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Friday, October 28, 2005

Evil bit©h II

An awesome takedown of California's evil bit©h #2 by David Gelertner in the LA Times (via Powerline).

In questioning Condi Rice, Senator Barbara Boxer rejected the idea that saving Iraqis from Saddam's murderous regime was a legitimate war aim. Her reasoning? Because her own relatives had been slaughtered by Hitler's murderous regime. She was OFFENDED, apparently because the murder of other people's relatives was being likened to the murder of HER relatives!

Gelertner has the right word for her. Not the b word, but the d word:
[I]t is only natural for demagogues to attack thoughtful, polite officials who are trying hard to tell straight truths about a complicated war. The Boxers of this world ought to be met with single-minded slogans, but no doubt Rice can't see why she should stoop that low.
Gelertner uses Boxer's pusillanimity as a taking off point for putting our war aims in larger perspective (“A history lesson”). Definitely worth reading.

Gelertner also has an awesome takedown of the nation's #1 evil bit©h, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont: "Americans won't let Democrats lose Iraq."

I only have one quibble. "Iraq is nothing like Vietnam," claims Gelertner. Wrong. Iraq is VERY like Vietnam. We had that one won too, until the stinking Democrats succeeded in intentionally losing it. But Gelertner is right about what is different this time around:
This nation will abandon the Democratic Party before it abandons Iraq.
We certainly better.

California's #1 evil bit©h here.

[About the bit©h euphemism: it's not that I'm squeamish about using not-quite bad language. I just don't want my blog censored by squeamish censoring services.]

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