Saddam Hussein. Pittsburg? Let's Roll.
Hey Alec!

I found your website through LGF, my favorite source for learning about the evils of Muslims and the Mus-Com conspiracy. I totally agree with your analysis of the memorial site. Disgusting! I hope you do put together that petition. That's the magic of the blogosphere - citizen power!

I wanted to talk to you also about some calculations I did that prove that time is Cubical.

When the Sun shines upon Earth, 2 - major Time points are created on opposite sides of Earth - known as Midday and Midnight. Where the 2 major Time forces join, synergy creates 2 new minorTime points we recognize as Sunup and Sundown.

The 4-equidistant Time points can be considered as Time Square imprinted upon the circle of Earth. In a single rotation of the Earth sphere, each Time corner point rotates through the other 3-corner Time points, thus creating 16 corners, 96 hours and 4-simultaneous 24 hour Days within a single rotation of Earth - equated to a Higher Order of Life Time Cube. Ignorance of the Time Cube is evil.

These 4 absolute simultaneous days PROVES the 1 day god, 1day academia, 1 day religion and the 1 day media to be erroneous, fictitious and evil lies. Education equates to a mass icepick lobotomy - destroying the mind's ability to think as opposites.

All 4/24 hour days occur within 1 Earth rotation. You educated stupid word animals can't fathom this greatest social and scientific math of creation.

God claimed to have created a single day rotation of Earth. I have created simultaneous
4 day rotation of Earth. Why do you worship such a stupid God? Do you really believe that your Jew God screwed a hole in the ground to create Adam and Eve out of dirt, at the same time that woman existed in the nation of NOD, Nation of Damsels from where Cain got wife? Adam and Eve were created at the same time, but sexless. A rib was removed from eve and a hole left to make a woman of her. The rib was stuck on Adam to make a man of him - and Eve is still trying to get her rib back.

Make sense? I thought you'd appreciate this, because you obviously have a sharp enough mind to comprehend the TRUTH OF THE TIME CUBE if you were able to figure out this garbage stupid Mus-Com conspiracy.
Now we're talking. But why can't we have angels waving American flags? And why can't the eagles be weeping? And sharpening their talons? Also, there should be some statues of Bush and Reagan beating up Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, who will be portrayed as wearing frilly little dresses. And then another statue of some soldiers fighting off hoards of Islamofascists armed with scimitars, coming to chop off our heads because THEY HATE OUR FREEDOM, and Jesus can be passing them extra magazines.

I like the Patton music idea. But I still think we need the refrain (JUST THE REFRAIN!) from "Born in the USA" playing in the background.

I also really like the glowing eyes part. The question is - are they glowing because of their fiery love for freedom? Or their fiery hatred of Muslims?

Eh, same difference I guess.
I would like to see a design containing 3 symbols. The first would be a 5 sided figure to commemorate those who died at the Pentagon. The second would be two monoliths symbolizing those who died at the WTC. The third would be a monolithic structure in the shape of a human middle finger, symbolizing what the great folks of Flight 93 esentially said to the hijackers, and what we as a country shoud continue saying: F--- YOU!

It both commemorates and inspires, as all good memorials shoudl do. 5-2-1

I agree the design is an abomination. But I am skeptical about the claim about 40 + 4 blocks that you have made. The pics of the design are anything but ambiguous.

First, how did you conclude there are 40 blocks on the left side of the wall? The figure does not unambiguously show that. For that matter, how do we know they are glass blocks? Is there a detail view available or a statement about the design that there are forty blocks/segments?

Second, where is the statement from or picture of the large glass block at the end of the path? (evidence from the current or original design would be acceptable to me, since the original has been changed so little.)
All of the information on the 44 blocks is in the original Crescent of Embrace PDFs, still available here. The first PDF page says how the lower part of the memorial wall contains forty translucent blocks inscribed with the names of the forty murdered heroes and innocents. This is why the number is a big deal. The blocks are explictly one for each life. You can see the three blocks on the upper section of memorial wall in the snippet of graphic that I have posted in my UPDATE (taken from the first PDF page). I call this section of the wall the terrorist memorial wall, because it is precisely centered on the red maple crescent, placing it in the position of the star on an Islamic flag. The last block is the large glass block at the so called "Entry Portal." I have it posted in my UPDATE and it is also on the Portal page of the PDF. This block sits at the upper tip of the large red crescent. It further ties the terrorist memorial part of the wall to large crescent (the 4th extra block is for the 4th terrorist, according to symbolism of blocks for lives). But to see the full importance of this last block, you have to read my full analysis. It orients the whole structure PRECISELY on Mecca.

I'm glad you're interested. I hope your skepticism makes you want to verify my assertions for yourself.
Your Guide to Finding The Forty Four "Blocks".

44 = 40 + (3 + 1).

Visit http://www.flight93memorialproject.org/

Click on one of the pics at the top, showing thumbnails of the design. You'll download a one page PDF focusing on the "Sacred Ground Plaza".

At the bottom is a diagram of "Wall with inscribed names on folded band of translucent marble". To the left of the wall opening, there are forty folded segments which each have an inscribed name. Higher in the PDF (about the center) there is what looks like a folded ribbon of paper tape and a paragraph explaining how the marble wall band is "folded" and has the names of passengers on it.

To the right of the opening there is a three face band in the wall for the date memorialized, presumably planned to be laid out something like: [ 9 ][ 11 ][ 2001 ] . The faces or "blocks" on the right are the first of three blocks that could be seen as symbolic of three (of four) terrorists.

Zoom in very closely on the PDF after downloading it yourself, and you can count the forty faces to the folds on the left (the faces alternating shadow and light) and also see the three on the right. The explanation for the fourth "glass block" follows.

To find the reference to the fourth block, you'll have to download the slide show on the URL above (See "Slide Show" link at top of that page.) On slide 15 of that PPT presentation is the slide "PORTAL WALKWAY". This is a glass plaque which would be the fourth and final terrorist in error theory's symbology. From the slide:


Marking the Flight Path, the walkway extends through the Plaza and a second wall portal to give visitors their first look at the expanse of the Bowl and the Crash Site below. At the end of this path is a sloped glass plaque inscribed with the Mission Statement Preamble."

Hope that helps clear up doubts about this aspect of the Islamo-fascist shrine.
Thanks Doubting Thomas. The location of this information seems to require some repetition. Message to all skeptics: PLEASE fact check my ass.
Col: You have indeed hit on what is transparent. Inspired thoughts my friend.

you said, "A petition is a good idea. I think there is hosting set up just for that. But my first step is going to be to see if I can get more information from the Park Dept." I'm disheartened by a recent article i found on google news in the tribune-democrat that even critics of the design seem to be mollified by the redesign. This seems to be partly because the families are expressing satisfaction with the redesign. But my guess is, like many good-hearted and well-intentioned americans, the perversion that inspired this design is beyond their grasp. I finally got a complaint through at the parks dep't website plus i called too! What kind of info are you hoping to get from the parks dep't? Is Tancredo still on the case or is he satisfied too? If this thing gets built it will be a monument to the hijackers and also to the cynicism/perversion of the architect who, finding himself an unlikely winner, is suddenly disavowing his obviously nefarious original conception.
Comments so far after looking at the design for 5 minutes.

Tree Selection: Red Maples are relatively short lived trees compared to Maples much less other species of tree. The only reason to use them is for their Red fall foliage color. I would (as a landscape architect) use them to represent a person's life... a young person would easily outlive the tree!

Wetlands: From an ecology standpoint... these wetlands are not going to live up to their billing. Low dank point where mosquitoes breed is more likely.

Wetlands: Why are there one small wetland next to a larger one in the crescent? This isn't sound environmental design, a wetland would be much better off as one big body of water than two smaller ones. Bigger is always better. Here is where I get into the conspiracy theory.

Is it just me or do the two 'wetlands' (from skyview) look like a man... who could be bending over.. kneeling... praying? If so isn't it interesting that 'he' is facing east. What a nice touch! A praying man who is facing east within a crescent lined up to mecca.
Nice! There even seems to be prayer rug for the praying man.
On the outside of the crescent there is a long flat rectangular pond... a prayer rug? The praying man is sitting above it (inside of the crescent and the 'rug' is just outside).

Even if those 'wetlands' are existing... there is no way the third pond was in this elongated 'rug' configuration. I bet the 'rug' lines up to mecca too! It doesn't hug the crescent path which you'd want it too from a design standpoint (from memory I'll check and correct as needed). I'd love to see the native topography situation. What a farce this is!
Ok, the 'prayer rug' does hug the crescent so the design is fine there. However, the endpoints of 'rug' seems to be situated to be in-line with the east and still supports my (conspiracy) theory.
You lost me with the green line bisecting the crescent and pointing toward Mecca. The line points northeast, Mecca is southeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, by about ten degrees latitude.
There are two different ways to define the direction to Mecca. There is a great circle line, which is the shortest distance, and there is a mercator line, or rhumb line, which follows the compass direction to Mecca. You are thinking of the rhumb line: that because Mecca is south of us, one should face a bit south to face Mecca, but Islam uses great circle lines for the direction to Mecca.
How To Build A Memorial (for Dummies):

1.) Parking lot of sufficient size to accommodate forecasted traffic
2.) Natural, un-modified terrain, foliage, etc.
3.) Grounds keeping to keep area neat
4.) Information center with displays detailing site history
5.) Simple stone obelisk (crash site) with suitable inscription (i.e., “On September 11th, 2001, at this site, Flight 93 crashed….”)
6.) An American Flag (this is America, you know)

No “windchimes”, “glass blocks”, “sundials”, “Sacred Ground”, etc. Folks, this can be so simple. No obsession with over-engineered feature glut necessary. K.I.S.S. Really.
Um... Architects are not artists.
Same as any one with a CAD program is not an architect, same as anyone whos father is a famous and well respected philosopher has the capacity to think and reason.

Catch yourself a clue, Look up Magrittes "Ceci n'est pas un pipe"

Or better yet, concerning American flags and symbolism, Jasper Johns "Flag" 1954-55

Oh gawd you've got to be kidding me... yes they're building a tribute to the terrorists, you're like Roddy Pipper in "They Live" only you can see the danger!

Or you're a looney with too much free time, your choice.

The monument should be a 600 foot statue of GW Bush kicking Osama bin Laden in the nuts.
Cheese and Rice...you wingnuts are truly funny. Hey Col, why don't you take that eagle and shove it up your anus sideways. You wingnuts and your Islamo-Fascism...you bedwetters need to grow a set and quit peeing in your pants.

I totally agree that this is a subcon shrine from the LLL to the IF overlords perpetrated by the MSM.
What we really ought to have is a middle finger pointing towards Mecca, made out of Amerocam flags with tiny portraits of Condoleeza, Rumsfeld, and Bush as the stars. Every day at the time the flight crashed, a "security mom" with an American flag sweater will climb into a cannon and be fired over 93 American-built SUVs and land in a pile of copies of the Constitution.
Can I ask the anti-anti-terrorists who visit here, like Jeebus above, to keep it civil? Even better, actually work through some of the analysis and SEE if it is correct or not.
I disagree. That is clearly a red crescent such as the one found in the hammer and sickle of the USSR. And, as we all know, the Communists are our greatest threat.
it think this is wonderful busywork for these folks in this election year. obsess away, guardians of liberty!
Any sane people out there: I suspect such 'Islamic' features can be found in ANY large memorial. I'd do this if I have more time on my hands: examine buildings and monuments in Washington and use the same 'analysis' 'technique' Mr. Rawls uses and see what fun things you can find.

The problems it that this is numerology. The crescent is gone, yet Rawls claims that since there's still a circle it's still there. Essentially he's claiming that all circles are evil. That's absurd on its face.
Are you fucking kidding me? You people need to get a life. You obviously have waaaaayyyyy to much time on your hands.

As for the "Memorial" - It should be left for a future generation to build, or not. I think the pathetic need for a shrine to every American done in by some rag-head speaks more to the success of that rag-head than to anything the poor shit who died stands for.

It is the screaming chorus from idiots like you after 9/11 that enabled the dimwit in the white house to go after the WRONG ENEMY in Iraq instead of Osama. And what have we to show for it? NOTHING. Iraqis voting? I DON’T CARE. Osma still out there and operating in 60 countries? I care about that. 2,000 American dead, half a trillion dollars wasted on the wrong target? I care about that.

Now, why don’t you stupid fucking people sit back and think a little bit on just how you can make up for your stupidity to the rest of us. I know you find thinking hard, but try. In the mean time - Shut the fuck up!
Who is this Alec Rawls character? What does he do for a living? What are his credentials? He posts no biographical information. We know who his dad was...but that's irrelevant. Unless Rawls was abused in childhood.
This has simply got to be the longest, most involved, most uselessly irrelevant waste of bandwidth I've seen in a long, long time... At first, I simply chuckled along, because, c'mon, it is kinda funny, in an unhinged, Malkin-in-full-howler-monkey mode kind of way. But as the piece goes on, it becomes more and apparent that this doofus is serious! What's up with that?! A ring of red maple trees planted around the circumference of a naturally occuring depression in the ground... is a secret, Islamofascist plot to "trick" us all into bowing down and praying to Mecca?! "Hello, Mr. Rawls? This is Walgreen's calling. You should get in here and pick up these meds - it's embarrassing when you post without them!"
I think there are Islamofascist icons hidden in broad daylight all over our country, if only they can be shown to us.
I hope you all will spare no cost in time and money to continue investigating this critically important matter.
Bless you a hundred times for every such obscenity you uncover!
Sheer brilliance.
I very much appreciate all the interest by the anti-anti-terrorist segment. My simple request is that everyone be civil. I don't want to delete comments, but if are going to use f words, I might have to delete you to keep from getting my blog blocked by some of the more sensitive blocking filters out there. It is also just cheap and low and stupid and what's the point? Let the substance of what you have to say speak for you.
I'm a liberal and I say leave it as a crescent. Just make sure they place the bathrooms at the mouth of the crescent so that when we're all taking a piss were doing it in the direction of Mecca?
Sound like a fair exchange?
I mean c'mon guys this is all just blatant paranoia. Most of us lefty liberals just want the country to be objective about this and not reactionary which is what ended up happening.

Pure insanity -- that's all I gotta say.
I'm a cab driver down here in Texas and there is this one cab driver that just pores over books of data, you know, like he can tell you what Willie Mays batting average was in 1956 or whatever. He is a very strange person. Might be an idiot savant or something.
Now there are also these muslim cab drivers, of course, cause they are everywhere and we know that.
So one day I see the idiot savant cab driver talking to all these muslims for an extended period of time and I know that this must be unusual, cause this man is not the most personable you ever saw.
So after he gets through talking to this bunch of muslim guys, I go over to him and ask what they were asking him and he tells me that they are asking him what "four score and seven" means as they are convinced that it adds up to or means 666! It evidently took him awhile to convince them that score is twenty.
Well, Jeebus, I say, you set them straight about that didn't you and he says oh yeah, but he says I told them if they are lookin' for a 666 then they got to go and investigate the Washington Monument. I say what do you mean and he says well there are 555 feet of the tower above the ground and another 111 below the ground and that adds up to 666 and since I drive cab #111 I just know he is telling the truth, you know?
I think this deserves the attention of an exacting mind like some of the ones that hanging around here, don't you?
(Actually, the story is true, but I feel as guilty about telling it here as I would if I drove past the mental hospital and hollered out the window "You're crazy!")
Hey Alex - Comcast is a bunch of islamofascist crazy nutters! Their logo is a red cresent!!!!!

Can you believe it? The largest cable company in the U.S. has a red rescent for a logo! Oh my goodness!

Conservative bedwetters like Alex and his friends are whiny ass titty-babies who can't do anything except scream and cry for George Bush the dry drunk to do anything necessary to "save them" from the brown people.

You're all pretty pathetic.
“This is not about any religion per se,” Murdoch said. “It’s a spiritual space, and a sacred place, but it’s open to anyone.”

Murdoch used an architectural definition of crescent.

“It’s a generic term for a form that’s basically a curved line,” he said. “Sure, there is an Islamic crescent. But it has a very different form.

“Theirs is a lunar crescent. Ours isn’t based on that.”

all your arcs are belong to us...
Dude, it really seems to me you are wrong on your definition of mihrab. A mihrab is supposed to represent a door, like a gateway, into Mecca and more esoterically into Islam. It is not a 'prayer station' or something you 'pray into.'

When a mihrab is represeted two-dimentionally (such as on a prayer rug) it is traditionally represented with the outline of the heighth of the door shape, not the depth of the door shape.

So if the designer of the memorial was trying to make a mihrab they would be better off tracing the outline of a long, rectangular shape with a pointed or arched top instead of a crescent.

Even if they were choosing to represent the depth of a three-dimensional mihrab in two dimensions, then to be accurate it would be more of an open "U" shape with the tips far apart, rather than a circular crescent with the tips close together. I have never seen a mihrab with a narrow opening like that, or that deep. They are usually quite shallow.

And besides all of that, in Islam it is abhorrent to build shrines or gravestones or anything like that to the deceased. The Muslim graveyard in my hometown has no markers of any kind on the graves. So, fundamentalist Muslims wouldn't really *want* something like what you're saying they are doing anyway.

Plus, if the intent is to make it a big masjid, it would never have bare dirty ground, it would need to have a place to wash for wudu, it would need to have a place where you could take off your shoes...etc, etc...

It seems like you came to all sorts of conclusions based on your minimal knowledge of Islam, and now you're all in over your head.
Dear Friend:
I appreciate your concern for my religion (I am a Muslim) but I would like to direct you to this image

As you will note, it is an image of the Virgin Mary with Jesus on her lap. Supporting her is a crescent moon.

The text includes this note: "The crescent moon identifies this Madonna painting as Immaculata, the woman never wavering in her attachment to God, contrasting the waxing and waning moon symbol of human gullibility and inconsistency."

The crescent has long been used to symbolize the Virgin Mary.

Catholicism tends to be very friendly to icons; Islam is iconoclastic (shuns icons in spiritual/religious contexts). The crescent has been used as a SECULAR symbol but never as a sacred symbol. NEVER.

Thus, I believe that IF the crescent is an intentional symbol and IF it has sacred intentions then it would be a symbol for the Virgin Mary.

It would never be a symbol for a mirhab or a mosque.

I am sorry to delate your argument, but as a Muslim woman, I believe it is best to spread wisdom and knowledge wherever one goes.


This post reminds me of the movie A Beautiful Mind when the audience learns that the protagonist has been actively halucinating and is completely out of his mind.

Mr. Rawls needs to adjust his meds. Those of you who buy into this need to gradually ease back on your Cheeto consumption.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Will the anti-anti-terrorists please not use foul language. I'm letting you idiots say whatever other kind of insults you want (well, until you start testing the limits), but keep it clean.
only thing worse than "islamo-fascists" is American right-wing whacks like Rawls and the other flakes who support his insane bullshit.
col, you're 62, please get off the planet asap. Thanks! nutty old coot.
Oh my, this is my first time venturing into an actual wingnut enclave. You people are a hoot! Shouldn't you all be hiding from the tewwowists instead of exposing their evil plans??
eHave you ever considered writing for the Onion or perhaps Landover Baptist? This tome reminds me of an elaborate piece in the latter saying that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenbery based the Klingons on Arab culture.

Don't let the naysayers get you down--me and my crystal ball are behind you all the way.

Boycott croissants!
If they build this islamomonstrosity, perhaps we can build a real American memorial three miles away at Indian Lake, where there was another major debris field. Or where the engine, uh, bounced, some distance away.

You know, I really like the idea up-thread of the memorial consisting of lazer-eyed, talon-sharpening eagles feasting on the bloody livers of Islamofascist terrorists all the while guarded by weeping, sword-wielding angels who in their sculpted despair cast an appreciative eye toward Old Glory and an appreciative ear toward "Born in the USA" (refrain only). But it all seems just a tad busy. How about we keep the
evil, cardinal-colored crescent, but we face it's open end with a line of massive, growling grizzlies chiseled from the finest California granite. Behind these angry, majestic animals, as if guarded in sanctuary, would be two humongous flags: The "stars and stripes," of course, but also a simple flag, one that sympbolizes the modest, plain-spoken nature of the American soul by displaying, on a field of dark blue, the words "Go Bears!"
I am hearing echoes...

This is deeply worrying that the krypto-Islamo-fascist influence on our artistic community is so pervasive. Without erudite geometrical analysis of this calibre, the sinister subtext of the monument might have gone unnoticed.

For the record, I also favour a monument in the classical tradition, featuring large-format statuary of a heroic and avian form. I also feel there is scope, given our 21st century context, for using animatronic facilities in a tasteful but effective fashion.

I want everyone to remember who gave us this lump of WINKY WANKY WOO
Some of the conjectures presented here are stretching. The circle is a common design for a memorial - in fact, the World War II Memorial in Washington is primarily a crescent. A teacher once told me that to the man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

That said, the design is overblown and is generally typical of architects and their enormous egos. Penn State University has a building where the architect was given too much freedom; the building is rather hideous, has extraordinarily limited functional space for its size, and it has a variety of structural problems. Architects seem to value form over function by a wide margin, but even more so they place their own self-congratulatory strokefest designs over all.

A circular structure would be fine. I would think that seeing as the plane crash caused a crater, it could be a perfect circle set possibly ten to twelve feet below ground level. We need absolutely nothing to remind us of the hijackers; perhaps a sentence on a plaque, but nothing more. Those visiting the memorial certainly know what happened that day. In the center of the circle would be a bronze statue of an eagle; we can't necessarily include religious symbolism - NOT to appease the terrorists, but because I have to assume the religious beliefs of the heroes on board were not uniform.

Whether the design itself is representative of Islam or not is irrelevant; I think if anything it's more a liberal architect's wet dream. How on earth did this design win, anyway?
Is there an update on this? Has anything changed since November? I protested the original design, and I would be twice outraged if the "re-design" was just as bad.
There is an update near the top of the current weblog.
Clearly you are not a Christian, because you have let pride get the best of you. And again, I see another sad example of people following media buzzwords, and personalizing a religious faith. I recall speech and religion as being two of our primary freedoms, but apparently ignorance has made that list as well. I would invite you to look up the definition of fascism before attaching it to an entire religion. Remember that members of the Klan believe they are following the teachings of the Bible. Should we be offended everytime we see a cross? Is it nothing more than a monument to their corrupted view of faith? Keep on preaching the hate...we could really use more of that.
Who can be stupid enough to think that identifying fascist interpretations of Islam as fascist is labeling an "entire religion" fascist? Only an Islamo-fascist, who denies that there is any viable interpretation of Islam other than the Islamo-fascist one. Or is it possible that a left-wing dhimmi could also be that stupid? Feel free to clarify which category you fall into.
Of all the things that are going on in the world that are clearly conspiracies, you had to point the figure at the design of a memorial park.


I guess the fact western democracy is just a benefits system for the social elite and a tool of capitalism is way down the list of "important issues facing a Western democracy".

Sense of proportion. Get one today.
"Vaguely resembles a crescent"? Why don't you read the analyses and see what is in the design.
I stumbled upon this page whilst searching for a passage from an Umberto Eco novel (thank you to a hermit for going to the trouble of typing it out, so that I could cut and paste into an e-mail to a deluded co-worker), and I have to say that this is quite possibly the funniest thing I have had the fortune to read in many (crescent) moons.

Alec Rawls, you are a prankster of no small genius, and I look forward to your future spoofing with relish.

Incidentally, if you take all of the letters used in this post, mix them up a bit and then remove some, you will of course find that it is a perfect anagram of islamo-fascist apologist.

As-Salāmu `Alaykum
"Islam is peace."

LOL, RIGHT! My ears are still ringing with their outcry after 9-11.


Congratulations on your work - it's a pity that only Tom Barnett (Sr) is taking your analysis seriously. Nonetheless, it's a disgrace that this project has been allowed to go on - when the first Islamic design was exposed, Paul Murdoch should have been fired.
I pray to God you're not correct, but trying to follow your pseudo-intellectual attempt at writing was sheer torture. Your goal should be to persuade rather than to impress your audience with your supposed brilliance.

Perhaps the most moronic aspect of your writing is your failure to start out with a clear background description of the architect's plans.

If you are actually correct, God have mercy on your soul for letting your narcissistic writing style get in the way of showing people the light.
Whoever came up with this has waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy to much time on their hands. This is paranoid thinking. You guys should worry about things that really mean something... like global warming, over fishing of the oceans, the slow extinction of the honey bee... just to name a few.
Anonymous leaves another typical leftist comment. No concern whether the things I am saying are accurate. On general principles, he is above caring whether the enemy entered our design competition and succeeded in winning a memorial to the terrorists.

Nice touch about global warming. He doesn't care whether that obvious hoax is true either. Just to let everyone know, the last comment above was left in June 2008. Scientists have known for years that alarms about anthropogenic global warming are are hoax, taking advantage of natural warming to wage an eco-leftist attack on economic activity. If natural warming had continued apace, they would have succeeded in their plan to impose a "cap and trade" on human activity.

The recent global cooling pulled the cover off the charade, but anonymous is oblivious to the evidence on this as on everything else. He and his co-religionists on the eco-multiculturalist left operate on pure presumption. His sophmoric dismissal of the very idea of looking at the facts is a perfect expression of what actually goes on inside his own head.
What about a smaller crescent with a story book pig stomping all over it.
Alec Rawls,
You write in shallow cliches and slogans. Your cheap right wing attack shows you are just a fanatic with no intellectual integrity. It hardly makes someone a communist or a member of a made up religion like your ugly brainless attack state.
Sorry, you are all INCORRECT.

Google the red circle and you will find that it is SATANIC symbolism. The Satanic U.S. government perpetrated 09/11, so it is fitting that a SATANIC momument be erected. (Look at the Columbine massacre monument; same theme.)
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