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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Evil bit©h watch

Dianne Feinstein takes the Vietnamization of Iraq to a new low today, trying to paint Iraq with one of the left's great lies about Vietnam: that it was a civil war, implacating no important principles that called for our taking sides.

The enemy is not driven by Islamo-fascist ideology, you see, or by any desire to recapture the Sunni-Baathist dictatorship. Murderous opposition to democracy is merely driven by Sunni fear of being denied democratic equality:
This is not an insurgency single-mindedly propelling itself against U.S. forces, rather, at its core it is driven by visceral Sunni fear and objections to Shiite rule over the near and long term.
Just ignore the Baathist history, and all those Al Qaeda foreign fighters. Can't you see that the terror-bombers just want to be treated fairly? And given a civil dispute like this, there is really no grounds for favoring the side that is being murdered by the thousands while struggling for democracy over the side that is murdering by the thousands while struggling against democracy:
We are in the middle of two factions, Shiite and Sunni, attempting to settle their differences by mostly violent means. Sunni extremists have killed over 8,000 Iraqis so far this year and estimates indicate 25,000 to 30,000 Iraqis have lost their lives since the war began.
There is nothing larger that anyone is fighting for here:
I believe this is a matter for Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds to address through political negotiation. This battle cannot be won militarily. ... America needs to change course, reassess its mission in light of this escalating insurgency, place more responsibility on Iraq for a negotiated settlement, and begin a structured drawdown of American forces.
The fact is, we have already won militarily. Democracy is already established. The legitimate government is rapidly developing the capacity to destroy its and our Baathist-Islamofascist enemy. The only thing that can possibly go wrong is if we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by leaving too soon, which is exactly what Feinstein wants. She is seeking a repeat of the Democrats' great historical victory: the loss of the Vietnam war. If only the Democrats can find a way to engineer a loss in Iraq, Feinstein imagines, there will follow another decade of Democrat party ascendency in America, as followed that earlier Democrat "triumph."

Why is anyone still a Democrat? Self-service doesn't explain it. Making moral sense would be far more self-serving than shilling for terrorists is. How can beings with the capacity for moral comprehension embrace such gratuitous evil?

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