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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Criminal/terrorist youth would not exist without socialized education

If parents could choose who to entrust with their children’s education, parents would overwhelmingly favor schools that eradicate all criminal and gang behavior. Any kids caught in that stuff would be expelled. If a kid wears his pants falling down, he’s gone. If a kid doesn’t respect adults, he’s gone.

Only when education is socialized, as under America’s public school monopoly, can gangs exist. Public schools have to accommodate a wide range of “expression” on the part of students that their parent’s, if they had the choice, would remove their children from the influence of. Consider Black English. Under choice, only a few demented black parents would send their children to schools where anything but standard English was tolerated. Talk Black English, you’re expelled, and as the overwhelming majority of blacks started speaking standard English, the adherents to black English would quickly regret their choice. Black English would cease to exist.

Same with Spanish-speaking neighborhoods. Under parental choice, all the Mexican-ancestry kids in America would speak perfect English. They might also speak Spanish, but the culture of Spanish speaking would disappear. Same with dumb-girl culture. Any girl shows her midriff, she’s out. A lot of parents today assume that, because peer pressure makes their little girls want to dress like sluts, that means their little girls prefer a peer environment that pressures them to dress like sluts. Under choice, the truth would quickly be revealed. Parents who send their girls to schools where girls can't dress like sluts would see their girls become happier and the word would get around. The degenerate public-school kid-culture would disappear.

There is a cost in that. Something is sacrificed. Black English is gone. The Spanish speaking barrio is gone. Kid-culture is gone. Government can’t make those choices. Only parents can, and they must be allowed to. Other people’s children are not fodder for socialist social-engineering. It is for parents to choose which is better for their children, standard English or Black English, respect for adults or disrespect for adults, guidance or license. (Not that everyone thinks so.)

Socialized education does not allow parents to make these choices. In the public schools, parents can’t keep their kids from gangs, or crime, or non-standard English, or drugs, or teen-age sexual license, or any other evil that they would choose to protect their children from. In America, the consequence is young lives misdirected into drugs, sex, crime and general idiocy. In Europe, the consequence is Islamo-fascism.

Muslim immigrant parents in Europe wanted to assimilate. If they could have chosen, they would have chosen schooling for their children that accomplished assimilation, but they were not allowed to make that choice. As a result, Europe is burning, and now it is too late. The already radicalized younger generation, given a choice, would send its children to Islamo-fascist madrassas. All that Europe can do now is fight the civil war that socialized education has planted in its midst, if its socialist elites will let it fight.

Thousands of Islamo-fascist youth set France afire and the French Prime Minister, amongst others, blames the violence on France's interior minister for having the temerity to call the arsonists “thugs” and “scum.” Calling criminals criminals is apparently a justification for criminality, in the eyes, not just of the criminals themselves, but also to the “postmodern” (read “intellectually infantile”) left.

The consequences of socialism here at home are exampled by a story in today’s San Jose Mercury News: “Multi-cultural approach to end bullying.” Gangs of high school girls are beating up those other girls that most affront their self-esteem, either through their different life choices or their different gang choices. The public schools are impotent to kick the gang trash out, so a San Jose teacher is embarking on a mission to translate the word “bully” into different languages. $625,000 in federal money is to be spent on a variety of urgings, including teaching parents “in three languages, that bullying is not something to be ignored.” Alas, nothing is done to empower parents to send their children to schools that actually purge the bullies.

A second example from the same paper, same day. A family has moved back to Texas because it is too heartbreaking to remain in the place where their 16 year old daughter was murdered. “April Sanchez was no saint,” the story relates:
April wore the red clothing of the Norteño gang, sported a gang tattoo on her ankle and carried a chip on her shoulder much of the time.

On the days she wasn't itching for a fight, friends said, she was spunky, energetic and vivacious.
That girl was killed by the system of socialized education that stripped her loving parents of the means to control her environment and guide her upbringing. She fell in with gang trash, became gang trash and died gang trash, all as a minor, who should never have even faced those possibilities. She is one of millions, similarly betrayed by adult society.

Enough is intact in America that we can pay this horrendous price for error and still go forward as a society. Not so in Europe. Their socialism is considerably more extensive than ours and their damage is not sustainable. The current intifada is their wake up call. Either European Western culture abandons leftism now, or it dies.

They are very lucky to have gotten this call sooner rather than later, just as America is lucky that Al Qaeda attacked the Trade Center with airplanes instead of waiting until it had WMD. They woke us up in time to stop them. Europe's wake-up-call has also come in time, and Europe's current fecklessness is encouraging the enemy to reveal itself further. Perfect. Remain prostrate, surrender monkeys, until all the Islamo-fascists have stood up, then kill every last one of them. (Maybe then the world will finally allow the Jews to do the same and kill off their attackers.)

Eliminating the Islamo-fascists will give Europe the fresh start it needs, allowing it to get rid of socialized education and the other pillars of moral relativism and avoid a repeat in the future.

UPDATE: Malkin, Malcontent and others are commenting on a typical incident of leftist propagandizing in the government schools. Check out this Vermont vocabulary quiz (circle the correct option):
I wish Bush would be (coherent, eschewed) for once during a speech, but there are theories that his everyday diction charms the below-average mind, hence insuring (sic) him Republican votes.
I like the way the Boston Globe titles its story: "Teacher under investigation for alleged liberalism". What he is being accused of is illiberalism, using government power to indoctrinate captive children. Any government monopoly power in education necessarily imposes unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination, substituting the majority's educational choices for the individual parent's educational choices. The Vermont example just adds the offense of being overtly political.

Because the left tried for so long to attach the "liberal" label their illiberalism, "liberal" is now so widely regarded as a dirty word that even the illiberal-liberals themselves (the Boston Globe) uses "liberal" as a dirty word! Ha ha. I hate it. But I love it.

I applaud you! I am a single mother of an adorable eight year old boy whom I am very strict in my teachings to him about the world. Being a Christian, I make sure he goes to a Christian where moral's are top priority and discipline actually happens. Children aren't allowed to dress inappropriately, say rude comments, and make those ridiculous "gang signs" that so many kids think are cool which schools allow. Keep it up!!
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